From Bodybuilding To Ironman Training


  1. Dunno how to ask politely but do you do steroids? I feel like all body builders these days do steroids and I can’t tell anymore. Either way you’re an awesome dude and you’ve inspired me to be better and work harder.

  2. For me it's not so much pulling the tire off, or replacing the tube but the task of putting the tire back on…you seem to have zero issues with that portion of flat tire repair. How did you learn it so quickly?

    For sure! Not from Texas but 90 degrees and blue skies? Can't be beat!

  3. Get some gator skin tires just for training,it will add a little weight for resistance ,and no more flats😎🤙dope right?

  4. Best content on YT by far. Errrr brother

  5. Hey rookie…put a fucking Kevlar tube liner in. Duh. I can't wait to see you TRY to swim; that's gotta be a hoot. I guess you didn't get the memo: Mass doesn't do shit for tri's. Except move product and views. In the real world= 0.

  6. Keep at it Nick!

  7. I hope Texas can survive the exodus of middle class people leaving California and incredibly still voting for the same party that turned California into the mess they fled from. I cannot fathom why people would leave a bad place, move into a new place that isn't bad and then make sure to turn it into the same thing that caused them to leave. "We didn't have the right 'type' in place so we'll keep trying until we get utopia or a pile of ashes."

  8. oh youre in roundrock too😄

  9. What's the difference between bent over rows and penlay rows

  10. 11:17 strong greens mentioned…11:23 I paused to buy them lol. Only to find there is a new flavor since I last had this product!

  11. nothing to it but to do it! that speech at the end really hit home nick. appreciate you man. 🖖🏼

  12. Nick you got the mental fortitude and your Ironman training will get you to the Ironman finish line. I remember in my 3rd Ironman I got really bad blisters on both feet at mile 13 on the run. Both feet were bleeding pretty bad. That's when the mental toughness kicks in and I was able to finish the race. Put the training in and you will achieve Ironman status. Have to warn you after you do one you will want to keep doing them.😁

  13. You shuikd do crossfit

  14. Hey nick do you think you could do another full day of eating? And dive into a little more into nutrition specifically on the iron man prep.

  15. Subscribed as soon as you mentioned whisky.

  16. Dude, I saw your collab with Taren. If you are thinking about Florida, do it. I'm doing it too, and I'm vlogging my year too..

  17. Glad you're figuring out all of this cycling stuff. Looking forward to following your Ironman training journey. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help on the triathlon front. There's lot's of little tricks to figure out that'll help you swim, bike and run a little faster. 👍

  18. I think the audio is off in the video

  19. I recently did a half ironman and went through some of the same issues you're experiencing. Hoping to complete a full ironman within the next 18 months. Still training on the road and in the weight room. Thanks for posting. This is a great follow!

  20. get on strava to track your ironman progression/folks can follow you there

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