Friends Try Khloé Kardashian’s Diet For A Week

– Just been a lot of peeing. – I got home and I just explode. Fountains at Bellagio. ♪ Pishaw pishaw pah pah bah ♪ (electronic music) – Hi, I’m Maya. – Hi, I’m Selorm. – And we’re friends here at BuzzFeed, and today we’re trying
the Khloe Kardashian diet. – [Maya] Khloe was thickums
just like me in the beginning, and now she looks thickums
also, but healthier. Everything is just like. I’m an emotional eater. If I can change that by
introducing a new habit, I would feel better. – I don’t like cooking
because it takes at a time, and I also don’t like
the things that I cook. I really hope that this
makes me a little bit more willing to try my own home cooked meal. – If metabolism is a function of heat, if calories that you heat energy units, then the question is, how
many calories do I need to eat a day? – [Philip] Khloe Kardashian’s diet includes seven meals a day. – Oh! – Compliance is critical. Working with Khloe is like amazing because she is warrior-esque. Khloe was totally open to the
coaching of eating her food. It takes a big leap of faith. For breakfast she has
a shake made of protein powder, almond butter,
and a fruit of her choice. – That doesn’t sound good for breakfast. It’s a liquid. – [Philip] Her second
meal is a piece of fruit. – Khloe, that’s not a meal. – [Philip] For lunch, four
ounces of chicken breast with veggies or a salad that’s high in irons, such as spinach. Her fourth meal is a cup
of celery or tomatoes, and 12 almonds. – 12 almonds? – [Philip] Her fifth
meal is more vegetables, but this time with one egg. Her dinner, fatty fish like
salmon, as well as eight ounces of veggies or salad. And then after dinner, she can
have one more piece of fruit. – She’s allowed to have one more– – Wow! – Piece of fruit before dinner. – Where does the cake come in? – [Philip] Is allowed
to have one cheat meal. – Oh! – We go ball out for the cheat meal! – And then making sure
you hydrate correctly. Not sparkling, not bubbly, not flavored. Just plain ass water. In the beginning, it’s a
complete pain in the ass. – You pee a lot, but
like, you get flushed out, and your skin is like, wah. – [Philip] There’s the
recommendation to stay away from dairy, soy, juice, dried fruits, bread– – Hold up, I can’t eat bread? Just give me a moment. – It’s like metabolic heroin. You just don’t do it. – I kinda like this because
you are eating really small portions throughout the day,
but you’re eating a lot. I guess you don’t feel that
hungry, and you’re still being nourished. Okay, I see you, Khloe. – We’re eating rabbit food. – But– ♪ We’re gonna do it and
it’s gonna be great ♪ ♪ We’re gonna have a lot of
fun not eating soy and bread ♪ So today I planned out everything. I planned out my outfit. I had water sitting next to my bed. I had whey powder and
almond butter ready to be mixed up at work. I did not come to play today. I woke up that morning and I’m like, “I’m a boss ass (beep),
I’m drinking breakfast “while I work.” Like, I felt amazing. – So I made chicken avocado
brown rice spinach bowl. I used lemon and a little bit
of olive oil as the dressing, which normally I love me some blue cheese, but it wasn’t on the
Khloe Kardashian diet, so gotta do it this way. – I’m supposed to have eight
ounces of vegetables tonight, so I’m just squeezing them in
so I can get more vegetables ’cause I’m so hungry right now. Also make some cod fish. I can’t completely say
I’m excited to eat this. No one said I couldn’t season
it, and it tastes like (beep) so I’m gonna season the
(beep) out of this fish. – Spinach is my best friend right now. Hopefully all this
healthy eating and fruits will get rid of this pimple. Does Khloe Kardashian have pimples? I don’t think so. – I think it was nice that
Maya was doing it with me because there were moments
during lunch where I was like, “What are you eating today? “There are no options for us.” What did you eat for lunch? – [Maya] Just a little bit
of chicken, vegetables. – See, at least you can eat the chicken. – There’s tofu. – But we can’t eat soy. I was able to get beans and some lettuce. – I just got rice and chicken. – [Selorm] It just felt
great having another person supporting you and also going through what you’re going through. Maya. – [Selorm] What are you doing? (laughs) What is that, Maya? I’m out here eating fish
food, and you’re having that? – But listen, I did good. I made my smoothie, I had
my fruits, I had my salad. It’s a lot of preparation, and– – [Selorm] It is. – And no payoff. – True. I don’t know how to eat dry salad. That’s something that I’m not used to. – No, you can put a little
bit of olive oil and lemon. – Oh! So I’m a little mad at myself. I was walking towards my
friend’s desk and I noticed he had some M&M’s and
instinctually I grabbed them and put them in my mouth. I just eat whatever I want because I can. – There’s M&M’s on the
table, I’ll eat them because they’re there. There it goes again. I’m sorry. I ate like some little unhealthy things. I did feel bad automatically. It’s weird your body is so used
to eating this good (bleep) and then when you put other
things in, it’s like, no. – [Maya] We did have
fun making the smoothie. I don’t know if it was good or not. It had a lot of protein powder in it. It just tasted like full
on chocolate sludge. – Yeah.
– Salud. There’s so many different things going on in my mouth right now. – I like it. – I’m into it. – We freakin’ did it. – Mm! What is this life? I’m literally allowed to have 12 almonds. That’s all that I can eat. – I’m eating my fruit for the day. Before it was an inconvenience
switching out fruit for chips or cookies, like
I would do every single day around three o’clock at work, and now it’s just kind
of like common sense. I’m starting to notice I feel better. I feel so dumb because
it’s always been there, but sometimes we get lost
in, like, unhealthy habits. This week with Khloe’s diet
has really just opened up my eyes to smaller changes. Just with switching out a fruit for chips. Who was I before? I don’t know. – [Salorm] Cheat day’s coming up. I’m already thinking about it. – I’m definitely craving cake like so bad, but I’ve been working out more– – [Salorm] Ummm. – I’ve been doing so good with this diet. I do not want to spoil it. I don’t know. – I think we can cheat, but I don’t think we need to go crazy. I’m have a date with the pizza. He’s gonna take me out and we’re gonna be beautiful together. Peace. So we’re on our way to
our cheat day place, and Maya’s tying my shoelace. – Got you. – [Salorm] Like a true friend. – That was like dome shaped. You touched it and you went, “Ooh.” And it was squishy. Oh, it was so good! Yes, yes, yes. – [Salorm] Maya and I had
eaten so much of the bread and the salad, that by the
time we got to the B dish, we’re full after one slice. – I don’t even want cake anymore. I wanted to throw up because
we had been clean eating for this entire week, and
then to just ruin it and eat massive amount of cheese
and salt and bread. I felt out of breath. That’s one thing that I had noticed. I didn’t get out of breath
this week because I wasn’t eating these fatty foods. – Well, we’re going back
to the diet tomorrow. – I feel like I need to, like, work out. Hardcore, though. – Oh. – I already, like, walked
up two large hills and then ran this last one, which
is something I would never, ever do. (exhales) I feel good. I feel more inclined and
excited to work out, and to feel I’m getting stronger physically. I know that sounds weird,
but I feel like I’m getting stronger mentally as well. Even though I have cheated
on my diet already, so I’m probably gonna work extra hard. Okay, bye. Well, the week is over,
and thank you, Jesus. The difficult part of
this entire thing was not eating the food, it was
breaking the habits that I have been doing for years
that have been unhealthy. – I never have that kind
of thought in my head like, “Oh, maybe I should eat this
because it’s better for me. “Not just eat this because I want it.” I really had to hold myself
back a lot and just kind of be like, “No Salorm, you
can’t do that all the time! “You can’t eat chocolate for breakfast.” – I was creating things that would make me feel better. Once that kind of clicked
in my head, I was like, “It’s game on, let’s go.” One great thing that I did
not tell you that I will reveal now is that I
have lost three pounds. – Look at you! – It wasn’t easy. I did cheat. It’s an ongoing process. – Be healthy. – Do the thing and do it well. – Eat your vegetables, kids. – Broccoli does not come in– – Bags. – I thought broccoli came
in, like, individual little trees, but comes all in one. I did not know that. That was an experience. (electronic music)


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