hi guys what is going on and welcome back to another video it is first thing in the morning that's why we've got a weird yellow light going on I've got my lamp on and I look a little bit pinky so I apologize for that but I thought I would start the video first thing in the morning cuz I am gonna do a full day's eatin video it is Monday morning today and I woke up today feeling a bit I mean the weather outside it's forecast to rain all week and it's very very dull it's quite cold and it isn't about oh I feel down in the dumps but you know some days you wake off and you like I don't feel motivated really to do that much today I have like different strategies now because I've talked about a little bit on my Instagram and a little bit on here that January wasn't my best month I don't know why I really can't pinpoint why cuz nothing major happened no major setbacks happen just my mental health wasn't the greatest it's ever been not in a an awful way but there were times where I just saw I just don't really know what I'm doing and I feel really confused about a lot of stuff one normally everything's clear and so I feel like now we're in a new month we're in the month of February which I just think feels a lot more hopeful it's only got a few less days February than January but for some reason it just feels a lot shorter it might be me but you're January just seems to like just drive and drive and drive so my mom on the phone just before and so I'm excited about February I really am but also I just really want to be honest with you in some days I don't feel like getting up and moving but you got to and it is a really cliche thing to say but you've just got to do and then you can overcome that kind of lack of motivation off the a little bit gloomy in the day so what I've done today because it is the only day of the week where I did have a meeting later on but it got canceled first thing in the morning so it is literally the only day of the week that I've got this week which is a busy big week for me that I don't actually have to go out the house I've got work to do but I could literally just sit in the house and do my work so that isn't productive for me at all because even though sometimes when you're feeling like this you want to just be like an introvert and I just go back to my natural like just wanting to be with myself but that isn't a good thing sometimes it's good to have time on your own but also even if it's not actively going to meet friends or anything and just being around people and getting out the house is a really good thing so what I did I booked talking to a class at one o'clock in like the centre of London at a place called another space and I have been there a few times so I'm gonna do a spin class then because I don't feel like I'm motivated enough to train myself like on my own and wait train so I thought if I do a class I'll have to go and get up and do it I wrote myself a list I washed my hair and have just left it to dry in in a plateau do something with it in a minute even though I probably didn't need to wash my hair today I thought that always makes me feel better when I wash your hair so I get that and I think it's just about recognising how you feel not in a weird kind of way it's like recognizing it and it's kind of accepting it and not putting pressure on yourself to feel a certain way so um I've got like mixed feelings as well now that I've heard I've got water and coffee and I'm just not juggling this right am i one thing i will say about full day of eating's videos i've actually heard a very like conflicting view of full day of eating's for bloggers or youtubers or whatever people on Instagram and and it was actually one of my friends and who was signed to my management company is well Lucy who puts amazing but really real content out on her Instagram and how she said that full Davian probably isn't that useful and what she was saying is that actually that day is just one day so people almost thinks that is a representation of every single day now in my bikini days if I shows you one day everything that would be an exact representation of two years of my life like it was sad it was a very it was a very sad full day of ething and mostly consisted of like chicken and green beans I've got to be honest now I every single day is totally different for me and yesterday I think this is another reason why I feel a little bit grim because I was really hungry si I drunk too much wine oh just like you know when you like why am i drinking so much wine I have too much wine on Saturday night it wasn't even like that late but me and Henry just went out for dinner and then we went out for some drinks with some of his friends after I said I just drank a lot of wine we watched a rugby beforehand so I had a bit of a saw had yesterday and obviously when you are home go over the food isn't the greatest choices like it was just very normal and so today I woke up feeling a bit in my god and it probably didn't agree with me a lot of the food and so that is one of the reasons why I feel a little bit groggy today I suppose and so this fall Devi and I just wanted to put a disclaimer out that I love watching full days of eating and I know that you love seeing them so I don't want to like stop doing them but I also completely recognize Lucy's comment to say that this is not gonna be just my literally what I eat every single day and look it's just not at all because I know that I just ate amount on a food yesterday which is totally fine I enjoyed myself well because I feel groggy and still like a little bit full this full daily and probably won't be a substantial amount of food that I ate yesterday so I'm just kind of putting that out there I don't really have to but it's really important I think to be totally honest with you I'm gonna make breakfast yeah that is me on the Milan I have done a little bit of mashed avocado put some egg whites I used two chicks egg whites some spinach and yeah a piece of toast I put a little bit of coconut oil in with the spinach and the egg whites too I also know that I'm gonna be out for a few hours around lunchtime I'm going to that workout class at 1:00 so it's spin and if I eat before spin it's not gonna be pleasant but after the class it will be like two and I'll be very hungry by then I know what I'm like if I have to travel home I'd probably get a snack and I'm trying to save money for one but also make sure that I am making my food more so I've got a fire box and I'm gonna make some of my Black Forest gateau now I've just added the got a because honestly they are delicious I got some of these black forest fruits which are just like those cherries black breathe grapes blueberries black currants I think though just frozen from Waitrose pretty cheap actually I've just got some rolled oats and then I've got the chocolate wait I select from bulk powders protein powder and I'm gonna use a bit of grated closure to add a little bit of volume I'm gonna do I mean I'm normally not this Boucher's like let's be honest I normally do it in the microwave but our microwave is coming still not here that after delivery driver but hopefully he will be seen oh I'm gonna use the hop just to make my my oats as well I find that you can use egg whites – if you really think like Kasia isn't you back because egg whites and Kasia both like add a little bit of volume so this is what it looks like at the moment I'd like to make the oath quite thick so you can always go back in after war so I only think you can do that rather than take you out it's just like so much easier so whilst I'm making this guys I wanted to talk to you about my coffee club because I did get another coffee cup and it's like a collapsible long but it probably wasn't ideal because it just wasn't like hearty but I got this one and so many of you asked me I might in Turin where I got it from I actually bought it from John Lewis I think it was like 8 pounds oh no guys oh this is what I do hold God right let me put you down all right let me try and save these bad boys okay we've got a bit of a crispy out situation going on guys I'm trying to get the use of these new hops as well because their induction hobs and they get hot so quickly right I think I've just about saved it it should be a little bit burnt but we're gonna be ok with that I always out the way after because I find it's a wave learn and you Alec wash your cooking the consistency it just goes thinner so I'm just gonna add like literally a scoop of that see what the vibe is like to the consistency it's quite nice yeah I'm quite happy with that this is what I'm taking with me I look very pale which I desperately need other time and but what time is that I think it's like it's past half 10 anyway the delivery driver had a nine till ten window now I'm not saying anything about delivery drivers because it must be such a hard job getting around central London within a one-hour window of time so I'm not I'm not mad I'm not mad about it but I need to get on with my day and because I want to go to Westfield first to have a look at some bit before I go into central London so it's about harvest 10 I've got my oats to the road I'm gonna get my coffee cup and grab a coffee on the way cuz I've not had a caffeinated drink yet I'm getting wrapped up warm gonna bring a Brawley and brave brave the outside and honestly guys it is the best thing to do just getting out and out the house and I feel like right now I just need to get out the house and then I'll be fine I'm not gonna take my camera with me because I was going to be long enough already with just ye in a day so I will make sure I have my oats afterwards for the road and then I will catch up with you later when I get back so guys I have got back from my spin class I've just had a quick shower a little bloody shower because I was really spicy I mean it probably wasn't wise washing my hair but like I said at the beginning I just really enjoy washing my hair when I've woken up and not feeling like my best self I know that washing my hair always makes me feel a little bit better so I've washed my hair and I don't think I've shown you in on my YouTube channel actually that I've got hair extensions again I mean I'm gonna start actually even when I have a drastic hair change saying then I've had a hair change because it seems to be like literally every month so it's like old news it's y'all know like no one cares anymore so yes I have gone for hair extensions again just to make my hair a little bit longer now Henry's coming round for dinner later so I've got a few bits that I'm gonna cook up which I'll show you obviously later the time is nearly four o'clock so I've had my breakfast and my oats I had my oats on the go when I was coming back I really don't feel like a little snap to tie me over so I think I'm gonna make a smoothie I think because I've got to do some laptop work for the next like tuna but hours before he comes around so I thought I would make a smoothie and maybe like a decaf coffee or something like that though okay I actually bought myself a new nutribullet absolutely nan swamps a tutorial I got it from John Lewis I think this one was a cheaper nutribullet that I've seen but I don't know what the differences I only really make smoothies or like blood soup or something I think this was $69.99 and so I've just popped another scoop of protein and I've used to bolt powders one again because I had it open and a small banana and about three big handfuls of spinach I'm just gonna pop a little bit of water in that and then one bit how cute is the straw that Henry got me for Christmas it's a stocking filler it's a metal straw and it says Sookie on it mmm the verdicts is very good mm-hmm it depends sometimes I like it to be like a thick and thin a consistency this is bit thinner because I added a little bit too much wow so look good hmm happy with that so Henry's coming around in a moment or gonna do some work but I'm kind of preparing dinner so I thought I'd make like a card a lemon card with a lemon card they're so soft on it and I got some of these anchovies which I'm really really into at the moment they're very very fishy so I think I'm gonna put those on top I'm doing some sweet potato wedges so I just chopped up some sweet potato and chunks I know it looks like a lot but I'm hoping that I will be able to save a little bit of that for my lunch tomorrow and and then I've got this kind of it's just a packet tender stem stem broccoli I managed to mix I'm gonna put onion with that as well and yeah I think that's really about it so that's one of the card Felix I've done I'm gonna just wrap it up in tinfoil I'm buggin it in the oven I just put a little bit of this light soy sauce on and squeezed a little bit of lemon juice and added a bit more salt as well and I've got some peppers that I've already got red onion and I'm gonna fry it with these this like mixed bag of stir-fry so guys because Henri is also coming round in a second I am gonna end the vlog here I will show you the finished product of this but I really hope you've enjoyed today's video you have make sure you give it a thumbs up and drop me a comment below and until next time guys I will see you in the next video


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