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good morning guys I thought I would share my day in my food again with you and at some point today we're gonna chat all things skin I'm gonna sit you down and talk you through it so it's not confusing not all dragged out in different parts of the vlog so today I've got to do some active recovery I've gotta work on some video editing and I think going up for high tea this afternoon with some ladies you might be familiar with the first I want to show you guys this protein pancakes recipe I've been using so much egg white lately that we just started buying a package chocolate so if you're someone who doesn't like whey protein or I find that the protein powder that you have is a little bit too gritty to use in pancakes try this one out so what I'm doing first is I'm measuring out 40 grams of oat flour this is literally just rolled oats that I chucked into the nutribullet and blend it up you can buy or it's loud but I was like I've already got rolled oats or may as well just make a bunch of this now I'm gonna take 63 unless the civics 63 grams of egg white and two whole eggs and pour them in as well so today is a rest day which means I'm eating five meals today so I don't want a breakfast that's gonna just completely blow me out of the water and with my meals I always like to make sure that they have a good base of protein because that's how I feel full it's how my body recovers I'm adding some cinnamon and some nutmeg oh and I just added in some NAT vo which is like a natural sweetener kind of like stevia now you can tell fuel is with whatever you like but only Mecca is a calculated realist rotatable I've got photographs of mixed berries I hate it's true limits their heavy-water I'm just gonna pop these in the microwave and then that nice and warm and they ulcer because they melts a little bit it leaves behind a bit of a syrup which I can pull onto the pancakes as well which is delicious two-way free high protein pancakes and salad my favorite stuff what the stuff I thought I'd put this all in the one section of the vlog because I know sometimes when I watch vlogs and they put like a tip here and the tip there and a tip there it really annoys me I don't know why that is like I feel like I can digest it better when it's all put together so I thought I would do that for this video there was a period of a CD is that way it would break out then it would calm down and it would break out but it would come down and it seemed to be like every summer it was really good and every winter it was really fast I finally got into a point where I haven't had a full-blown breakout in about two years and I haven't had any cystic pimples or anything like that in every and now so I think that's a long enough time for me to be like yeah what I'm doing is working and again this is what works for me so take it or leave it now you might be an assigning part as me where I have always had skin that's slightly on the drier side but then I was having really full-blown acne that was hormonal so it didn't really matter what products I used on it like obviously some products were better than others like I did notice like skin stitute was one of the best brands and Dermalogica was also one of the best brands that i have used but a lot of products for acne our main fault oily skin they're made for skin that gets congested so take a look at your skincare routine and make sure you're not going overboard and that's one thing I really had to learn how to do because I know that you feel impatient and I know that you just want to fix your skin so you just keep putting products on it and using things on it and busts and cleansers and butter but take a step back go back to just your very basics and then reassess what to add in it always helps if you have a skin care professional that you can go to they can tell you that for you as well next super important thing is making sure that you don't want the healthy fats in your diet so where can you get these well you can find them in Kadir chia seeds fatty fish like salmon which is great for me3 dark chocolate in moderation eggs grass-fed beef nuts and nut butters oils I know what else get a lot of flack but it's the problem comes when it's over consuming these things like having small amounts is great but saturated fats still getting a bad rap and our body uses it for a purpose you do need about 20 grams of saturated fat per day because it makes you steroid hormones so in case you're wondering what I mean when I say steroid hormones so that's things like progesterone estrogen testosterone your body needs saturated fat to make those and the reason that we would have been making those is because we want our hormone sweet balance now obviously the next one I'm sure you've heard in a million places is drinking enough water now I personally drink water and tea at some times sparkling water but that's it I swear smoothies like a weekend smoothies no Sirte etc etc but again like I'm on that extreme end of the spectrum where for me like I want to do everything in my control that I can to feel healthy to feel energized and to not have to deal with those symptoms of my PCOS everyday cuz it's just got to him annoying there was actually a study in 2007 that found drinking arbiterly disorder every day it can actually improve your skin density and thickness I love it it's gonna be able to do its job properly it's not busy trying to help out our kidneys or anything like that attached that topic I want to see a huge one is less alcohol I personally stopped drinking alcohol in a bit just to help out my hormones again this is just stuff I've done I'm not telling you to do it like I'm not trying to preach you guys I'm just sharing what's worked for me but if it's something that you're curious about try no alcohol for a month and see how you got no skin hygiene there's two big things so that's washing your face as soon as you've finished your workouts even at the gym I like to wash my face after I train because I don't want that sweat sitting on my skin and don't wake up to bed wash it off before you go to sleep you know better than a little because make up I felt like there's a huge psychological benefit for me wearing less like I nothing on right now I'll show you guys a close-up of my skin there's still you can see those like a little bit of scarring and things but nothing crazy like I am really happy just going fresh-faced mostly because I'm too lazy to do it like it just it's a time waste for me but in terms of your skin it just means that there's no product buildup when you're cleaning it you're cleaning it well now we have sleep I feel like all my basic tips are the same it's like exercise eat well drink water and sleep the fundamentals to a good life um but when you're missing out on sleep your body actually decreases the moisture levels in your skin and it can throw off the pH balance of your skin as well so probably notice on days where you have better rest you wake up literally looking more glowy and it is because there's more moisture in your skin and now finally I want to talking about adding antioxidant rich foods into your diet so your skin is an organ is the largest organ in your body which is why I'm making these changes you might not see an overnight drastic improvement but if you can continue to do these things over time because like it's it's your body it's a slow process so antioxidants can limit the production of free radicals and free radicals can damage skin cells it's not like you have to chow down on them constantly it's just adding a few little things in here and there and that's where you'll see the benefit and I don't care what anyone says there's no such thing as a skin clearing smoothie anytime anyone tries to sell you a skin clearing tea or smoothie or anything like that you can know it's probably something that's got some antioxidants in it so some foods that are rich in antioxidants include kale pecans and blueberries raspberries strawberries Auditors goji berries and even dark chocolate now what I mean doc I mean duh I've been in the place where you're just like constantly getting skin treatments and things to try and fix it but then I wasn't sleeping the proper hours in the night or I was constantly like overdoing it with the makeup and the skincare products and irritating my skin even more so try these as just a fresh base to work off I've been getting some editing done which is rather boring to film and now I'm gonna have another meal because I'm about to go out to that high tea thing and as far as I understand high teas have a lot of sweets and like like snacks and stuff like cupcakes and whatever and I don't eat that kind of food and I don't feel like eating that kind of food sir I'm gonna whip up I guess you'd call it like a taco bowl but I don't feel like using taco seasoning today I'm going to use a smoky barbecue seasoning it's obviously got protein and I'm gonna throw some fats and then with some avocado and my cobs are going to be probably black beans and that should be enough to keep me full until later this afternoon just stealing a tiny bit of bitches oh so we just went and grabbed I know it's so good oh and we're on our way to meet Aaron and Hannah and crystal and yep a whole bunch and crystal and Hannah and Rachel and I spent way longer got high tea thing than I thought I would I thought I'd be there for like an hour didn't have any cake no didn't feel like everyone was chowing down he just water this will be easier yet literally just water just yellow yes programs I'm late for a meal I feel like that always seems to happen I'm never late for a meal yeah but you were at home all day so I'm gonna cook up some turkey with some tomato and spinach and some nuts this was meant I was meant to have this in the afternoon at like 3:00 p.m. and then I'm gonna have my dinner probably a bit late maybe like so it's 6:30 now so I'll maybe have it at like 7:30 8:00 yeah that's kind of pushing it but I well I hundred grams of salmon with a whole bunch of vegetables and I'm also going to do baked potato as well chance you can cut this onion perfectly in half all redone that just didn't you bring yogurt yeah what's the weirdest food you've brought into a movie cinema he brought your yet and doesn't very Molesey yeah if I feel like Nando's I know you're not meant to have hot food but Yoga is weirder yeah yeah it is a very strength in the brain so a good deal yes what's what's the weirdest thing you brought to the cinema I'm gonna leave you guys here and I'm gonna make that and I will catch you in my next video bye


  1. I recently went to go see detective Pikachu and I brought a container full of carrots and edamame

  2. My daughter brought a bag of frozen blueberries. It worked out well.

  3. Sushi and a whole ass bottle of sake πŸ˜‚πŸ’―

  4. When I did bikini competitions I would bring sliced cucumbers and protein bars, but one time I brought a full-on prepped meal in a tupperware with my fork and all! Hahahah I don't do that anymore (thank god tbh)

  5. the weirdest food will be sushi πŸ˜‚ coz we forgot what time the movie start.

  6. I love you so much Rachel! Your skincare tips have helped me so much on my journey. I am now one year post hormonal acne and havent had any major breakouts!

  7. Are you maybe an Aspie? I am..

  8. Curious why you eat dairy again?

  9. Where did u get your diffuser from? Looks so pretty!!

  10. I brought in Chinese food to Star Wars The Force Awakens early showing. Meant to eat it while in line but the lines went down fast so I shoved it into my purse.

  11. I really needed to watch this video today. Struggling big time with hormonal acne since going on (and recently getting off) the mini pill. You were right it’s the same advice as usual, eat right, sleep, drink water etc. but sometimes it really helps hearing it one more time! πŸ˜‰ Super grateful for your videos, thank you Rachel!

  12. The weirdest thing I’ve ever brought was an ex boyfriend. 🀣

  13. Who were the other ladies at the high tea? Just wondering if they had channels too πŸ€“

  14. You are such a lovely couple ! You seems so happy πŸ™‚ !

  15. Lol Suspiria was such a good movie!

  16. I always enjoy watching your videos but to-day I was a little "cofused" of how less you eat as you are such an active person and also that you measure every single bit of vegetable.
    Did I miss something or what is the reason for this? I am a little worry.

  17. thank you so so so much. also where are your glasses from?

  18. 666k subscribers!!! πŸ‘Ή

  19. Great advice! I love how you give science backed tips..love videos like these

  20. I once brought mini cucumbers to the movies with me … horrible idea, they were so loud.

  21. Where is your diffuser from?? Loving it!

  22. I watched a bunch of your earlier videos and I have to say I LOVE the natural route you've taken as far as makeup. Truly gorgeous!

  23. Omg, the 100 is my favorite show!

  24. Hey Rach? Which model is your watch? Its awsome
    😎 Take care

  25. Aw I just found your channel and I love it!! X

  26. Is that a bunny at 5:45 ? ahahaha

  27. Plants tour. 🀩🌱β™₯️

  28. the thing you didnt eat any cupcake there inspired me so much haha

  29. Wth was that? A pancake?! I'm sorry but it looks kinda disgusting.

  30. I definitely notice my skin breaks out with alcohol! such great tips!! xx

  31. I snuck in Taco Bell and I’m stupid because I brought crunchy tacos in πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ everyone could hear me lmao

  32. I took loganberries to the movies once, worked out quite well but I guess that could be weird

  33. I brought in a tube of cookie dough to a movie theatre.

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