full day of eating + my health issues

hey guys welcome to my channel so today I'm gonna do a full day of eating video but I just wanted to sit down really quick and talk to you guys about some of the health issues I've been having lately a couple months ago back when like Christian and Nabil were here I was getting like these pains right here which is where you're like gall bladder liver all that stuff is and I didn't know what it was I didn't go to the hospital or anything I should have I just I didn't go it's like the shirt pain it last for like three days and I got it twice so I got it again in the month after but basically I was getting gallbladder attacks so I'm having some issues with my gallbladder it's like not functioning properly so I originally I watched the doctor and she said like yeah you're gonna have to eat your gallbladder removed probably a lot I'm like not a chance no that's not happening so I went to a blood analyst so she did like a finger prick and then she looks at your blood under like a microscope and helps you out that way so I am having some issues with my blood issues with the blood and the gallbladder is basically all I'm gonna say it's also the reason I beginning sick so much lately like you guys know I never get sick I do not get sick and I've been getting so sick lately just like out of nowhere it's cuz my white blood cells are just working so hard all ready to fight what's in my body that it can't fight sicknesses like normal like colds and just save the day illnesses so yeah I'm having issues with my blood and my gallbladder and it's kind of just like messing with my whole digestive system because everything in your body is connected I'm not gonna go into too much detail about what's going on because I don't want anybody to like self-diagnose themselves or anything like that they're like oh yeah like I have those symptoms like I probably had that like that's what I want to get into it too much plus I don't want to try to make it a big deal because I know I'm gonna be able to get better so I don't want to make it this like big scary thing and yeah so I am on like a ton of medicine right now I am taking more of a homeopathic approach to it I do have some food restrictions / like requirements / suggestions that she has I don't diet as you guys no I just about that life I can't restrict foods so it's kind of freaking me out a little bit that for two months I have to be kind of very strict with myself after you high protein high fat diet which is totally fine but I can't have like any processed carbs only kind of carbs that are okay are like brown rice quinoa just like very very basic carbs so I don't think I can even have like sweet potatoes it's pretty high sugar I'm not supposed to have any sugar except I can have pineapple and apples because they have some good vitamins in them that can help me but yeah I can't really have any sugar I have like any processed food I can't have any dairy I can't have any red meat so I don't like the whole I can't have this I just I don't like that you guys know my history with like binge eating it's just not a good mindset for me to be in and I'm not being completely strict with myself like I'll still have like I had an Alani protein cookie the other day like I can't cut everything completely out it's just not gonna happen your also likes to end up finding like crazy so I can't do that I'm actually like pretty concerned about when I get to like go ahead to go back to eating normal I'm kind of worried I'm just gonna like literally everything cuz any diet that has an end date you're already screwing yourself over because if you like diet for a wedding or something then at the wedding you're gonna eat like crazy after the wedding you're gonna eat like crazy cuz you're like my diets done and then you're gonna gain all the weight back that's why yo-yo dieting does not work you can't have an end date on a diet it just like no so this is me interesting I'm gonna do a full day of eating today so it's gonna be like pretty healthy yeah so that's what's going on I went to the gym this morning with Joey and we did some upper body stuff I did record some videos I'm getting much better at recording Instagram videos I just kind of like set my phone up wherever I don't care I don't think I bother Joey during this workout but sometimes he'll like take some videos of me too so that's great I'm getting way more Instagram videos for you guys more workouts um yeah so we do a full DVD imma go make breakfast it is the same breakfast I always have because I can have oats it's like a very basic like a clean carb so what's going on right now just thought I would update you because I don't want to just pretend nothing's going on when shit is going on so nobody worry I'm gonna be fine PS got the full alpha leet fit one got the little little crop shirt you know and the pants are we surprised okay we have the usual here two eggs egg whites and 20 grams of peanut butter this time because I'm really hungry and I feel like any more facts to fill me up you know and then over here I have all my chewable vitamins it's like vitamin C vitamin D multivitamin and then I have here this was all so my doctor told me to take these and I was lucky enough to ready have them for Milani so I take a probiotic every day and then I have to take a digestive with every meal now just for the next two months to see how it goes yaks I need a little bit of extra help with my digestion especially with all the medicine I'm taking so one of those with every meal yeah that's usual intensive water hello guys I just got back from packing some and night swim orders so I'm gonna make lunch now I'm sorry before you ask my Jackie's from a ddos clearly yeah just Huskies like tassels I don't if I've shown this before but I've worked on my story and got like a lot of questions so how did ask man in Toronto okay here are the ingredients for today's lunch so this is gonna be the base this is just this like quinoa mixture thing that we buy from Costco there's quinoa mung beans cucumbers bulgur tomatoes of a soil bell peppers parsley lentils and then like some lemon juice and spices and stuff so it's pretty basic I can't eat quinoa right now cuz it's a very just like basic grain and then I'm gonna throw some of this hearty greens mix so it's just like kale beet greens broccoli stalk chard and then red cabbage just little mixtures or that with that as well then I'm gonna cut up some extra cucumber and throw that in there and then I'm gonna have one of these turkey sausages okay so I know got a Fenty beauty packaging it's like super light but it's a new lip stuff I don't know if you guys heard of it but there's like a lip balm which is all up in my alley who kissed our luscious lip balm try the back Rio and then this lip scrub I believe look at it this is freaking beautiful so this is the scrub it's just like this little scrubby guy you like rub it on your lips and then you take it off and this one is the lip balm just adds a little bit of shine it tastes like vanilla like it's a very vanilla e flavor love pop thanks to my girl RiRi just kidding she has no idea who I am I know bolso under there I have a cup of the quinoa thing then I have the turkey sausage here cucumbers and then a little salad thing over there so I'm just gonna put some lemon juice and salt and pepper on this little salad area and then mix everything together but that is my lunch and this is a big bowl since like very nice and volume ii you know i like when it takes a long time to eat stuff cuz i like eating so i love that okay it's now 3:00 and I'm having my snack it's still pretty hungry so this is my one sugary item of the day is this green apple hey guys so I'm just editing a video over here it's actually I recorded it quite a while ago but I kind of forgot that I had this footage so it's a like top 5 that glute exercises video so hopefully you guys really like this one it's taking me forever because I just talked so much about each exercise I did like the form tips how you set it up just like how you don't injure yourself put a lot of info into it so it's taking me a while to edit but we're gonna get it up I am so hungry it's 4:40 that's almost five o'clock so I'm gonna take one scoop of these super greens the greens are pretty good but they do taste like greens so everybody's posting reviews about these greens being like they're so good they like taste amazing so I was expecting them to taste like juice or something like really good and then I tried them and I was like so they do taste like just greens to me like it's not delicious they are kind of like a berry flavor like they did try to make them a little bit sweeter so I do find that they're very sweet I don't know they're still one of the best screens I've ever had compared to like other greens which are like taste like dirt Joey has an appointment at 6:00 so we'll probably start making dinner around 6:15 6:20 whenever he's on his way home it's a very quick appointment it's just for his back that his um it's called chiropractor hey guys it is now 6 or 7 p.m. Joey is on his way home from his appointment yeah I can eat food I'm sorry ok so oh fuck we didn't take any ground turkey out of the freezer one minute ok well this is our usual ingredients this turkey is frozen solid so I'm gonna have to try to cook it from frozen I do not recommend you're supposed to thought first but your girl forgot to take it out so I have that we have our greens as our base we also sometimes put brown rice in this with the greens but today we're just doing greens and then we'll have the goat meal or something after but yes we have the hardy greens the same one I had for lunch and then spinach and then I like to put avocado in mind because I like eating tons of fats I don't think Joey presenting in his daughter and then we just have some of these little tomatoes and then what makes this delicious is a taco seasoning that I didn't take out but we put taco seasoning on the meat and then this freaking salsa is what makes this meal this salsa is from Costco it's just called organic Jack's Cantina style salsa and it is a friggin best salsa on earth we literally go through like one of these giant jars a week yeah I'm not kidding okay you ready to see how much salsa we actually put on this can't maybe not you but I put it on I put way more I'm a big salsa man this is what the bowl looks like right now we're gonna want to workaholics cuz that's what we do every night it's maybe a happy time this is what my sauce is looking at like at the moment it doesn't look like as much on camera but it is stacked on there look how much we used already okay we're gonna go eat now I'll show you what we eat after we eat this cuz we like to stock it baby okay so what I really want to have is popcorn loose but these guys have sugar and a process so I'm gonna stick with this plain ass popcorn instead I'm not really sure if I'm even supposed to be having popcorn but there's like no sugar or anything in it it's literally just plain popcorn a salt pepper on it and it's gluten free which is something I need to be doing right now as well is gonna have a bowl that I'm like evening snack I wish it was popcorn this is pretty pop if you didn't see when the bag was springing crumpled ah why do you do this to me okay so this is my giant bowl of popcorn there's only a tiny bit left in this bag like barely any so I might finish the rest of it which means I would have had half of this bag yesterday and the other half today it's fine not great for my stomach right now but you know just living my business life okay that's gonna be out of this video I'm not showing you me right now so I'm wearing my glasses and it's embarrassing so I'm just gonna leave you with this pretty popcorn okay bye guys thanks for watching by


  1. “Mind ya business” 🤣🤣 hope you’re better ASAP girl!💕

  2. Hope you get to feeling better! I ALWAYS forget to take our ground turkey out of the freezer too. I just thaw it in the microwave for a little bit before cooking it on the stove!

  3. Just need to know what I need to do to get featured on alaninu or your page! I’ve posted over 12 pics on my story and tagged y’all in them but nothing ?? 🤷🏼‍♀️ just sucks

  4. hope you get better soon xoxo

  5. If you can’t eat sugar I really suggest smart protein solution bars they are really tasty and might help you with the restrictions xxx

  6. That dang Costco quinoa salad is my fav 🤤 Hope your body heals up and feels better asap!

  7. Gabby I had the same exact issues and symptoms and it turned out to be Diverticulitis . Definitely had to change my diet

  8. trust me it sucks but life is so much better once you’re gallbladder is removed and you don’t have to feel the pain ever again! good luck with you health issues!

  9. Sounds like fodmap sensitivities. That's what's going on with me right now, it's been rough but I already feel better a couple weeks in!

  10. I'm so sorry you are going through this 😢 I can relate because I had to have my wisdom teeth removed at the beginning of the year and I could only eat soft foods for 2 months. I was bloated all the time because I didn't have fiber, and felt sluggish. Always look up though, it gets better no matter what situation your in.

  11. One of the main causes of gallbladder attacks is high cholesterol accumulation – if the doctor has recommended a high protein and fat diet as a homeopathic remedy make sure your sources are generally plant based as to avoid more cholesterol build up!

  12. Hey Gabby!! I completely understand the anxious feelings around restriction – especially with your previous food struggles. I too had gallbladder and digestive issues a few years ago (gallbladder got better, didn't need it removed) and my digestive issues continue to this day on and off. I had to cut a lot of things out of my diet – dairy being the biggest one! I'm now plant based because its the easiest on my stomach AND I UNDERSTAND HOW YOU FEEL! (not saying you have to be plant based!) I dealt with a lot of ridicule, my own mental struggles, feeling hungry, feeling sick, and the list goes on. However – everything I went through was for MY HEALTH. It sucked and was hard – but it's worth it. I know you will have tough moments dealing with this, but every time you mentally struggle with the food restriction, just remember it's FOR YOUR HEALTH. It's not a negative reason – it's a positive one. It helped me a lot to keep that in mind always and I hope it helps you. Feel better gal <3

  13. Question: Does Joey watch your videos on his own time?

  14. Also, tbh, if you have concerns regarding your relationship with food/mental health, you should definitely seek out other opinions. It's totally possible that this has NOTHING to do with what you're eating at all! It's so trendy to blame our food for everything these days but most things health-related have nothing to do with that and it's not worth wasting your money and mental energy and risking your relationship with food when the approach might very well not do anything! You should definitely seek out second opinions from other doctors and bring them everything you've received from the blood tests and naturopath stuff. Hope you feel better soon!!

  15. What's a blood analyst? I've literally never heard of anyone going to that! Have you tried cutting out all the supplements? Sounds like you started having symptoms around the time you started having the alani products 🙁

  16. Nice video 😀 😀

  17. Bulgur (the Costco Quinoa salad), unfortunately, isn't gluten free!! Hope you feel better soon.

  18. Do you live with Joey now?

  19. I had my gallbladder removed after having gallstones for 12 years. It was the best decision I have ever made… The quality of life without attacks is so much better. It's been 7 years since I got it removed and it's been great. Although – it sounds like you have something different – I wasn't allowed any fats since your gallbladder helps with the absorption/digestion of fats. Good luck with your journey. I hope things work out for you <3

  20. Narcissist Gabby here again

  21. Gabby… Your young and extremely healthy… If yer Gallbladder isn't functioning properly now…. It's not going to get better with time, trust me. A close friend had his out, made his life so much easier. Two week recovery. It was well worth it. And dude now eats anything he wants… Hope it all goes well.

  22. Positive vibes ❤️❤️ feel better Gab!! Xox

  23. Could you please make a vid about how you dealed with binge eating?

  24. My friend’s gallbladder was only functioning at like 12% or something ridiculously crazy like that and he had a ton of pain and constant gallbladder attacks, so he went vegan and he says he hasn’t had a gallbladder attack since! High fat and cholesterol/hormones really trigged it which is really only found in animal products, so I would check that out if you’re interested 🙂

  25. Who else came to the comment section once she said Adidas?

  26. I had my gallbladder removed at the age of 17, I’m now 21. When I was having pain I was told to reduce the amount of fat in my diet as the gallbladder breaks down fat and that’s what triggers off an attack. Shocked that you’ve been recommended a high fat diet because I know in my circumstances whenever I ate anything high fat I was in agony, hope you feel better soon💖

  27. Love the vids so much❤

  28. Nothing tastes better on popcorn than Old Bay seasoning. This is how most people eat it in Key West. Trust Doobie on this & sprinkle some on. (You might want to have a golden margarita nearby).

  29. I’ve had gallbladder issues too, I have gall stones and might have to get my gallbladder removed as well and have had sharp pains. Make sure you take care of yourself and see what will be best for your body going forward ❤️ best wishes.

  30. Never get any organs removed. ..never…eating high quality foods 100% of the time may be the answer..look into Frank tufano.

  31. Do not have your gall bladder removed. It’s common practice and has terrible side effects. What helps me is low fat natural/Whole Foods. Best wishes.

  32. I was just about to ask about the popcorners but then you said to mind my business 💀 so nvm LMAO. Hoping you’ll be okay!! 💕

  33. Language please

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