Full 15 Minute Morning Rebounding Workout with Fayth Caruso

good morning everyone I'm faith we're doing a little good morning workout together 15 minutes in the beautiful downtown park in Chicago if you get a chance to bounce in the Sun I highly recommend pulling your bellick on outside so you can get a little vitamin D especially first thing in the morning let's go ahead and start rolling so since it's the morning probably all you're doing this workout there was whatever bounce feels good on your body so for me that's Oh weeds a little wake shift side to side if it's something else for you just go ahead and take that so whatever feels good right now that you need first thing in the morning and go ahead and take a moment for yourself to find that while you're taking your bounces choice begin to think about rest taking oxygen in and exhaling out begin to think about your four and then we'll make our way through our B 360 good morning found begin to relax your arm heavy your shoulders lift your gaze just a little higher and open your eyes a little wider so start with some jumping jacks first thing in the morning we'll bring our legs in align everything here we go I'm going a little bit under tempo here and I would love it needed this name to do a tempo that feels good to you my palms are open you don't have to bounce exactly like I am bouncing this morning so if you're not doing the move at the same time I am worried not this is your time ooh as long as you're doing a jumping jack or something like it I'm happy I'm also extra happy if you're breathing and if you're thinking of your core pulling in towards your to spine try to remember that as you go along especially first thing in the morning take it back to our ship jumping jacks round two here we go open closed if you're starting to wake up a little bit you can take them a little bit bigger a little wider with the arms a little wider with the legs and again since it's still morning you're waking up might be your first movement of the day it's okay if you're not on my tempo do what feels best for your body drop those arms come back to our shift one last time okay one of my favorite things to do in the morning is warm up my core so we're gonna take it down a notch and do that next there are two ways you can make your way to see it sitting through the shun your Bela Khan you can step off or you can also bend your knees and make your way down they're gonna come to the very front edge of your belikov and you can take your toes to the floor for just a moment my bottom is almost on my bungees but not quite then from there you're gonna take the framework and you're gonna just hold on and then you're gonna use it to help you sit as tall as you possibly can so you find a nice long spine once you're there take a big breath in and you're gonna just round your spine stretching out my low back and I'm giving the frame a little tug for some extra stability and it did fall again like that big exhale now I know you have to look at me to follow but it's not the best way for your neck to work to try to trust yourself listen to my voice and look forward so that you can keep your neck and a good alignment so I'm just continuing this motion a little roll back into that c-curve and a little lift up your arms are there to help you but try to imagine your belly in pulling in your spine to start the movement I have my legs closed nice and tight as well nice way to get the pelvic floor engaged to squeeze the inner thighs think you can find that just two more with a low back warmup next one we're gonna stay back after to hold that FINA peek over at me for just a moment see if you can really pull your belly in towards your spine so I'm rounding the low back and then see if you can lift your chest it's a really hard to design if you can find it once you're there get a good grip on your framework you're gonna take one leg off the ground the other leg close your inner thighs as well and then if you can find a forward gaze relax your shoulders if you're feeling very strong very slowly one hand and reach it both are planning a little balance then gently find your frameworks again take a big inhale and exhale see if you can keep the up in arm off might find that one side is actually more challenging to balance on we're going to keep alternating and lower one step down one more time place it down for a moment rest of toes and in your pants a nice call give yourself a break we're going to go right into our second round of sport here dig into that look tall again I'm holding on to my frame and some booty the Bela Khan is really get a nice and we roll back and you're gonna find your fingertips you're gonna slide off I feel a lot of low abdominal work here my love obliques working one more time very nice takes hands over your toe give yourself a break sit nice and tall all right I'm gonna shimmy my way right to my bottom and I'm going to keep my legs forward now there's two ways you can rest your heels in between the bungees with a life ended my knees or your knees which feels really good or if you have the flexibility you can stretch your hamstrings it's up to you I like to keep a little bit of a bet then I'm gonna grab on to my framework again give it a hug and sit as tall as possible once I'm there I'm going to be big breath in and I'm gonna reach all the way to one side stretch a little bit farther and then come back other side big stretch and reach it over take a breath in and bring it back now from here we're gonna use our bellick on to the advantage you're gonna take one arm cross it opposite knee and you're gonna rotate towards that side beautiful morning twist lift as tall as you possibly can drop those shoulders take a big breath in and rotate a little farther I should also mention I'm on our largest sized peloton so if you're on a smaller one it's okay you can still do this move but you might want to put your feet on the floor come back to Center try the other side now arm goes up crisscross it over take your twists a nice good morning inhale on your exhale twist a little bit deeper again big inhale exhale twist a little deeper and then come back to shake it out a little bit there's two ways you can come standing you can step off the peloton or if you're creative you can just go ahead and bend your knees carefully grab the framework and you can stand up like I just did all right now that your spine feels a little more open let's go back to our bounce take whatever shipped he did earlier so we just said that low for work it's a great thing to do first thing in the morning so I adhere to the bounce belied is fine easy shoulders nice open hips full stretcher hooks out as well this is whatever balance feels good for you at this moment so it might be a shift it might be a jumping jack and just waking up getting back into the groove all right let's wake up even farther we're gonna move right into our next song I'm changing my legs to this little shift forward and back almost like I'm walking one-legged over the other routes coming back nice and light if you're doing this try to keep both of your hips steady don't let them rotate thanks 1/5 start to settle this little scissor shift out all right we have a nice good morning large bow now that you're starting to wake up we're gonna try to get our bounce a little bit higher now remember the higher that you bounce the more stability and control that it requires so I don't want you to worry about going my height I want you to really bounce your own kite your own level challenge yourself a little bit take a little bigger bounce there isn't beat here that you can find and if you're not my body size you're not on the same bail economy you might have trouble finding my exec team so I want you to work with your own piece all right we're gonna take a little circle direction ready goodbye feedback together how did you do first time around the world the world of develop on connect to your core drop your shoulders try the reverse direction you might be surprised it might be easier or a little more challenging take focus first it's in your eyes the direction you want to go and then try it little circle a little tour of your Bela Khan right one more time this time let's take our hands to our hips do we remember to keep our core pulled in right where your fingertips are draw that core up and in take a big breath in we pick a direction go for your circle how did you come back to me lift a little taller let's try one more time the river direction doesn't have to be as big as I'm going or even as fast for your own tempo beautiful open your legs a bit wider and settle your bounds but do it at your own pace so take your time slowing down it's not so good for your body to slow down right away so I'm still shifting a little bit letting my nervous system calm down good in order to center yourself for your day let's take a little bit of balance work you're gonna pick a leg and take one foot right in the center make sure you're not rolling in or out on your ankles so toes are pointing forward and then we're gonna take the hands to the hips to begin and you're gonna see if you can take one toe and just barely touch it onto your belikov if you feel good lift up a little taller and then take your arms to the side if they're too far behind you it will be more challenging so a little bit in front your peripheral vision and then see if you can take that foot off and just hold find that nice strong balance gaze tall getting ready for your day place it back down calmly and then begin to change sides other foot set it up right in the center behind your core hands to the hips first come just to the toes and you know it might take time to work up to the full balance so baby steps work at your own pace and then when you're ready float your arms off and then you can try the pull and it actually helps a lot to just stink taller so to just think as tall as I can possibly lift my spine and then gently place it down really nice come back to your Big Bounce whatever that was for you will reconnect with our beat glue the arms to your side this time nice high lifted cheekbones light good morning smile see if you can touch your legs and close them making it a little more challenge take a big lift of your shoulders hold it there four three two one and then drop them again take a big lift of your shoulders hold it there for three two one and drop them one more time big lift of your shoulders hold it there three two one drop them remember take your time coming out of our beat slowly come down start to slow your vibrations just a little bit just taking a light shift not even really bouncing I'm just walking my feet see if you can find a nice long spine and then challenge yourself to keep that long spine throughout the day really great everyone next time if you didn't try it try this workout outside with or without me it would be awesome time thank you for joining me for your B 360 workout have a good one


  1. She says in the video she’s on their largest size bellicon. 7:57

  2. What size is this rebounder?

  3. I really appreciate this workout!! Great little pick me up…thanks for getting me moving! 🙂

  4. Fabulous workout, thanks so much Fayth. Hard to find with music I like.
    Really appreciate the effort to put this out for those that don’t have rebounding classes available to us and the location is so beautiful. Cheers from Sharon in Perth Western Australia

  5. What size is your bellicon,please? It looks pretty nice size🤔

  6. Omg! I want that trampoline….😱

  7. Thank you! It’s amazing how energizing the bellicon is. I bounced instead of more ☕️ and felt great. Also, when it got cold my lymph node got swollen. Bouncing diminished it back to normal size! Amazing. More videos please!

  8. Beautiful outdoor scenery! Great little wake up workout!

  9. Yeah! I love fresh, new workouts for the bellicon. I LOVE my mini tramp, thanks for the workout. I'd would love to see workouts posted more often 😉

  10. Like a short mid-day break! Loved this and love my Bellicon🌟 What a gorgeous garden you get to bounce in🙌🏼🌿🐸

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