Full Arm Workout in 20 Minutes Using Dumbbells ONLY!

what's going on guys this is Vince with v shred comm and in today's video have a 20 minute arm workout for you and all you're going to need are dumbbells like I said today's video is going to be an arm workout it's gonna be great for anybody who's looking to add some size to their biceps and triceps because I'm gonna be showing you how to do them right but it's also gonna be perfect for anybody who is in a rush maybe you don't have all the time in the world for an hour-long workout well this is gonna be perfect because it's only gonna take about 15-20 minutes it's only gonna be two triple super sets which is gonna mean we're gonna be doing three exercises back to back to back with the rest in between those and four sets of each now I'm not gonna go set by set with this whole exercise but what I am gonna do is do one full set of both of the triple super sets and show you form make sure you're doing it right that way you can go off on your own and crush this workout it's gonna be perfect for anybody who is also traveling because hotel gyms usually only have dumbbells and maybe a treadmill so this will be great now before I get into it I will say if you're looking for more information than just a dumbbell workout to build muscle or if you're trying to lose weight I do have a free body type quiz that tells you exactly what type of diet is best for you and what type of training is best for you whether it's hit or steady-state or low intensity steady-state cardio or if it's carb cycling is best for you were flexible dieting and what macro percentages if you don't know that information you have to know it before you start to get in shape because that's gonna that's gonna lay the foundation for what you should be doing every single day with your diet and training so if you want to help if you want to help figuring that out hit the link right below this video take my free quiz and it's going to help you get 60 70 80 percent of the way there and show you what to do and then if you want to get a program at the end of it go for it if not take the free tips and run with it so that's all now I will say let's get into this workout so like I said to triple super sets here the first one is going to be three bicep exercises the second one's going to be three tricep exercises so it's going to be super quick and we are going to burn out our muscles with both of these triple super sets because we're gonna be doing back to back to back exercises so the first one is going to be hammer curls first so we're also going to be doing a drop set with these three exercises so we're gonna be starting with the heaviest weight in the first exercise dropping a little bit of weight for the second one and dropping a little bit more weight for the third one and we're going to be going hammer curls regular curls and then we're gonna be going incline bench regular curls it's gonna be great for that the outer head of the bicep and one of my favorite bicep exercises so let's get into it first one like I said is going to be hammer curls and we're starting with the heaviest first because like I said we're doing that drop set so we're gonna be going one and keeping that elbow in place the whole time not letting it drift way forward not letting it come way back you're keeping it right there tucked in to your side you're really focusing on squeezing it up to the top dropping all the way back down but not resting at the bottom like that you're keeping tension on the muscle and going throughout every single rep in a nice controlled manner one smooth rep going right back into the next one as soon as you're down once you get ten you're gonna drop this weight pick up the lighter set of dumbbells that's already ready for you and you're gonna go ten of the regular dumbbell curls so you're starting with a neutral grip at the bottom and then as you curl up you're going to supinate your wrist which means you're going to turn your palms facing you and back down curl up facing you back down so you're gonna do this for 10 reps squeezing all the way up controlling it on the way down once you get 10 reps of that drop this weight you're gonna step over to the incline bench or just something where you're going to be leaning back the whole emphasis here is to have your elbow back behind your body that's what's going to help you allow or help to allow you to hit your the outer head the long head of your bicep and from here you're going to supinate your wrists again and you're going to curl this weight up just like so control it on the way down curl it up again and you're going to do this for ten reps right here so this is going to be the lightest exercise but it's also going to be heaviest her hardest I should say because this is a difficult exercise and you're doing it third so you're gonna go ten of these not letting your elbow flow too far forward controlling it on the way down getting right into the next rep once you get ten of those you're then going to rest for a minute and a half so 90 seconds then you're going to repeat that triple superset three more times so four sets of this with a minute and a half rest in between and that's going to be it for biceps just from showing you those three exercises just now and doing a couple reps of each of them right I'm already feeling it in my biceps so I know it's going to be toasting your biceps after you do four sets of that and then we're gonna get into triceps so let's do it alright so moving on the triceps now I just have a flat bench and we're gonna be doing the same concept here so three exercises perform back to back to back and we're gonna be going down and wait so we have a heavier set of dumbbells that's going to be used for skull crushers and we have a lighter set of just well just one dumbbell that we're gonna be using for cross body tricep extensions and then we're gonna be doing a dip burnout I'm going to show you how to do all three right now ten reps of each let's go so first step give me the skull Crusher's so dumbbell skull Crusher's I actually made a video about this and two other exercises that you should not do with dumbbells I'll put the card right over there but today we're doing dumbbell only and there is a way to do this with dumbbells to make it really efficient so one of the things that's bad about doing school crushers with dumbbells is that right here at the top of the exercise you are resting your triceps so we're not going to come up to here and rest our tricep we are going to start right there that's going to be the starting position because right now my tricep has tension on it so right here we're gonna be starting then we're gonna drop this weight down just to 90 degree angle or just past 90 degree angle with our elbow then squeezing this weight up and start and ending right there so we're not bringing it over here again stopping there that's the starting position and then go in and you're gonna go ten reps here all the way down squeezing it up all the way down not resting at the bottom either you're not touching this to anything you are just purely stopping it with your tricep and then squeezing it up you're going 10 reps once you get 10 clean controlled reps you're going to drop this weight pick up the one lighter dumbbell that you're gonna have ready ahead of time and you're going to do the same thing here so this could be your starting position but right here I'm resting my arm because it's just completely perpendicular to the ground so instead I'm going to bring this slightly across my body and this is going to be my starting position I'm gonna drop this down just above my shoulder get a nice just past 90 degree angle with my elbow squeeze it up do the same thing all the way down squeeze it up keeping that elbow in that same spot once you get 10 with your right arm you're gonna do the same thing with the other bring it slightly across your body then bring this just above your shoulder so that you can get that full bend in your elbow and squeeze it up just like that so you're gonna go ten each side controlled reps really focus on squeezing that tricep muscle once you get ten there you're then gonna put this weight down grab one of the heavier dumbbells that like I said you have a head ready ahead of time then you're gonna have you can either go no bench ahead of you and just put your feet on the ground here or you can have a bench ahead of you and then you're going to do dip burnouts so here you're gonna go as many dips as you can really focusing on keeping your elbows squeeze or pressed in as much as possible so that you're working your triceps more than your chest and then you're just going to burn out just like so so you're going as many as you can here if that's ten that's ten if it's five it's five if it's if it's thirty it's thirty but basically you're going to you can't go any more once you can't go any more drop that way unless you're at Planet Fitness and then don't drop the weight the lonk alarm will go off but that's going to be the end of the triple super-sis so same thing here we're going to be going four sets of this triple superset so you'll rest for a minute and a half 90 seconds then you'll repeat this three more times and that's going to be the entire arm workout so great for anybody who's short on time great for anybody who's just maybe not short on time but just doesn't feel like being at the gym for an hour because I've been there this is a great way to get a nice pump we'll get some tension on your biceps and your triceps and I guarantee if you do it right you will be sore tomorrow and even more sore in two days so try this out let me know how you like it click the thumbs up button below if you do like it also make sure you're subscribing to the channel and checking out any of my arm videos I got a whole arm playlist with bicep and tricep workouts and bicep and tricep tips and forearms and everything under the Sun up there check it out make sure you're subscribing thank you for watching I'll see you in the next one


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