From Fearful to Physical Fitness Fan

the metabolic fitness program combines exercise nutrition stress management and strategies for behavior change in the supportive group atmosphere I have a bad knee years and years ago I ripped ligaments from my knee and I have a staple in my knee and I was very worried about the exercise portion they have a wonderful machine in there called a new step which I had never seen before and it was almost like a miracle because it didn't hurt my knee and I could stay on that easily for 30 minutes or more right from the get-go I have never given myself enough encouragement to do this kind of stuff never thought I could do it and I found out if I try it and I keep at it Vineet gets better and I can do those things so it's more of an internal thing that was the best thing I found out about this is I can do these things and I never thought I could I have made a number of of nice friends in here you see the same people all most of the time and you get to know them that's that's part of what I like about this it's it's also got a social side to it you don't go into a gym where you're just sitting there running and all by yourself you get to know the people that you see over and over and over again and I've made some nice friendships

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