Full Day Of Eating (Intermittent Fasting Lean Gains)

what's up guys Josh from strength side this is a full day of eating a morning routine I just did some wim HOF breathing I make coffee and while I make coffee I usually drink a big glass of water and then I sit my coffee up here on this beautiful deck oh yeah it's tasty it's already extremely sunny today here in California and I'm gonna sit here and do a little reading maybe a little bit of journaling and that's about the way that every morning starts for me I only have coffee in the morning and then after I do some training do some work later in the day have my first meal usually anywhere from 12 to 2 and you will see that soon all right guys and we get to this chillin on the deck I'm gonna do some reading I'll see you soon it's time to cook some food so first meal of the day it's about 2:30 right now I usually eat my first meal well somewhere in like the 1 to 2 range today ran a little bit later but as a lot of you guys know I do intermittent fasting I don't really call it intermittent fasting I just simply a long time ago started not having breakfast and just waiting until later in the afternoon and to be completely honest when I started sticking to that pretty strictly a few years back maybe four years back now is when I got a lot leaner and I've lost a lot of the body fat than my that my body was naturally holding I kind of like went down to maybe a lower set point I don't know if it's because fasting does something hormonal II to your body to make you hold less body fat or maybe I was just simply consuming less calories because I wasn't eating as many times right I don't know but it works for me maybe it might work for you too I would suggest trying it out the reason that I still do it is more so because for me it's just easier just to get up have coffee and then start my day and I don't have to worry about eating anything and I also like to have bigger meals so if I don't eat in the morning then after I train maybe do some work then I can have like a big satisfying meal so let's get into what I eat right now I'm gonna just cook up a little lunch I find I think that what I eat is kind of boring but a lot of people have been asking to see it so for lunch I'm simply just going to kind of do a little stir fry on the stovetop with some vegetables potato some kale and I have some ground beef meatballs that were made last night and I'm just gonna use in this just simply grasp spread ground beef so I think for me I'm gonna wash this broccoli for me what my nutrition has kind of evolved into is just basically trying to eat whole foods a lot of whole foods and really just eating a lot of vegetables and animals vegetables and meat right I've seen a lot of comments on YouTube of people saying that I'm a vegan maybe it's my hairdo I don't know but I am NOT a vegan I definitely eat a lot of meat I usually eat meat two times a day sometimes one time day as you guys can probably sense from this I'm definitely not very strict about anything and I think that I think that that's come from in the past doing things that were too strict like I've spent time counting calories counting everything down to my macro and I had success with that but I felt like what it did to my mind was kind of me up like it made a bad relationship with the food I was eating because I was always neurotic about how many calories are in this and delivah and that just wasn't the way that I wanted to really live my life so now I've kind of went to the other extreme of just balancing my diet as much as I can and just trying to feel good a lot of the the reason I eat the way that I've that I eat is because I've had a long time of kind of figuring things out and this is what seems to make my body run the best that it can write have a lot of energy I couldn't sustain a lot of training working out and I think it's pretty good for building muscle I don't I don't really know yeah so let me get this onion all chopped up here onions are the worst man it's like can you ever really get a good peel on an onion I haven't came across one yet all right there we go what else nutrition wise I also don't want to give this video took me a long time to do because I was like I don't know I don't want to give a false impression of like what I do because I I'm not I'm not like a health nut I'm not an extremely healthy person to my point let me take a look at this oh just take a bite right now but I think that there's like a lot of false yeah there's just like a lot of stuff in the fitness community that you may believe that people are perfect and for me man I'm not perfect at all I try to fill my diet with good wholesome things but I also eat some crab too and you know I find that that's just normal so I usually use a healthy amount of the avocado oil or olive oil or coconut oil or butter and it just makes my food taste a little better here I have some salt Himalayan pink salt which is supposed to be good for something and throw some pepper in cool so I like to put this on let that let that just kind of steam and cook there at about medium honestly this is like the bulk of my meals is I just chopped stuff up buh-buh-buh-buh-buh vegetables potatoes other things and I just throw it in a pan and then I put some seasoning on it I let it cook out and it usually turns out delicious man people ask it's it's funny when people asked like Oh your guide you cook and I'm like I don't know I throw stuff in a pan and then let it cook like I'm not following recipes or anything but I kind of know good stuff to put in my body and I figure out a way so the kale I find that kale our ovens ready I find that kale and spinach is a very easy way to get greens in your diet if you don't like vegetables like a couple years ago I'd go probably more than a couple years ago I wasn't into vegetables and I would just kind of keep kale actually does have a little bit of a flavor but spinach is like flavorless man you just throw a lot of Splenda gin with whatever you're eating and that would give you a good little cook a kick of some veggies so let's take one of these meatballs it's like I said this is some grass-fed beef let's do four just mixed with some onions some garlic I think like some breadcrumbs or something like that and that's usually I'm a big beef person I like to get I feel good when I get lots of animal fats so I actually prefer eating meat with some fat in it all right I used to be more of like a lean proteins guy get the chicken breasts in the fish probably not the highest quality fish but staying away from from animal fats and when I started kind of losing that fear of fat so much putting in beef steak I feel like it gave my body more energy and made my body feel better or give me yeah made me feel better I guess not just my body me too let's see a little spatula here so the fear of fat get over it animal fats can be pretty essential for you I think and if you are a vegan or vegetarian then I don't know what to tell you I may be the wrong person to follow them for a diet for a diet advice probably want to find a vegan or a vegetarian and use them for diet advice if you don't eat beef like one guy commented what is it India maybe they don't need beef just replace it with chicken man or turkey or go lamb something like that lamb chops I dig lamb shop okay we're gonna put a little bit of that beef in there now one thing especially when I'm going hard on like the broccoli and kale one thing that I really like to freshen things up season things up it's just soy sauce man what joy I don't I have no affiliation with this brand but man they bring me a lot of happiness right bison of my food so just a few little squirts of that all you really need that's getting close to done we're just gonna let that steam out a little bit more what else what else intermittent fasting we covered that I guess I didn't say I mean I usually pretty late like because I'd extend my past in the morning I will eat until usually around like 9:00 sometimes 9:30 usually I do have a bit of a sweet tooth so one thing I like to do at night when I'm craving a little dessert a little cake ice cream I have cereal cereal that's my trick if you can take one thing away from this video it's don't eat cookies eat cereal no just put a little bananas in there and you get a little bit of sweetness but you know it's not as bad as going going ham on like a pack of cookies or something like that all right let's check this out cameraman dude that's looking good man that's not looking good right there we'll turn this off let this cool down a little bit the one thing about potatoes is sometimes you know potatoes are gonna cook differently than the rest if I was to do this again I'd probably put the potatoes whole barrel here because they're gonna take a little bit longer to cook than the broccoli but you know having the camera here is it's it's a bit intimidating man this is this is not my normal state of being on camera so let's plate this broccoli the fall oh no alright guys this is where the games are made so to speak alright we're good we're good around quite a bit but I hope what you take from this is that try to eat I try to eat as good things as I can I try to eat whole foods try to put in my body what's gonna make my body work good what's gonna make me feel good but at the end of the day I'm not completely strict on it I like to live my life no I just have fun so yeah wouldn't let that cool a little bit longer if I had if I had another go at it but I'd analyst tasty what's up guys last meal of the day here I'm having a burger with some veggies and fries actually check it out this burger is cooking uh I also got a couple pieces of bacon in there yeah about to throw that slice of cheese on here after just a couple minutes and right here I've got bell pepper onions mushrooms and kale and then there's like some sweet potato crisp cut fries I actually threw the bag out already it's there like some organic type of fries they're pretty tasty I've happened before so oh yeah last thing not last thing but I'm about to use this for bud I love country potato it's so soft stuff like melts in your mouth man I'll just throw some ketchup on the burger and yeah enjoy I'll show you guys the finished product yes last little meal of the evening some puffins with just some blueberries and banana chopped up in their peanut butter puffins these are super good like I mentioned earlier I like to have cereal for dessert that's all


  1. This took me quite some time to do for 2 reasons:
    1. I'm not a nutritionist and I wasn't sure I wanted to give diet advice. But eventually I came to the conclusion that just like sharing what's worked for me with training my body, I can share what I eat all the same. I'm not telling you to eat like me, only sharing what i do. I know vegans will be upset I eat meat, I know paleo people will be upset I eat grains, I know IIFYM people will be upset I don't track macros. I don't hold any belief too close when it comes to nutrition and I'm open to many things.
    2. It's been a hurdle getting myself to do a "vlog" type video. It's a bit embarrassing honestly, haha. But at the end of the day, I enjoyed making it. If you like it, let me know and maybe I'll do more.

  2. Its refreshing seeing a more care free approach. Even though you dont bring a lot of advice and nutritional information, the true insight is worth a lot. Gives me hope that i can think less about food and become lean. Thanks for the upload.

  3. Thank Goodness! With that haircut I was afraid he was going to be a vegan.

  4. You look fantastic! What is your current height and weight at right now?

  5. I liked this video, but I hated it that you skipped the part when you smoked the joint just before your meal.

  6. hey josh. where did you get the blue tshirt you are wearing in the kitchen??

  7. Like your way of eating and cooking as well. What about eggs and yoghurt ? Do you ever consume any of those?

  8. Congratulations on 100k! Remember when you were on like 10k,well deserved!

  9. Dang, super disappointing to see that you consume animal products. In 2019 there's no excuse for an athlete to do so. Check out Simnett Nutrition, Brian Turner, Nimai Delgado, Frank Medrano or any other of the dozens of super fit, vegan YouTubers to see how easy it is to stay jacked while saving the planet and innocent animals.

  10. One more cooking tip. Potatoes can be microwaved for a couple minutes and be tossed in the veggie mix so it will all be done at the same time.

  11. Thanks for sharing your eating habits! One tip I can offer you is to learn how to hold and use a Chef's knife. I'd hate to see you cut yourself. Mad respect for you brother.

  12. Cutie

  13. Awwww such good vibes! Much love! 😍🤗🤗🤗

  14. this video was awesome

  15. You understand what works well for you! We're very similar in body type and lifestyle. What you described here I've been doing 30 years. Mornings is coffee and journaling then exercise. First meal 12 to 2pm. Im a 56 year young man, 5' 11" 180lbs. Been doing bodyweight exercises since i learned them during my army days in 1980s. I've subscribed to your channel because you're very innovative in your movements. I pickup new ideas from you. Keep up the good work!
    PS. My guilty pleasure is vanilla icecream once per week.

  16. you had me at the open
    with your intro music! love your vibration 💟☮️

  17. I did not understand how many hours you are fasting, as you keep eating 😂So…coffee in the morning, lunch at about 1 or 2 pm, dinner and then cereals. So….is it about a 12 hours window of fasting?

    Also, any alcohol once in a while? A beer with that burger?😛

  18. This was so great Josh, thank
    you! I hope you keep posting things like this as well, daily life stuff. And interested in what you read, I have that same Kindle I think.

  19. I like what u have said about eating food that makes your body run good. I can see and feel that. Just consuming what makes your body feel good and mind = positive energy and clean habits. Thanks so much mate.

  20. you cut the onion wrong that's why it's worse for you. Cut like Lemon then easy to peel. Hope this help.

  21. Biggest take away here were portion sizes. I definitely overeat then if that's considered normal

  22. Coffee?? Yuk!

  23. I like your style Josh, especially the part about "living your life." I appreciate your take on your nutrition as well as your apprehension to share these thoughts. Your first comment shows that you knew that some folks would expect differently from you. I feel it's important, perhaps above all else, to live life just for oneself. As with anything else what works for one may not work for some. I really enjoyed your easy going nature in this vid, the meals you shared as well as preparation, and your cereal tip (been doin' it for years!). I'd like to see vids, even if short, that may tell us more about you such as lifestyle practices, meditation, visualization, and thoughts on say ganja use!
    Many thanks for great content, easy and understandable presentation, and encouragement!

  24. Great vid, Josh loved your honesty and style of the vid. I think a lot of people missed a real Gem of info right at the beginning. WIM HOF BREATHING. How did you get into it and how long have you been practicing this and could you expand on any benefit you have gained from the practice. I’m strongly considering a work shop. I also practice the WHM and IF but have slacked on the gym and strength work. I practice Karate 2 times a week and I’m going to start following some of your work outs. I’ve lost 22kg in a year easily yep I’m English so that’s 49lbs For my US cousins! Now need to pack on some muscle again. It’s gonna be interesting to see how I’m going to have to modify my current 4 hr eating window. Loving all you do, peace.

  25. I need to loose 60 lbs fast and get rip without losing my Dick size. Can you help and also I don't like to eat all day. I know people say that, bit I just can't bring my self to do that all day. I eat to live not live to eat. I may have one meal a day and I'm find with that.
    Please advise.


  27. That lakey inspired in the beginning, tho. 🙏🏿

  28. Hey Josh, can you do a muscle up?

  29. Coffee and tea are not healthy. Caffeine is an addictive drug (a stimulant), it interacts with the nervous system, it stimulates blood flow throughout the body and because your circulatory system is able to bring more nutrients to your brain, you will feel more alert and feel like you have more energy. Caffeine is addictive and over time your body will be accustomed to the levels of caffeine that you ingest. If you suddenly stop drinking caffeine, your body will be thrown off of its normal balance. Essentially, your body will be forced into a continuous replacement of hormones broken down by the continuous binding of caffeine to them.
    This leads to many of the withdrawal symptoms that you experience when you stop drinking caffeine including fatigue and even headaches.
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    Caffeine has been shown to increase the amount of epinephrine in the body by as much as 250%, which means that caffeine is basically stimulating our bodies by producing a stress response. On top of that, caffeine also increases the circulation of serotonin in parts of the nervous system. This is why when you drink something with caffeine, your mood is elevated while at the same time your energy levels increase.
    When you drink caffeine, you will feel more alert and awake and even feel like you have more energy. This is why coffee has become the drink of choice in the mornings. However, there are other effects that you should be aware of when you decide to drink coffee or any other drink that contains caffeine. Some of these side effects are:Insomniaa, nausea and vomiting, stomach irritation, restlessness, nervousness, headache, anxiety, chest Pain, agitation.
    Caffeine has been shown to make anxiety disorders and even bipolar disorders . People must also use caution because of the effects that caffeine can have on your heart.

  30. Stop eating meat brother, if non-veg has to be eaten then fish is the best thing to eat . Killing mamals tends to murder. Just be a little concious.

  31. Hii hii hii .. hii hii .. like .. cool .. hii hii .. hii hii .. you're kitchens kinda cool .. hii hii hii .. hii hii where's the garlic? Hii hii .. hii hii .. cool … Hii hii … Goat 🐐? Goat chops? Hii hii hii you said goat hii hii hii

  32. Yeah! The best form of no-fuss eating. One pan, lots of vege carbs and some meat protein. I’m nearly 70 and I have eaten this way for ever, and it’s fuels me for big bike rides, runs , swims and surfing when I can get out.

  33. MAKE LOVE NOT WAR DHALSIM!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. At last, someone who doesn't prescribe an app to count macros, just eats healthy and lean. Common sense thinking

  35. You look emaciated.

  36. You don’t really carry a lot of muscle though. You’re just very lean. Your legs have nothing.

  37. You forgot to mention the weed you smoked before the video. That makes it taste great too.

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