hey what's up guys I'm Scott from muscular strain calm and welcome back to the live workout series today's workout is going to be a 15 minute full-body dumbbell workout we're gonna burn some serious calories today and we're gonna challenge your muscles as well you can still burn calories while also working on strengthening your muscles by adding weight to the equation that's exactly what we're doing today guys all right so all you need is a few pair of dumbbells I have a few different ways over here that I'm going to be using and then after that all you got to do is just keep up with me first things first let's start with some stretches everybody down and focus on opening up those hips as much as you can this is gonna be the only static stretch we're gonna do and even though it's static I'm still gonna move side to side like that and really try to open my hips up as I go side to side now guys if you don't have a bottle of water make sure you get it you're gonna have plenty of time to drink water we're doing 30 seconds of work followed by 30 seconds of rest I'll tell you what and that's 30 seconds of work on these exercises it's gonna be intense all right everybody up stretch it out now what we're going to do is hands to the sky reach down and touch your toes you're gonna hold that one two three back to the top go down one two three go to the top back down one two three one more reach to the top go back down one two three and let's finish it off with some shoulder slaps so the first exercise is gonna be a dumbbell Burpee so remember with this entire workout even though it's a dumbbell workout if at any point in time you get tired just toss the dumbbells to the side and do bodyweight just do as many reps as you can with the dumbbells push your limits and then if you have to toss them to awesome and then if you get some strength back and you want to regrab them then we grab them it's all about pushing your goals there's no rule that says you have to do the exact same weight on every rep all right guys remember that whoo all right here we go let's get started with the workout grab your dumbbells dumbbell burpees are up first three two one you still got three seconds I fooled you guys guys are ready to go words yeah and go so dumped out burpees guys make sure you jump back and make sure your chest touches the ground on the push-ups and make sure you jump at the top halfway there keep going guys nice steady pace and relax woo next exercise is gonna be a renegade row we're gonna do it in a plank position so more like an alternating plank position renegade row whoo I'm gonna use 20 pound dumbbells for these I was just using 10 to the burpees and you're gonna go like this and make sure when you're in plank position guys you're flexing and squeezing that core as hot as you can all right three two one go pull up just keep those glutes tight flex your core and pull the dumbbell right in towards your belly button okay ten seconds two one good now we're gonna do is gonna roll right over and when we do a dumbbell floor press so weights exercise you gotta work on your backs like this make sure you still retracting your shoulder blades just because you're on the floor doesn't mean you want to flat back trap your shoulder blades and pack your shoulders four three two one and go nice steady taste and we're not gonna bounce our arms off the floor okay if you're just gonna bounce like this you're not doing the work out correctly stay in control let your arms gently touch the floor and then go back up keep pushing three two one awesome grab water if you've got it next exercise then you get squat too overhead press I'm gonna pick my tens back up for this get those legs nice and warmed up stretch them if you have to do some butt kicks but once you guys going all the way to the ground on these okay the dumbbells should basically touch the ground three two one go all the way down shoulder press all the way down shoulder press boom just like this and the reason why I'm having you touch the ground instead of just keeping the dumbbells by your shoulders like this is because I want to get some more range of motion and I want you guys to move your arms a bit more yeah here we go whoo all right keep those dumbbells in your hand well actually no go a little heavier for the next one next exercise is going to be a low to high chop and we're gonna alternates side to side so hold the dumbbell like this okay set on the Left chop up back to the middle go to the other side and alternate back and forth two one go when you do these really try to flex to your core side to side guys flex record you do these yeah boom 30 seconds to rest back to the dumbbell Burpee now you grab them those that were a little too late the first time here's your chance to improve so boost that wave you got it 15 seconds it always mentally prepare myself for burpees I try to turn my brain off and just let my body move here we go here we go guys keep it movin 10 seconds – one whoo renegade row time grab waters you got it you guys doing great that burns just be satin I'm kicking right about now 13 seconds get into plank position keep those ABS as tight as you can three two one and pull remember pulling towards your belly button don't go like this pull towards your belly button guys we're working your back shoulders are gonna light up cores lighten up you're probably feeling it in your glutes I mean your quads as well I'm having to stay on your toes not yeah and relax next up is that floor press remember just because you're on the floor it doesn't mean your back stays flat let's breath and show the past those shoulder blades so you're in this position the entire time here we go yeah three two one and go all the way down all the way up here we go this feels good here we go push it guys nice steady pace don't bounce your arms off the ground this is one of those movements that feels light in the beginning I think it's real heavy towards the end come on relax alright squats overhead presses next and again we're not doing this to here we're going all the way down and then overhead press like that you know what I'm gonna boost the intensity on these I did 10 last time goes a little too easy I'm gonna go 20 stop oh we're gonna do it here we go to 1 all the way down go the press shoulder press yeah come on guys yeah oh yeah I figured I'm 20s on the first one this is much better yeah push come on 5 4 3 2 1 that feels good you guys are doing amazing I'm gonna boost up my dumbbell burpees to 215 for my last round cuz why not right here we go what it's about guys priests the weight decrease the weight as long as you're pushing your max that's all that matters three two one now you guys see how like I'm basically hitting a squat position on the bottom yeah it's so yeah I can actually swing do my core yeah relax all right last round this is your chance really empty your tank guys so you got extra the neck strategy in there you want to boost your weight like I am go grab it you got 15 seconds dumbbell burpees man here we go six seconds two one oh yeah come on guys push through don't stop come on guys keep going come on push keep going and chill renegade rows are next you know what I'm gonna boost the weight put my chest so go for 20 to 25 there we go six seconds guys get into position pull let's go for speed ABS fight come on good yeah halfway there come on so you guys might be wondering why I'm not sweating as crazy as I normally do I just got AC installed in here so it's been helping normally by this point I'd be drenched here we go go all the way down all the way up keep that core tight pack those shoulders yeah here we go nice steady pace really squeeze that chest at the clock ten seconds come on guys three two one yeah awesome job let's increase the weight on these as well so you keep the 25 or squat the overhead press I'm feeling a pretty nice upper body pump let's keep that pump going let's send all kinds of blood to the shoulders right now all the way down on those watts to one all the way down now yeah come on guys alright last exercise blow to hi guys low to high chop he did so great just work out proud of yourself now take a quick sip of water grab your dumbbell and let's get rid of the rough fourteen sizes so it takes guys you know how to be in the gym three hours every day I'd rather you guys if you're short on time you can't make it to the gym hit one of these side to side flex your abs as you chop come on yeah three two one that's it oh good right it's a nice pump for today's workout and remember guys if you want to continue and add a couple more rounds just reset the video go right back to the beginning and let's do three more rounds together you can make these workouts as intense as you want on the beat and I'll always be here to follow along with you hope you guys enjoy the video and as always more good stuff coming soon see you guys if you guys want more follow along workouts like this all you got to do is click the playlist link over here and if you really enjoy training with me let me know by commenting below and Sebastian that like button I'll see you next time


  1. Got some dumbbells laying around? Cool, let's workout!!
    ROUND 1
    (2:48)- Dumbbell Burpee
    (3:48) – Renegade Row – Plank
    (4:48) – Dumbbell Floor Press
    (5:48) – Squat-To-Overhead Press
    (6:48) – Low-To-High Chop

    ROUND 2
    (7:48)- Dumbbell Burpee
    (8:48) – Renegade Row – Plank
    (9:48) – Dumbbell Floor Press
    (10:48) – Squat-To-Overhead Press
    (11:48) – Low-To-High Chop

    ROUND 3
    (12:48)- Dumbbell Burpee
    (13:47) – Renegade Row – Plank
    (14:47) – Dumbbell Floor Press
    (15:47) – Squat-To-Overhead Press
    (16:47) – Low-To-High Chop

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  4. Nice workout but a few stretches is not that great before a circuit that uses weight and has high heart rate, a more dynamic warmup would be a lot more appropriate especially for people not used to training. Know the weights are not heavy but really needs a better warm up, more so with the weighted rotation.
    Love your vids but this needed saying, keep up good work.

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  8. Great workout, tips, and explanations! What's the max weight you'd recommend for renegade rows to keep core engaged without compromising form? Is it one of those where less is more? Thanks!


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    Was still feeling the burn from doing your core and arms workouts yesterday and adding this feels so good!!

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  26. Glad a channel like yours is around….. good shit….keep it up,bro!!!!!!!

  27. Hey Scott, what are your thoughts on the standing Overhead Tricep Cable Extension with the cable/pulley at the bottom versus the Power bomb?

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  32. Hey scott, i am about to be 16 years old. I am in above average shape. I have hit a plateu on my compound lifts (bench and deadlift). I am already on creatine, betator, fish oil, and a multivitamin. Ive been switching my workouts, but nothing has helped. What should i do to break the plateau?

  33. Just looked through all the comments and nobody asked about the other type of dumbbells… the type I own… (the ones where I change the plates/weights…) — impossible to do burpees with them… they aren't stable on the floor… any advice?

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