FULL BODY WORKOUT + Healthy Eats | Low Sugar Dessert!

it's cool hey guys where's the gym right now obviously we just got on the stair stepper for it warm up and we are going to get to work into the banana a lot of terms that have not feeling like I don't know I'm not calling to energize or good a banana really helps me especially consultant asking a minute so kind of small banana so we're going to warm up and then we're going to go we're going to lift some weights today and also like jumping around I feel like lifting true that we're going to do how about though okay guys we just finished up our training session at the gym as you saw it was good I feel like my standard form of doing stuff is to always start with legs because that's like your biggest muscle group so you're going to really warm up your whole body and then from there we end and finish with ABS because to me that's kind of like signifying the end of the workout and your abs should work them at the end you just feel tighter and toned and you walk out of the gym like yeah I just crushed it so yeah so if you're new and you wanted to tip so I suggest start with your legs you warm up in to your legs and then hit your back biceps shoulders whatever and then finish with ABS so keep swimming me so paparazzi please okay okay vegetable soup cranberry tuna my favorite seeing at Whole Foods and then a gigantic salad with tons of different things on it and then he got a huge salad too all the fiber you can rock próximas just like one drop yeah you'll never see me do this again never do it that's my girl right there no our kitchens a mess my hair is a mess everything's a mess we are making it's amazing delicious dessert tonight so what I did is I just fried up some plantains and I used some coconut oil a little bit of coconut sugar and some cinnamon and then I drizzled it actually with honey towards the end just just finish it off and fried them up in the coconut oil kept it on a pretty high heat turn them down to medium to let them fully cook through and now I'm going to be using this coconut milk punch mutant just a little bit of this and I've got head and actually drain out the coconut water this in there so we just want the coconut cream I'm just using a small container this is five point four six fluid ounces so I'm going to use the whole thing I'm going to be taking this wild French chocolate almond butter with crunchy almond pieces I'll try to link this down below because I get a lot of questions on where I guessing and al most of the time it's just from like a health food stores its local this is really good because it's chocolatey but it's just almond butter and it's really low in sugar so there's no sugar in the coconut cream there's hardly any sugar in this plantain just have a little bit of natural sugar and then we use coconut sugar which is just going to be a little bit more lower glycemic and just more natural this is actually really a pretty low sugar and super healthy dessert it's going to taste amazing so I'm going to go ahead and put in probably about two tablespoons of this and mix it in with the coconut milk okay so I'm going to be using these absolutely gluten free original craze so they're dairy free and soy free and these are really low sugar as well they only have three grams sensitive and sometimes they they are oh my gosh plantains and then a little bit of coconut sugar that's it I'm around smelly life it's pretty amazing the thing is that through my years of eating and having issues with eating and stuff like that it's like that being an eating disorder and having a really bad relationship with food I love to cook and I love to make stuff but when I do make things I really do enjoy making them healthy because they make me feel better and honestly they can honestly bake tastes better like they're not too sugary really get to taste the flavors when I say it's low sugar it's not because I'm like obsessive about that like I'll definitely like we just have like gluten-free cupcakes the other day and like if they had other sugar in them I don't care when it comes to like that kind of stuff like I don't want it rule me or like control me but I like to be aware that's the one thing in my food and in my I guess just living that I like to be aware of because sugar is in everything and especially if it's like artificially or like very processed sugar it's really not good I just like to be aware of like a lower sugar option because it's going to make you feel better it's not like your blood sugar is high and you know you so can enjoy a dessert I hope you guys enjoyed cooking with us and hanging out with us as those done with it sprayed some and eat mine now from equal Italy for me low vision well when I are doing face masks right now this is the best face mask ever because of the price and because of the in it this is the I'll link it down below it's amazing this is the health and beauty aspects secret Indian healing clay and basically it's just bentonite clay it comes as a powder so it's like a really fine powder so they see what you do with this is you you take the powder in this and you mix it with apple cider vinegar you just mix these two together equal parts so you can make a lot or I can just make a little and that's why it's so great because it lasts forever like you can keep this forever and then I'm just using a wooden spoon to apply it to my skin this is one of the most amazing and intense face masks because you can actually feel your face like pulsing like I know that sounds really weird so both never done this face mask before but he's going to do it tonight and it's going to be amazing well guys pretend that we're on a honeymoon and you're getting a facial yeah it so far it feels pretty good as your recliner yeah kind of cold and see this I do you couldn't I are Elsa this is radar right now it's so scary I'm so sorry do you have to say this is terrifying hey guys I just wanted to say thank you so much for watching this vlog I hope you guys enjoyed if you did don't forget to click thumbs up it just really helps a lot and it makes me so happy to see your thumbs up so yeah I hope you enjoyed and I will see you in the next vlog


  1. hi

  2. Love your videos, Cambria! I can’t wait for your next posts! ♥️

  3. Ha ha ha! Bo at the end! That was scary! I love Bentonite clay. I just love clay natural masks. ☺

  4. I was dying at the end with the face mask 😂

  5. How do you not sweat during your workouts?

  6. OMG! Handsome Bo turned to Shrek 😂 Love you both 😙 BTW Cambria, I watch your videos everyday and you became like my big sister. I am so happy that I found your channel cause I only have little brother 😊

  7. Loved that workout!! Thanks <3

  8. Love that face mask and works so great!

  9. Cambria, I honestly feel like you and I are so much alike! Wish I had a friend like you 🤗🤗

  10. How do you make the face mask come out with no clumps? Mine always clumps:(

  11. Okay, it looks so fun to have a gym partner and do coordinated workouts. I am such a weirdo, but goals? haha <3

  12. omg, I want to make that dessert!!

  13. can you type out the workouts in the comments please! love you!!!

  14. I see u sad

  15. What's the AGE difference between Bo and Cambria?

  16. Look up actor Jesse Williams from Grey's Anatomy, Season 6! He's Bo's twin!!!

  17. you are so inspiring and such a wonderful influence. Keep on keeping on and I can't wait to see what comes next for you!

  18. Cambria Joy you are the coolest sweetest thing I'm a Christian too and I love your videos even though I'm only 10 lol. One thing that I love about you the most is that you don't say any bad words and so all ages can watch you, hope you message me back but if not that's ok lov ur vids 🙂

  19. hahaha Bo looked funny hahahahaha

  20. I want to get my speed up for softball. Any tips? Ps I love you Cambria!❤️

  21. Cambria,

    As someone still going through a negative relationship with food and trying to come out of it, I really appreciate you talking about it. It's helpful every time you bring it up, because, as I'm sure you know, it doesn't just go away overnight. It's really a process and there are highs and lows.

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