hi I'm Brent Stafford and this is red watch my regulator watch comm here in San Diego for a special episode with congressman Duncan Hunter how you doing doing doing fantastic welcome to San Diego thank you very much thank you very much it the weather kind of reminds me of Canada that's sad that really upsets me it's the meanest thing you've said so far now well we've said much so we're okay we've got more we've got more to do tell us about the bill the vaping bill that you introduced to Congress why Medill because vaping is going to be illegal if current regulation stands vaping is going to be illegal there's another amendment another legislative try called cold bishop it's an amendment that says all the products up to a certain date will be a-okay but then after that there there was no stability for the market and retailers are going to go out of business manufacturers are going to go out of business and you probably have millions of people keep on smoking cigarettes and dying it's not a competition is it because I'm different no not at all so no this is not a competition coal Bishop stops the FDA rule from being implemented up until the time of its passage and that's it so if you make a new product in 2019 or 2018 it'll be illegal right or it'll cost you a few hundred thousand dollars to get it to the FDA process right mine my legislation sets the framework for decades to come that's what my it says that they do two different things I'd be happy if there's passes but I would keep pushing mine because there stops it is at a certain day right yours is comprehensive legislation yeah sure mine's going to be the framework the regulatory framework for vaping going forward forever so your legislation is really the replace part of the repeal and replace strategy that not correct it does both because you don't have to replace anything yet because there is nothing yet there's simply the FDA deeming rule there's no law there's there's nothing set in stone and the FDA hasn't put anything into regulation but we're saying is FDA you can't make this illegal without doing any studies whatsoever and by the way we're going to help you I'm going to help you so what I've done is I'm going to put down into into actual law not just FDA regulation but law number one it we introduce harm reduction in into the the Tobacco Control Act so that the FDA now has to look at it's not black and white it's not just your smoking or non-smoking there's things in the middle like vaping not even in the middle but much better for you right so they have to look at that number two we make it safe we regulate the batteries how they charge discharged we make it so you can't buy something off of ebay and have it explode in your pocket or your face right right so so we we make that happen we also make the liquid standard so you can't put bad bad chemicals into the liquid you have to have clean rooms you can't be doing it in your garage anymore even though that's how it started out right so we're just trying to make it safer make it better and make it so that going forward for the next 50 years you'll be vaping motrin you'll be vaping caffeine you'll be vaping nicotine and we want to keep that entrepreneurship and that kind of American dream for people that have these stores especially a lot and I think that's an important part of the story that maybe some people at the FDA myth is that how big of an industry it is and how many people are employed in the United States with it yeah and not just employed I mean all the shops that I go to you're not talking with guys that have their master's degrees that want to go to Wall Street a lot of folks that have these vape shops they've been hard up on their luck they try to find something to do they don't fit in that view especially the smaller retail shops right and they found something in this that they found some a community where they can fit in and and they can sell vape stuff to me how did you get involved with this legislation I paid yeah that's that's pretty easy I mean there you go yeah yeah that's right you are the baking congressman aren't you I am one of the vaping congressmen one of the only ones that do it on on television probably did you use de pinna quit smoking yeah yeah it kind of held me and then I it didn't I've been off and on it again I mean smoke it's hard to quit but yeah yeah so when you tell people that vaping has been effective for you do they believe you yes yeah because they see me doing it and not smoking so they see me staying inside and not going outside with the other smokers right and that's a that's a pretty tell inside when you're inside vaping and and the babe just goes away so when you're on the hill you are you not baking I'm vaping inside all the time yeah in the capital in my office everywhere because it's vaping it's not toxic it's not even close to as bad for you as smoking is but it's not taught to flex like cigarette smoke is it doesn't leave a smell doesn't stain your fingers doesn't make your breath smell bad it might even make it smell good if you have the right flavor now I'm shocked that like OSHA hasn't come down on that Willy Congress is different because I represent the people the people own Congress right so I as their representative I can vape inside if I want to let's just say it that way our Democrats the enemy and no no Democrats aren't the enemy and on this issue it's very strange because I would have thought that most of my Democrat friends would have been with me in a heartbeat on this bitch because of civil civil liberties and being able to do what you want to with your own body that sounds familiar right but they are not in this case and I think it comes down to a few things and I'm a conspiracy theorist but only kind of every now and then it comes down to money I really think it comes down to when you buy cigarettes in a state all that money because of the big lawsuits especially in California all that money goes to the state that so they want people to quit smoking because it's expensive health care wise too but if you can mitigate that somehow but still get the money from buying cigarettes that's what the state wants and I think Democrats because they enjoy having more money in the state to spend on people they want to spend money on they enjoy that I also think it has to do with with pharmaceutical companies I think that they want to sell chantix and some other things when in reality you can kind of keep on smoking – all the harmful effects still enjoy yourself still you know blow out vape and and not not have to go with chantix and go crazy absolutely that's not that ever is done chanters has gone crazy but I've known a few sure and there's been some evidence of that no doubt let me ask you this and what about the bootleggers and the Baptist kind of relationship so it's not just about the money there's the puritanical aspect of it the old prohibition kind but once again you asked me if Democrats are the enemy here and I would have thought that the puritanical Baptist guys would have been the Republicans right not my party and but they are my guys are like a you know go ahead and vape if you want to vape they they want to be able to smoke cigars inside zoo in their offices and that kind of stuff it's of this is easy for them you know for some reason it doesn't make sense but Democrats don't like baby this is a release by campaign for tobacco-free kids it says Rep hunters bill guts FDA oversight of e-cigarettes shows manufacturers don't want any real regulation to protect kids Public Health from the campaign for tobacco-free kids what's your response to that number one they're just lying right that's that's all that they're doing my bill doesn't gut anything because there is nothing to gut so what do you think there is this fear londo the FDA had a future rule that would put all of vaping Adam out of business yeah this is fear-mongering and they're probably trying to raise money right that's the best way what they're trying to do that's politics right and and what I found in politics is if you just keep trying banging your head on the wall over and over and over that's how I get things done I was in the Marine Corps and I just go right up the middle at it things like this fall off the you know truth will will come out I think people are going to realize that this is much safer than smoking so there's already some actions been taken to suspend or delay some of the implementation deadlines for the deeming ranks the repeal part of that that aspect what's going on there we know the village of Heartland in the coordination effort that process has been going on and it looks pretty promising and then of course you've got dr. Gottlieb who just got confirmed as a FDA chief right and then you've got Tom Price at HHS who obviously seems who I just saw let me show you a couple of days ago I was sitting outside of the in fact it was during the healthcare about to tell day and I was vaping it came up and said you're not smoking anymore I said nope I'm not smoking Tom and he said great he says that things while working for you said yeah it's working for me so there's a common sense factor here that do you think is starting to kind of cut through the fog in Washington yeah I mean there's there's a a conservative factor right I mean it's it's about freedom it's about being able to do what you want to do as long as it doesn't hurt anybody that's that's basically what it is and once again getting these these regulatory agencies off of people's backs because it's not Congress if Congress passes a law you can call us you can scream at us when the FDA passes a a rule no one can do anything really how realistic is it to pass I think super realistic actually how how do you make that happen I would tell people not to be disheartened I mean things like doing the health care bill that's hard passing big appropriations bills those things are hard this is one issue and I think that once politicians see real people coming to them saying number one I'm a vapor you're going to make me start smoking again or number two I've got a shot that employs four people and I make a million dollars a year I probably net about two hundred thousand I'm just a regular constituent of yours and I'm not going to vote for you them unless you support this I think once those things start happening this will start rolling I think this is going to pass tonight and I think it takes time and I think the more ways that we hit this with the lawsuit with with with challenging the FDA right in their rulemaking with those hearings my legislation all the retailer's all the vapors all the manufacturers coming together and supporting candidates who are on the side of vaping right and on the side of freedom


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