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good morning people good morning my people for today's video I want to do a full day of eating I got a bunch of healthy groceries at sprouts if you have not seen my grocery haul video I will link that down below so right now I just woke up so every single morning when I wake up I go make my cup of coffee also every single morning I've got to feed these two little cuties oh do you have a mean mom that's not feeding you normally don't eat until around like 11 or 12 so I drink like my cup of coffee I think it's around like 10:30 right now so I drink coffee only and then I eat like shortly after that so I make this coffee with half-and-half i froth it with my milk frother and then i put like a half teaspoon of sugar and sprinkle some cinnamon on top and it's perfect all right guys for breakfast today I am going to be making an egg white omelet in a mug and the only reason why is because I'm basic I found this recipe on Pinterest and I want to give it a try oh I chopped up bell pepper and onions so those are all ready to go and I cooked those then I oh my god I made four pieces we got then I made four pieces of turkey bacon I chopped all that up you want to make sure that you cook the turkey bacon before you put it into the mug that's all you're gonna have to do you can even prep this the night before so you could just have like an egg white omelet in like two minutes what I'm gonna do is I'm going to combine all the ingredients and then I'm gonna plop in the microwave and it should come out a nice little omelette in a mug and I will link this full recipe in the description box so you guys know the measurements and all the ingredients and stuff like that that I use okay so here's what its gonna look like a mixed in the mug you could take it out of the mug if you want or you can eat it straight in the mug and I put some avocado and some salsa to top it off so what a an easy nice breakfast just got home from a workout you're wondering why I look like this but I am starving I'm gonna make my second meal so I haven't eaten since that egg white omelet so right now I'm gonna make a pizza because who doesn't love pizza I know that I crave Pizza all the time it's like one of my favorite foods so I am going to make a healthier alternative to pizza so I am going to start make my pizza crust with this flat Iza but I don't I don't know how to say it it's from sprouts it is a seven grain flatbread 170 calories three grams of fat 27 grams of carbs six grams of protein we're gonna bake the pizza crust on this I got some marinara sauce sprouts I'm going to put some mozzarella cheese and bell pepper onion and garlic you can also add chicken to this if you want to add some more protein I decided to pair my pizza with a salade because your girl doesn't even uh vegetables I'm trying to work on that so this has lettuce kale through a little bit of onion that I had leftover from the pizza Mikado cucumber and then the dressing I use I have like a million of these are the Bolthouse farms so this is the Italian vinaigrette dressing they've a bunch of like yogurt dressings they like yogurt ranch yogurt Caesar you're amazing and the macros are really good so give these a try here this beauty is I definitely ate my salad before my pizza because my pizza took forever in a day to cook so with that template is let's do a taste test on camera mmm good it's really good like I'm gonna say that I wish the Popeye was a little crispier kind of like mushy yeah I need to cook it for a little bit longer to make the crust a little crispier but oh my gosh it's good if you're anything like me and you love ranch with your pizza here's my bowl half art and pulp farm here's my Bolthouse farms here's my Bolthouse farms classic ranch dressing this is made out of yogurt oh my gosh it's so good it's 45 calories or 2 tablespoons so I just measured that out right here from my pizza 3 grams of carbs 1 protein 3 theorems effect dinnertime is the best time I'm all right right now I'm going to be making a destiny chicken stir-fry I just kind of made that up this isn't a recipe that I found or anything I'm just kind of throwing it together and see how it turns out well we're gonna have as I chopped carrots green beans broccoli garlic onion and I'm gonna cut up this chicken I'm gonna marinate it in this sesame teriyaki sauce and then I already have rice cooking in the slow cooker so I've got white rice in there what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna saute all of the vegetables first and like olive oil and then I'm gonna cut up the chicken add the chicken in after the vegetables are nice and cooked and then we're gonna pour some hot sauce in mix it all together wait until the chicken is cooked all the way through and then we're gonna pair with some race here's the finished product I put it with write rice and I topped it with a little bit of green onion I did pour the sauce in the chicken and kind of shake it around I showed you guys in the previous clip but I feel like it still needs a little bit more sauce I just have a side of the sesame sauce if I want to dip it or dump it on the bowl or whatever my last meal is going to be more like a snack it is something that can help curb your sweet tooth if you're craving dessert this is a good alternative rather than I'm going and running to McDonald's again into McFlurry you can make a homemade acai bowl I actually saw these on Whitney Simmons YouTube channel and I have been hooked ever since so what you're gonna need is you're going to need some acai super fruit packs and I've got that unsweetened kind because you obviously want to save sugar because you're gonna putting a bunch of fruit in it and fruit has natural sugar you are gonna run it under hot water for a few seconds they're gonna plop it in the blender I'm going to top it with strawberries with some blueberries in there I'm gonna run no love I'm going to make half a banana in the blender with almond milk for the acai bowl this time is it acai bowl I put about like six ounces of milk and it came out really runny so make sure you pay attention to your packet that you buy and see how much water or milk that it says this will curb your sweet tooth a nice healthy dessert this is I mean my last meal of the day so I just topped it with some granola I used the other half of the banana and like chopped it up and put it in my bowl and then I chopped up some strawberries blueberries and then my grind no laughs all right guys that's gonna conclude this full day of eating I hope you guys liked it if you did like this video please give it a big ol thumbs up and don't forget to hit that subscribe button I love you guys so much thank you so much for watching and I will catch you in the next one


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  4. I make my own version of the pizza on a pita bread. SUPER yummy, I make a BBQ chicken one! Where can you find those açaí packets? I cannot find them anywhere!

  5. I’m planning on doing an Acai bowl this weekend but I’ll be adding Bee Pollen . Thank you so much. I love you’re channel it’s helping me so much on my weight loss journey.

  6. Yassss thank for the recipes lol 🙂

  7. How mAny calories do you have /day? How much macros do you try to get in?

  8. I love acai bowls. I make them sometimes.

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  10. Hey Girl! I make these "pizzas" all the time. Not sure if you have tried this, but put the oven to 350 and cook the flatbread by itself with no toppings until it crisps up, then add the toppings and put it back in. This way its not soggy 😊

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  12. Thanks for sharing! Also, iv'e been noticing that ur camera quality is extremely high def and i love that little signature at the bottom of the vid aswell! Really cool 🙂

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  14. Ahh i want to try açaí bowls so badly

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  16. Ahh I have been wanting to try the acai bowl since I saw it on Whitney's channel too! Can't wait to try it 😄


  18. looks lekker great

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