Full Body Workout ♥ Quick Morning Wake Up Call

hey guys we're in beautiful Exuma Bahamas and I have an awesome morning full body workout for you today this class is a great workout on its own or it's even better as the first video in the set of 3 classes I've paired these classes together to target specific areas in your body that if done multiple times per week will provide your body with excellent results so if you're ready grab a water problem at the must do it alright I know we're going to begin at the very back of your mouth starting with your feet together just a quick little warm-up for the body inhale reach both arms up exhale lower big breath in good two more like that just gather all the air let it go one more so now inhale reaching your arms up hold your arms up exhale dive your body down walk the high plank holding your high plank draw your navel to your spine come back up reach the arms going to give me four relevé up two three four again inhale exhale done fly and take it back and for calf raises up reach and and hold walk back reach up to three this is a great strengthening exercise for your ankles one more and hold reach up four three two one awesome reach it up I feel you're gonna die walk the plank and I want you to hold this for 10 seconds shoulders right above your wrist drawing your navel right into your spine engaging your core warming up those abdominals four three two one walk back with the hand twenty calf raises reach those arms up you can interlace your fingers index fingers up reach ten two now 10th want a way to hold we're going to ten more this time I want you to barely touch the floor with those heels take it down and up two eight nine ten awesome reach it up lower down walk back to Klump awesome guys now from here you're going to step two times towards your chest with your feet so you're going to step step keep your knees low step up one two three four you keeping a straight back here three more awesome holding your plank position go ahead and slowly bring one knee to your chest at a time slow-motion mountain climbers two one eight nine last one you're going to pull that right knee to your chest and pulse to eight nine ten step back other side left knee and pulse eight nine ten step back great job guys we're going to start with just a quick little exercise for your booty so you're going to extend your left leg up first keep the hips square draw your navel to your spine lower just tap your toes and kick up as high as you can kick 9 hold it here keep that square of the hips left and right hit the line take a little circle out for 8 7 reversing this circle take it back hold it there breathe draw the navel to the spine take your right arm reach forward finding your balance and then adding a little pulse with arm and leg go to eight five four three two one lower the right hand giving me eight push-ups Oh your elbows are staying close to your body we're working the tricep area and not your pets so make sure the elbows point to the back of your mat take it forward and push up eight hold it there breathe lift that left leg take it down to your belly keep your left leg up and then reach your right arm forward and then you're going to join your left arm and then right leg pull lift even higher push push lower the arms lower the legs press your way up sit back into Child's Pose and come back up let's take it to the other side to finish it off extend your right leg keep the hips square starting with simply tapping your right toes hit from your right glute often hold in here square off those hips find your balance draw the navel to the spine Circle the leg out reverse the circle in great job hold it there now when you're ready take that left arm find your balance hold draw your navel to your spine and then add that pulse up releasing the left hand give me eight more push-ups elbows in let's go eight times slowly make your way down to your belly keep your right leg up release the left leg now take your left arm forward hold first and then you're going to join with your right arm left leg staying here point the palms of your hands down go ahead and give me twenty sealby tap your heels together one two three two one release the legs keep your body up lift your body even higher bend those elbows squeeze the shoulder blades together extend it out squeeze and again last two and lower down good job guys come up to your knees let's round the spine stretch out your back come up to your hands and knees tuck your toes up to your downward dog stretch the backs of your feet walk your feet your hands and slowly rounding up for count three two and one awesome awesome job guys thanks so much I'll see you soon Oh


  1. Thanks for all the feedback on this guys. So happy this class connects the way it does. Incredible!!
    This class is a shortened version of one of our classes which is a part of our 10 Day Program. If you like it, feel free to check out the full version and the entire program through our online store! http://www.bohobeautiful.life
    And don't forget to follow us on social media: http://www.facebook.com/bohobeautifullife & http://www.instagram.com/bohobeautifullife

    Love and Light
    … Juliana & Mark* ☮️❤️

  2. Love this quick but effective workouts! Also the calf and tricep exercise. Need more in those areas.

  3. Just having a rainbow randomly popping up in the clouds 🌈

  4. Best warm up! Thanks!

  5. That was amazing and effective workout😍😍😍 thank you!!!!

  6. This video is for people off their tits on speed

  7. Fantastic routine for an early morning wake up call! My only critic is a few extra seconds during transitions would have be nice but other than that I loved it!

  8. A little bit fast paced for me first thing in the morning but I am definitely awake!

  9. "You are halfway there!" Lol how u know me so well….

  10. Круто l cat

  11. If you do yoga workouts everyday, do they have to be different?

  12. Perfect warm-up before doing dance rehearsal. Thanks!

  13. Great quick workout👌

  14. Me. I’m the soulless one

  15. Хороша !!!!!!Хочу тебя !!!!!!😘😘😘😘😘

  16. i'm burning, wow … i love this dope girl <3

  17. V nice warm-up

  18. this is a green room right ? god is beautifull … anyway, i'm doin all those in comb with push-ups …. 3-5 sets a day (or more), mixing it with deep, slow squats on the balance-board inbetween, done …

  19. Love this work out, love the music and the energy you both bring to via your videos. You lift me up and inspire to move on.
    I wish one day I will meet you somewhere in a very beautiful place meditating on the beach 🏖

  20. I love these quick sessions! Perfect for when I'm at the gym after my workout to come and get my yoga/Pilates done asap

  21. Me encanta tus clases .,…no soy tan avanzada ,pero amo cada vez más besos del Uruguay 🇺🇾

  22. I love how she wrote Super Woman Pose instead odfSuper Man, it is most commonly known as that so I love the twist she did.

  23. I love the beach background. So relaxing during a tough short workout. I especially loved the rainbow at the beginning. Beautiful!

  24. Great thing to start the day 🙂

  25. Omg just what I needed. I've been sick for the past week. This was a great way to slowly start back up ❤️ amazing

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