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good morning guys welcome back and welcome today's line to Monday's before we get into this full day of eating I just want to make a really quick announcement I kind of alluded to it in the last bunch of Monday's but as some of you guys noticed we are officially getting merged babies so I have been working on this for probably I want to say almost a year had a vision in my head for something very simple but specific enough to like where I knew I wanted to be embroided and the color scheme as well and there was just so many different stuff that I tried no I was like no that's a no that's a no that's a no I just I wanted it to be perfect lunch you Monday's is something so near and dear to my heart I really feel like munching Monday's is a community that we have together it's my most viewed videos on my channel my most requested you guys love them I love making them so I wanted to make something and create something for all of us to share so everything is finalized and I am absolutely in love with the way these turned out so I did decide to just stick with crewnecks there's going to be three different colors and two different versions a cropped version and a full-length version the reason I want to do both is because with one not everyone's gonna want to wear crop for neck and two if you did want a cropped one this is like the perfect crop I have them in a few different sizes because I wanted to test out and see kind of how each fits the small fits perfect man me it's just like the perfect amount of skin showing where it's not too much but enough for like a mid direct and then the medium pretty much covers it all the way down so if you wanted just like a shorter version but you don't want any skin showing then you can just size up one size I'll have some extra information for you guys right here and I will be trying them on in this video just so you can see like what they look like but I don't want this to take up too long from the actual day of eating but I am so excited I truly cannot wait they will be launching on June 10th at the moment it is confirmed at 8 a.m. Pacific Standard Time that could possibly change but if it does I'll talk about it and the next Monday's which will be on June 10th there is going to be limited stock because I didn't really know how many people would actually want one so if you do want one kind of prepared my firts actually going to explode when I see you guys like wearing them I can't say this enough like these are so soft I had a job you tried them on i had Cassander try them on and they were both like oh my god these are amazing so I promised me the quality and this is great I did not want to settle for anything less it's honestly while this is actually happening and coming to life but I I could not be more excited and I hope you guys are as well think and I've just about covered at all if I missed anything so a great a comment below and I'll answer any question that you have and with that said let's get started on breakfast I'm craving like a big breakfast burrito so I have all my ingredients laid out right here I'm going to use about 4 egg whites 1/2 an avocado pan fry some cherry tomatoes and mushrooms and for my seasonings and oil so I'm gonna use this avocado oil everything but the bagel sesame seasoning blend from Trader Joe's a little bit of sea salt and I always get questions on what kind of supplements I use on daily basis so I always take a probiotic first thing in the morning this is the primal defense I got it from Whole Foods and then I also take the evil ones best omega-3s as well as the CMA which is zinc magnesium and vitamin b6 so I'm gonna get started on my tortilla which I'm so excited for and I'll show you guys to what it looks like at the end and well here it is I'm so proud of the way it turned out it looks delicious and smells delicious I have the brown rice tortilla for egg whites the sauteed mushrooms and tomatoes half an avocado and then just a sea salt and the seasoning and then I'm also going to have the remainder of these jumbo blueberries and strawberries and here are the supplements so the CMA the omega-3s and then the probiotic [Applause] all right guys so I'm having probably the latest lunch ever it's currently like 4:30 and I honestly wasn't sure if I was gonna make it home I was so hungry sheep I can confirm I actually was gonna come in right there but we made it home so we just made some rice chicken this is such like a bro meal but I was craving this really bad so I have brown rice about a cup and a half half an avocado some pan not pant right no air fried Brussels sprouts and then the chicken was cooked by Shiva and it has tomatoes and mushrooms and tastes so good it's not dry at all she did great so it is currently 6:17 p.m. and I'm about to start working on my dinner I'm just gonna make something kind of simple a little bit of this rice cauliflower some rice broccoli and then in a new airfryer I'm just gonna throw in this shrimp as well as the asparagus and make like a nice bowl out of it I also think I'm gonna add some avocado it is now 10:30 p.m. and I'm about to have my final meal of the night I normally have something sweet to finish off my day and today I'm craving oatmeal so I'm just going to have one of these steel-cut oatmeal is from Trader Joe's and then I'm going to add inside some cacao powder cacao nibs on top as well as unsweetened coconut and this is already sweetened with brown sugar and maple syrup I'm just going to microwave it put all the ingredients together and then we're gonna call it a night and that brings us to the end of days mondays I hope you guys enjoyed it don't forget 8 a.m. on June time for the launch if anything changes I promise to keep you guys updated thank you so much for watching I really hope you enjoyed this video if you did enjoy it please give a thumbs up subscribe for more and I'll see you all in the next one


  1. Your so pretty!! Loved this video 🙌🏻

  2. She is the cutest 🌼
    And I like her voice 😍

  3. Yes girl build your brand! So happy for you

  4. Your hair color is PEEEERFECT, a chocolate brown, just wow

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  7. Just a thought… Why not use premade egg whites instead of wasting fresh yolks?

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  12. Girl PLEASE try this paleo pancake recipe for your gluten intolerance!!!
    1 ripe mashed banana
    1 egg
    1 tbls Vanilla extract

    Its sooo tasty and moist and simple!! Drizzle some peanut butter and agave on top with fresh fruit OR just eat them plain. So frikin good!

  13. you are gorgeous!! if i had a job i would totally buy one!! ❤️

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  16. Do you intuitive eat or intermittent fast?

  17. omg if i ate at 10:30 PM i would wake up with the biggest stomach ache lol

  18. If you run out will you do a restock?

  19. I suggest taking your probiotic after you eat or at night, because in the morning on an empty stomach all of those bacteria’s in the probiotic don’t make it past the stomach acid ! 💛💛

  20. What will be the prices?

  21. I love your simple (but delicious!) approach to food. It really makes healthy eating seem much more attainable. So excited for munchy Monday’s merch! 🙌🏻

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  23. How long did you airfry the shrimp? Every time I try it out they come out so dry.

  24. What are the reasons you’ve decided to add back in some more animal products like chicken? What results were you looking for slash getting?

  25. I love all your food videos and I wanted to thank you for inspiring me and giving me great ideas. Every Monday before I go to the gym I watch your munchy Monday’s and they never disappoint. I’ve lost 60 lbs and you’re my biggest inspiration. Not only your approach to food but your positive attitude. I hope I can snatch up some of that adorable merch to support you and I’ll feel proud (and cute) to wear it. Love the simple design and adorable crop. I know you have many comments but I really hope you see this so you know how appreciated you are.

    P.S- I still use your old chocolate coconut oatmeal recipe from a while ago and absolutely love it.

  26. hey! I love your channel! you spoke about intermittent fasting in one of your videos, are u still an adept of it?

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  30. I always over roast the hell out of Brussels sprouts when I bake them lol because it’s the only way I can eat them

  31. Love your videos but be careful about eating so many Brazil nuts in one day, they have so much Selenium it could cause a Selenium toxicity 😬

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