Full Body Pump – Workout

hi guys I'm Christine with sweat flicks and today I'm gonna show you an awesome hip routine that will tone and strengthen your whole body so let's vest up let's get started we're gonna do the lunge and twist alternating legs keeping those knees great above those ankles let's aim for 25 reps do the last one with me 25 so next up we have the sandbag swing what's awesome about this move is that the sandbag works just like a kettlebell here we go hands in the middle bend those knees swing those hips forward are you feeling it I sure AM all right now we're going to do a little Russian twist and you're probably wondering what the heck is that well it looks like this grabbing your body rocks and bang you're gonna twist touching the ground come in to the other side you can start with your heels on the ground chest forward lift your feet for an extra challenge mm-hmm that's in the corner now isn't it okay now we're gonna do the squat thruster we're gonna explode up and then sink back down into the squat as one continuous movement and here we go this move is amazing for the butt and legs I hope you'll give these exercises a try if you have any questions pop them in the comments below and I'll talk to you soon guys we've got an amazing like a really special deal today if you buy our sandbag we will send you one of our weighted vests absolutely free and when you add the best and the sandbag together you can do hundreds of fat torching moves so head over and grab your sandbag with free vests now


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  3. awesome keep up the good job

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