Freedom Minute | FDA's War on Vaping

the fda has declared war on vaping the Food and Drug Administration recently interpreted their regulatory authority to include vaping and smoke free products so on august eighth these products will magically be declared tobacco products this is strange considering they contain no actual tobacco some simply contain nicotine synthesized from tobacco FDA bureaucrats are demanding the overwhelming majority of smoke-free and vaping products already on the market go through an expensive and burdensome application process to stay on the market with approval entirely up to dictates of FDA it's basically prohibition through regulatory Fiat this is a huge threat to the many small businesses and entrepreneurs out there innovating and providing a safer alternative to smoking in fact great britain's national public health agency recently released findings at smokeless products like this bathing pen are up to ninety five percent safer than burning tobacco in the bizarre world of america's regulatory bureaucracy that's a problem it doesn't have to be this way the bipartisan Cole Bishop amendment has been introduced in Congress which would grandfather and all current vaping products what an excellent opportunity for Congress to both save small businesses and rein in and overreaching FDA

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  1. vaping is drug addiction , easier for kids to get hooked on , more concentrated nicotine .

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