welcome to this full-body at-home workout while you're waiting for the video to start please take a second to subscribe to my youtube channel is free and I really appreciate it let's get started we're starting with some high needs with high knees you want to get your knees as high as you can and move as fast as you can just imagine that you're running away from that toxic X yeah you got it that's exactly what you're supposed to be doing you're doing a good job just 19 more seconds you got this let's burn some fat if you feel our guard do right now don't say to the other side sweet you nailed it we're moving into burpees next burpees are amazing for burning fat and they work your whole body so just get on the floor and then jump just like that get on the floor and jump again you can make this harder by jumping towards your hands instead of stepping like I am but I like to go gentle on my knees which is why I'm stepping feel free to jump towards your hands if you are feeling like a badass let's go let's go people you're doing good almost there ten seconds next up we have jumping jacks now remember this whole budding workout is actually a high-intensity interval workout which means you need to work as hard as you possibly can I want you to be jumping so fast you look like a fan I want you jumping so fast you look like a butterfly I want you jumping so fast that you know you know what I mean I just want you to move so let's go you're almost there after this you get a full 1 minute to rest so work hard so you can rest hard perfect you're going to take a whole minute to rest and catch your breath drink water as you like when we come back we're going to do another three sets of exercises that are going to target your butt your legs your arms your chest and your side booty so really your whole body is about to get it to rest up I like to get back I don't know what you want let's have a bit of fun to lie down for my love if you feel like I do right now don't say you're on the run to the others die my love you say you want to shine thank you [Applause] let's start with some squats you want your knees to not go past the front of your toes and you want your butt to go as close to the ground as possible in other words you want to drop it like it's hot drop it like it's hot and squeeze at the top good job you're doing a really good job in just a few seconds we're going to move into push-up we push-ups are great for your chest area they make your boobs look really nice if you're a woman they made you just look hundred percent if you're a guy so do these push-ups and make sure you're squeezing your chest so you get the full benefit if you can't do full push-up put your knees on the floor but just try to do as many pushups as you possibly can don't tell me you can't because I know you can I know you can and you're doing a good good job just go just keep going I like it I like it you know next we're going to do some side leg raises last thing we're going to do before we take a break so find a wall hold on to it for support and raise your leg you will think that it's the leg you're raising that's going to burn but that's not the case the leg that's on the floor that's going to burn so make sure you're squeezing your butt squeezing your abs and raising your legs straight to the side to the best of your ability this is a really really good workout that gives you a lot of strength and it really works your lower body and your thighs we look at that just like that you get another 1 minute to rest again make sure you are pushing yourself during the work time and you are chilling during the rest time I'll be back in just a few seconds and then we're going to do some more exercises that are going to start to work your abs and some other parts of your body I don't know what you are let's have a bit of fun till I drown for my love if you feel like I do right now don't say you're on the run to the other side my love you wanna shine but you never [Applause] okay get into position with me we're starting with some scissor kicks scissor kicks are great for your core area your abs especially that stubborn lower fat area you know how sometimes some people are just so stubborn that's how lower bent belly fat can be sometimes but this exercise they got you hey gotcha boo boo your stomach is going to be looking so lit did I just say Oh next we're doing leg raises for all these exercises were doing on the floor you want to keep your lower back on the floor to the best of your ability I like to put my hands under my butt to help stabilize my lower back to make sure it stays on the floor this is important to make sure you're getting a good burn in your lower belly area and to make sure you do not hurt yourself so just raise your legs up and down good [Applause] finally we're going to do some bicycles bicycles are great to get you that nice sexy stomach that you want make sure again that your lower back stays on the floor try to touch your elbows to your knees keep your core tight and just visualize yourself looking hot in a pineapple bikini now we're going to take a whole two minutes to rest because you have earned it and when you come back guess what we're going to do everything all over again now you know the moves now we're going to go hard and your whole body is going to be shredded you are going to be looking like gods and goddesses when you finish this workout make sure you subscribe by the way while you're resting please click that button subscribe to my youtube channel it's free and I really appreciate it do the you say you wanna try still we you wanna try but you should advance how do you say you we are you ready are you ready let's get into position we're starting with high knees now remember with this you want to get your knees as high as possible and you want to go as fast as possible very you are running away from your past you are running away from empty bank accounts you are running away from crazy exes let's go you are running towards that sexy beach body that you know you got inside there somewhere you're doing good less than 10 seconds and we're moving into Burpee okay I want to see you get into beast mode I want to see you get into Lara Croft Tomb Raider sows oh we Saldana colombiana Wonder Woman mode I want to see you go hard because you got this go as fast as you possibly can I don't know what you want let's have a bit of fun very good don't stop just because I'm talking keep going but up next we have jumping jacks your jumping jacks we just want to go fast what's fast as you can this is such a great high-intensity workout for your whole body and you are burning crazy amounts of fat right now so just keep going because you're almost there after this you get one full minute to rest and then we're coming back to do what squat but man why how we do but you never fulfilling [Applause] I don't know what you want let's have a food okay so get into position you want your knees to be about shoulder-width apart you want to go as low as you can make sure you're squeezing at the top make sure you're also squeezing your abs this will help you maintain your balance so you're going topple over I know that squats can be difficult but it's one of the best exercises you can ever do for your whole body your full body workout is not complete without a squat so drop it like it's hot drop it like it's hot good job we're doing more push-ups this is the last round of push-ups you're going to do if it's too difficult for you put your knees on the ground I just want to make sure that you keep moving go as fast as you can do as many pushups as you can but just keep going don't get your no don't that good job keep going next up side leg raises same as last time just make sure that you're doing the opposite legs this time around with your abs squeeze your butt squeeze everything and raise that leg straight out to the side it's going to burn in the leg that's on the ground but that's exactly what we want sorry about the crotch shot you guys I was not thinking about the camera angle when I did this let's just pretend this is not happening right now I don't know what you want this is it you guys we have one more round of exercises and you're literally done like legit you're done you are so awesome you worked out today I'm proud of you run to the you wanna try but you never we but all right so you want to get on the floor or doing some scissor kicks again this targets your lower abs gets some nice definition going there you can make this harder by putting your legs a bit lower than I am but you guys know I'm always struggling in all these workout videos so I have my legs kind of high but if you want to really challenge yourself put your legs closer to the ground and watch your abs engage keep that lower back on the floor keep going keep your mind in the game don't stop don't let that leg touch the floor I see you I see you next we're going to do some leg raises this is your last set of leg raises and this whole full body workout keep your lower back on the floor if you need some extra help with that do like me and put your hand underneath your butt but if you are so good at this and you don't need any assistance you can actually put your arms out wide as if you are in a crucifix the most important thing is to keep your abs engaged and have a slow controlled movement and keep all the tension in your core this is a great lower ab exercise finally we're doing some bicycles keep your lower abs your Laura keep your lower back on the floor touch your elbows to your knees and just keep telling yourself I'm good I'm good I'm good I'm great I did the whole workout today okay I'll stop singing I'm really sorry please subscribe to my youtube channel I don't know what you want let's have a bit of fun did I jump on my love if you feel I got doing and that you did it I'm so proud of you thank you for working out with me today leave a comment for the next video you want to see subscribe to my youtube channel check out my other videos and I'll see you in the next one you we


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