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okay guys so this body analyzer was sent um vanity planet it is a smart scale oh my god dog keep it thick smart skill so basically it's gonna help us figure out our body fat percentage our muscle mass and all of that jazz Easter well I honestly don't know how accurate it is but it's nice to just have an idea so basically what I do is I step on it kay so here we go – already set so person 1 I am a woman five foot five and I'm 22 then it's gonna go to zero once once it's zero you're gonna want to step on it says I am one 42 points it I am holding a camera and I do have a shirt on by the way that says my fat is 21 point eight my water weight is fifty four point five and muscle mass is 36.7 most of you guys know I did go to Hawaii a couple weeks ago and I got back my weight was fluctuating really really really bad I got to my lowest weight which was like 135 and I haven't been that way in a long time it was low-key stressful because I'm not trying to lose weight I love this girl because it helps me keep track of my way even though I'm not trying to be super strict with checking the scale every morning because I'm not I check it probably every three to five days just to make sure that I'm kind of maintaining my weight I use the scale to just kind of make sure that I am maintaining my weight and I am NOT going below 140 I've been waitin myself in three days and I actually weighed more three days ago so it's a little frustrating but it's okay we got this the body fat percentage like I obviously want to work on getting that down and my muscle mass like I want to work on getting that up is having a skill on hand just overall changed my routine and kind of keeps me on track of my I fitness schools a little bit more Nelly recommended especially if you guys are trying to cut down and lose weight or maybe even just trying to gain weight it's always good to keep track of where you are at I'm not the type of person and check my weight every day I personally don't like to look at numbers – too much we like to look at physical appearance but I do recommend it just because it's going to help up you a lot in your fitness journey like I said I don't know how accurate it is but it's really really nice to have an idea of where you stand yeah I just wanted to mention that really really quick I do have a coupon code for you guys it's Daisy be in all caps and it will save you 60% off the scale way it's nice to keep track of where you're at obviously don't go a number crazy because also paying attention to numbers cannot be healthy for you but it's good to have one on hand to know where you stand and what you are going to be working towards oh my god I look like trash but I will have a link below for you guys I'm gonna go ahead and show you guys my breakfast I need to go finish getting ready for the gym because I literally look like a mess okay guys good morning I sadly did not wake up that hungry today because one I woke up a little bit earlier than usual and two I went out to eat with Johnny and his parents last night and I had a big old salad and a big old burger so I woke up and have literally not hungry at all but I'm going to get something in because today is leg day and every time I don't get something light in I do feel like I'm gonna pass out one slice has 120 calories 2 grams of fat 22 grams of carbs and 5 grams of protein so it's not that by rock I'm not tracking like physically but I do keep track to mentally of what I am consuming I do try to keep a mental note of what it is that I'm putting in my body so gonna have one of those today I usually have two when I'm actually hungry but I'm just gonna have one because I'm pretty full from dinner last night this right here is just pretty much fats if you like butter I deaf recommend this one right here it's gonna be way better than regular butter this one has 6 grams of fat for one teaspoon and then a 260 calories obviously not the best option is the one that produces this one and then I'm just gonna go in with some coconut creamer and they're not really gonna drink a lot of coffee as you can see that's all I got going on and yeah everyone so welcome back to my channel I'm currently in the gym parking lot about to take my pre-workout out in the parking lot because I don't like to take it inside I like to be mentally prepared when I go in so I can just get my work out of you guys are always so cheese massage and you guys always want to know all of the details so the meals that I have are a lot of the meals that I recommend you guys are meals that I consistently have like they're not meals that I just make up and like I'm like here you know like this is what I eat like no this is basically what I have all the time at least three times the we may change it up here and there I like to eat my meals set minimal um I am NOT currently tracking my macro I'm just eyeballing right now like I'm not even gonna lie like I'm eyeballing right now if you were trying to lose weight or if you're trying to gain weight I do recommend tracking because it's gonna help you a lot if you need help tracking I do recommend using My Fitness Pal or you can use the life som app I'm not sponsored by the way at all but I've both of those apps and I like them a lot I personally like life's um a little bit better though because you can track your water intake as well a way you can get your numbers because a lot of you guys ask me how you get your numbers you can just look up a macro calculator I will kind of have an example of one over here it's really really easy I use the Katie Hearn one I think and all you do is put in your weight your high your age and I think your goal weight I think and then it gives you basically your numbers and that's how you get that kind of track them on whatever app you want to do or you can do it manually like with I know some people that do it like with paper and pencil but it's just too much work for me heels that I have been consuming our meals that I have all the time so I've already tracked these meals before in the panic what's going to help me get my protein in what meals are gonna have lower fats taking whey protein here and there but I am currently taking this vegan protein which I will talk about more later in this video apologize for my first meal of the day I ate so much last night that it was just not realistic for me to just show you guys a full on meal that I'm not gonna eat today like I want to be real possible in these videos like I want to show you guys what I actually eat not have a filter because some days I have an appetite in the morning but most of the time I don't I'm gonna take my break all right guys so what is up I'll vlog at the gym because this is not a gym ball I've been lifting heavy recently so if you guys want to see like maybe a day where I just strictly lift heavy for legs like I can totally do that there leave me a comment down below or like this video day's session I burned 663 calories feel like I could have had a better workout but I didn't but it's okay I mean I haven't worked out in two days happy that I won I'm gonna really quick show you guys my lunch for today today I'm not gonna be making tuna because as you guys know I made a full-on video of me making tuna wanna give you guys some variety typically my lunch biggest meal that I have hey I'm feeling bloated from the day before from this weekend because this weekend I had way too much fun I got held up as a did on Saturday which was a really really good time I hung out with my friends and then on Sunday I just had a cheat day I didn't go to the gym on Saturday or Sunday so I am just ready to get back on track you know it's good to have two things I definitely believe in balance should treat yourself you know to have a smoothie before I actually have my full on the meals the current protein that I am taking this is a vegan protein from one up nutrition it is their peanut butter one I really really like this in smoothies if you don't like peanut butter they do have a chocolate and a vanilla flavor is a baby kale and spinach mix I usually like to get this one just because I like to have variety we're just going to use some strawberries and some banana and some spinach with my protease recommend doing smoothies if you have trouble getting your veggies in probably not gonna believe me but I can finish this in two to three days incorporate spinach and kale into my smoothies into salad literally cannot select you can see it gets a little bit more blended I go in and put in my protein and then depending on how much space I still have left I'll go in and put more veggies end up estimate about a cup alright guys so now we're gonna get into the nitty-gritty this is my go-to pasta that I love to have after a leg day this is the pasta that I usually go for this is a whole wheat pasta always make sure to look at the macros of the pasta you are using I typically always pay attention and I only use one serving because pasta when you put it in water it does grow and it becomes into a lot so I'm using about 55 to 56 grams of pasta just the recommended amount for one serving size and then I'm gonna boil some water with some Himalayan salt once it boils up a little bit I'm gonna go ahead and put my pasta in and it should just just force it in there by the way I know this videos gonna be all over the place so I'm gonna have the ingredients in the description below you're also gonna need 1 full zucchini sometimes I use zucchini sometimes I use mushrooms sometimes I use broccoli I use a whole zucchini and we're gonna use some ground turkey as well I'm gonna go ahead and put in my zucchini in my pan season it with some ground black pepper and I'm gonna use my canola spray just so I don't use regular olive oil I don't season my ground turkey when I do spaghetti just because the marinara already has a lot of sodium so here's the marinara I'm using this is a tomato basil I typically use a low-sodium marinara but I decided to get this one this time around if you guys saw my grocery haul then you're gonna want to get all of your ingredients after you're done cooking everything fully through and put it all in the pot with the ground turkey and put in a cup of your marinara sauce or depending on the serving size for your marinara sauce and you're pretty much done SuperDuper easy to make here is my lunch for today sometimes I'll do a side salad but I think I might wait till later because every time I have a smoothie and then I have my meal I get like really full so I want to make sure I eat all of this I'm almost done with my smoothie as you can see I'm about to finish that and then I'm gonna eat this this is so bomb why I have really big lunches is because I don't like to go to bed super duper fool like I like to go to bed with like a light stomach because in the morning I wake up and I feel super duper like light and airy and ready to go and ready to have breakfast by the way you can add cheese to this if you want to I'm currently not trying to consume dairy so I don't add cheese but I find that it is great without it you don't have to add zucchini or onion you can switch out the vegetables to whatever you'd like it's so yummy oh my god this lighting is trash I'm uploading a video and then I'm gonna edit this video I blog are both currently munching on some trees but I'm probably gonna make myself a salad or a bagel these are the nuts that I typically that my mom typically gets it's just trail mix and these are the nuts that I put in my salad and I just chop them up a little bit more and then I throw them in here halfway done with this I put I like to flip fruit in my salad so I added half of an apple in least thinly thinly sliced Monica can get in in the deep so here are the strawberries I'm adding and it's a pretty big ballad as you can see some nuts I don't know if you I'm into adding up into my salad I love and nuts nuts are so good so for some reason my camera has literally been cutting me off and like all of the clips free show you guys again the dressings that I was using this one right here is the Walden Farms raspberry calorie free one but last night I did use this one right here this one I do not recommend though because this one the macros on it are way worse kind of have to watch out because it does contain fats so you just kind of have to watch out with your serving for this but I would honestly probably do this one instead and that's right here that I Yubel pot there's a wide variety of nuts and there's also some dried cranberries in there so I also put this in my salad one hello back as you can see nothing much has changed I'm gonna have my last meal for the day satisfy my sweet tooth and just something warm and something comforting you know so just to end up this video I did have only half of that bagel I don't know why my camera cut all the clips because there are some clips that I know where longer and they're not I'm so sure like why my camera didn't get it or maybe it wasn't recording but I'm so sorry about that that's basically it for the video make sure to get your water and I always make sure to get at least a gallon of water in a day also a big thank you to vanity planet for sending me the scale if you do want to check it out I will have it again linked down below as well as a coupon code thank you so much for watching this video I am so sorry use all over the place but yeah I'll see you guys in the next one


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