French health care: Best in the world?


  1. No Australian healthcare is.
    Lolllll πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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  3. But is the healthcare actually quality?

  4. In the US, people go bankrupt because of an illness.

  5. What about Spain? We have a higher life expectancy

  6. Useful information…..In India health care system is very bad because doctors look at patients as a money making machine and poor people lose all their wealth if they have any severe illness…..

  7. How long can last a system based on deficit ?

  8. This comment section is filled with self hating Americans who don’t appreciate the fact that is the number 1 nation in terms of innovation and drugs!

  9. This comment section is filled with self hating Americans who don’t appreciate the fact that is the number 1 nation in terms of innovation and drugs!

  10. Absolutely the best! Had my own experience gave birth in France & U.K.!

  11. Cost of care is important, but pales into comparison of quality of care. Another important factor is, are new medical innovations, medications, advancements, etc. rising from France's system? If the health care is only dependent of the innovations of others, it's not universally stable. Unfortunately this video doesn't cover this information, and definitely worth mentioning. Another point, if the system is generating debt, it clearly still needs improvement. It may be fine now, but eventually the bill comes!

  12. They are quoting from information from 2000?

  13. Would be interesting to compare the U.S. healthcare bureaucracy with the French healthcare bureaucracy. That may be why the U.S. healthcare spending is at 17 percent.

  14. The people speaking English on this show have very interesting accents…

  15. so Flo, what high school you go to?

  16. French go ahead of NHS health care system which is sick now

  17. The problem is doctors in the united states pay ALOT of money to even be doctors. medical school is expensive so doctors have to make hundreds of thousands a year to pay it off.

  18. Best for migrants not for natives a true scam of the country

  19. Awfully civilised.

  20. This is the French of RT.

  21. Year 2000???

  22. But we have the worst psychiatry in the world haha.

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  24. And French people always complaining….

  25. Even if these countries spent 50% more than they do they would still spend a hell of a lot less than they do in the US.

  26. Best wishes for France and the French.

  27. I am so embarrassed with our health care it makes me sick. USA Health care should not be a for profit business. m

  28. My neighbour – a woman in her eighties has to spend 150 Euros a month for her health insurance. So it's not a cheap or free system – is France 24 a state broadcaster?

  29. Capitalism want to break this system, because he don't win a cent on health in France, like in education.

  30. When it comes to health care France takes THE CROWN . USA can take notes from France when it comes to that.

  31. *MACARON is the most suitable name for French president…

  32. in fact "le trou de la secu" is the no payement of the participation by enterprise… sorry for my poor language

  33. Well thats it , I am done with this USA nonsense

  34. Is that normal? A private room? At least in the United States, a private room is normal. You have to pay, but it's expected.

  35. The fact many European countries force pharma companies to sell drugs at a fixed priced (price fixing) It creates a larger bill for Americans.

  36. 85% of French have private, supplemental insurance? The U.S. has by far the most regulated, subsidized, licensed, mandated system in the world. That is why the underlying costs are so much higher.

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