Freeelee & Durianrider binging on fructose again + health tips in the description text.

so on the way to get some Mowgli's there was a Mowgli tree that was rooting for about two weeks so he regarded there once a week once twice at Lake Marion clean the tray off you can say freely chooses a good hiding skier out of saddle when your little hill keeps the bike momentum going always use the gear as well in and out of the saddle sit back in the settle over the top easy good arrow position in the downhill that blood different too much let me go mold we treat three goes down there go that that's what we're talking about it's fruit natural for humans eye which what shows oh yeah that's amazing mmm yummy yummy yummy tasty morsel literally 100 more bees a day putting more than that probably 18 about $150 at least of all breeze on this tree here incredible and it's still more to go so they might come back later on that well he's these ones digest that was one killer kill them all rephrase friend he's gone back two seconds I had $150 you you were eating 120 bucks okay yeah here's a in Australia right now Moby's about 895 for a little Punnett okay thanks Vlad fruit juice that's what we're looking at who likes to smell a blood who likes to smell the fruit think about it [Applause]


  1. osta boxeissa! buy by the box 😀 thats what i do 😛

  2. Nope, they're riding on the correct side – the same side as cars.

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  4. Best outro to any vegan video, hands down.

  5. NJ here, down to binging on bayberries with the robins. Not quite as fruity, but good vitamin C and they grown on everyone's sidewalks.

  6. Just wanted to say that you encouraged me to set my self a challenge to eat only fruits for a month. Only thing where I make a exception is when I have a hard drill in the woods. Winter in lapland is quite brutal and I can't think I will survive with only bananas in there cause I would have to carry like 150 bananas with me (30 bananas X 5 days) with me. Thanks 🙂

  7. U Guys r awesome

  8. MORE. VIDS WITH FREELEEEEE but yeah omg those used to grow saps and heaps in my back yard as a kid, we used to think they wern't edible, wow all that fruit wasted

  9. Binge is one of the few words in the English language that keeps the "e" when you add "ing."

  10. Sooner watch this than a huge tapir scchhhhlooooong!!!!!!

  11. I did. very interesting stuff about doping…forking usless about nutrition though!! 😉

  12. Yes, please more vids with you AND freelea! She seems to take the edge off of you a little bit. A lot more pleasant to watch. Besides that, she's bloody hot!

  13. you crazy ass vegans are riding on the wrong side of the road!

  14. She's hot!

  15. Thumbs up for the last drive by shot – love those

  16. i want to try mulberries so badly! some day!

  17. Sorry I meant $1.99 for 3 pounds.

  18. I love mulberries.

  19. I just got a shitload of Organic Bananas for $1.99 a pound! Hell yah!

  20. Choppy, you have to go a bit longer…your body will bloat up at first on fruit because your body is starting to adjust to the extra fluid in your body and the lack of salt. It's kind of holding back waiting for its salt fix. If you keep feeding that bloat in the 1st two weeks the dam will bust and you'll be losing water faster than you can get it into you. That bloated feeling is not you feeling sick but your body flushing out all the shit in your flesh and not knowing exactly what to do with.

  21. The last time I tried mulberries off the tree, I remember not liking them at all. Really bland; real sweet, but no fruity flavor at all. Maybe it was just a bad variety or something, I'll have to try them again.

  22. Thanks Harley, this is what I want to see!

  23. I picked mulberries this morning, too. But it was a bush and I only got about 15. Still yummy and a blessing.

  24. Yay for free fruit!! love you guys:)

  25. you two are gorgeous!

  26. love you

  27. More Freelee!!!

  28. First view AND comment 😀 yesss. and fruit rule, here in Sweden I'm bathing in apples

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