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alright guys so we recently released the ultimate shred stack and that included seven three and row the three at the end row and shred it was so popular we sold out with I think it was about a week and we didn't think about some of the people that might not want to incorporate the andrás into the stack got a number of ladies inquire hey obviously can't take that what do you recommend simple very simple the shred stack it's gonna start shredded and as many of you already know this is our fat loss product that's going to enhance your metabolism curb the appetite give you a big boost of energy to help you get through the cardio and your workouts throughout your day especially when your calorie deprived I've said in the past I have first-hand experience in being calorie deprived kitty cat does here as well right and we know what it's like to do two hours of cardio a day on you know minimal amounts of food in a negative calorie deficiency it can be quite quite painful to say the least with that being said I know many of you are looking to optimize your fat loss and you know I'm gonna take it up a notch I'm gonna do fasted cardio get your BCAAs to help preserve that muscle and keep you from going to catabolic right these guys if you guys aren't familiar with these these are essential amino acids that the body cannot produce and we're yes you get them from from other protein forms but this is an all-in-one one-stop-shop right here one scoop is gonna hold you or we can get this in free cardio post cardio pre-workout post-workout I know people that go as far as taking this in the middle of the night when they wake up they just throw it scoot back and it keeps on the anabolic state what I typically like the segue into is all of these products are fantastic but if you're not sleeping correctly you're not going to get the full bin and that's where rested rested comes in it's not a part of the stack but as I've mentioned in many other videos rested is is without rested without sleep this is this is my favorite product on the line is rested because I like sleeping and like I said and I will continue to preach without proper and adequate sleep sleep you're not going to see the progress the fat loss and the muscle gains that you're looking for so for those of you that are like love the BCA idea but I'm a vegan that's fine we've got government you've got to be in DCA right so there's gonna be a setting within this stack you'll be able to toggle back and forth between the regular BCAAs and with the stack comes free shaker the new shorty 20 on shorty that comes with it as always if you guys got any questions don't hesitate to hit us CSU can call in the zopim chat rooms DM wherever wherever you can hit us up on we will be there to help guide you through your fitness journey and any questions you may have about the product and then you have a guys shred stack


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  2. Bcaa new flavors soon ?

  3. Where is jasons beard?

  4. Damn i would love to buy your guys stacks but rest is what i lack the most. My lifestyle consist of only maybe 5hrs of sleep, bc of my work work is so far away. I love your supplements by the way. The best by far i have ever tried. Yes i know about sezzle. Just cannot put it in my budget at this time. Especially with my newborn, but I definitely will purchase one of the stacks in the future. The preworkouts are beast by the way and so as the shredded.

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