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a freaky eater is someone who takes eating habit to the extreme Kelly has eaten nothing but cheesy potatoes for 30 years I love cheesy potatoes it's like crack to me I gotta have it she's revolted by other foods I want you to try this because it's the green vegetable and her husband worries that she's destroying our health I'm gonna come home and find out that she's got a heart attack can specialist Mike Dow and JJ virgin turn Kelly around every bite of cheesy potatoes it's like digging in right before it's too late Kelly's help is a ticking time bomb and she's got to change now my wife Kelly is a pretty eager 34 year old Kelly eats nothing but cheesy potatoes morning noon and night I love cheese and potatoes it's only gooey and just yum yum yummy each and every day Kelly eats a minimum of 8 potatoes and 4 cups of cheese amounting to a whopping 8 thousand calories and 176 grams of fat a day when I eat choosing to Tate OHS I mean it instantly puts a smile on my face over the course of a year kelly consumes about 3,000 pounds of potatoes 23 times more than the average american and close to 1,500 cups of cheese it's definitely more than a food it's like crack to me I gotta have it as a child Kelly ate other foods but cheesy potatoes soon became her favorite a mom took me to a fast food restaurant and they had cheese fried rice there and ever since I had those I just fell in love with them Kelly's eating habits changed around age four when she visited with relatives there she was forced to eat food that didn't agree with her my mom told them that I don't like ham and eggs they made me eat him and I threw it up all over the table since that time my diet has consisted of cheese and potatoes every meal breakfast lunch and dinner for probably 30 years can I get three orders of french fries and can cheese put on those fries I won't eat at work I'll go through a drive-thru at lunchtime I don't really eat in front of other people I don't really want people to know how much I'm consuming me and Kelly we've been married seven years they're cooking me I'm out of here when Patrick's picky and I'm usually a little living room watching TV because I don't even like being in the kitchen Kelly can't stand a smell or even touch most foods especially vegetables well I want you to try this because the green vegetable every time I've tried to cook her a little something extra he just refuses just try a little taste I get I get it's traumatic for me how's your dinner bed good because of her aversion to other foods Kelly even eats in a different room than Patrick my husband absolutely hates when I don't sit down and eat dinner with him over the last decade Kelly's freaky eating has caused her to gain over 150 pounds it's taken a serious toll on her marriage and her health my energy level honestly is like slim then I am headed for the grave if I don't change my ways I'm afraid that I'm gonna come home and find out that she's sounding hardtack if she doesn't get some kind of help she's not gonna last much longer five years I may not Erin I don't want to die I don't want to live like this anymore before Kelly's health deteriorates any further Patrick has asked nutritionist JJ virgin and psychotherapist dr. Mike Dow to intervene for a week of intense therapy Kelly hi don't be alarmed we were sent by your husband Patrick I'm dr. Mike del I'm a licensed psychotherapist specializing in addictive behaviors and disordered eating I'm JJ virgin hi I'm a certified nutrition specialist and a certified health and fitness specialist when JJ and dr. Dow walked up I didn't know what to think it kind of startled me why are you even secret in the alley I don't want people to know how has this impacted your help I mean right now I'm okay but heart disease runs in the family and diabetes Kelley's health is a ticking time bomb this is a critical time for Kelly it's really make or break I am so worried about I know your husband is worried about it and I also see that you know that the French fries and the cheese is actually increasing your risk of ulcers but you don't know how to change them is that right hey do you want to change Kelly has been eating nothing but cheesy potatoes for the past 30 years with her eating habits continuing to spiral out of control her husband Patrick has called in the freaky eaters experts to help the next step for JJ and I is to actually see Kelly in her home environment so how many times a day would you say that this is your meal cheese potatoes twice day when I'm working because I usually don't eat breakfast but on the weekends I'll make a burrito a burrito yeah a cheese and potato diet can create a host of problems heart disease diabetes mood disorders I really like to hear what your husband has to say baby I wanted to hear how her food addiction was affecting their marriage we're not in the same rooms eating together and you're certainly not going out to dinner having those times those memories that make marriages really work Patrick what's your worst fear that I'm gonna wake up said Maureen there she's gonna be gone my dream for the two of us spend the next 50 years together the good news is we're gonna help you get there next JJ and dr. Dow have a reality check for Kelly I want Kelly to see just how many potatoes and just how much cheese she consumes in just four months all right dr. Dale [Laughter] to watch Kelly's face was incredible she was horrified that's 900 pounds of potatoes which represents the amount of potatoes that you eat in the four months it's disgusting I thought it was a year's worth when I found out they were only four months worth it disgusted me the other half cheese 120 pounds of cheese each of those bags represents a month's worth of cheese for you what I'd like you to do is pick one of those up and pour it on to the potatoes what's in the bag it was heavy oh my god pounds it's sinking in that I do actually consume as much cheese and it's it's got Richie Kelly what he want to say to these cheesy potatoes discussing this was painful difficult but it was necessary so she'd really come to reality of how much she eats her next step is to see what damage you've done already to your health Kelly has submitted a blood sample for testing now the results are in the first thing that I wanted to look for was metabolic syndrome metabolic syndrome is a precursor to both diabetes and heart disease it's characterized by a cluster of factors the first one being Pringle Esther IDEs triglycerides are fats in the blood and they're driven up by sugar starch and damaged fats if you have metabolic syndrome you'll have higher than 150 for your triglycerides yours are 359 the stakes for Kelly are high she's got to change now I thought I was healthy I just thought I was just overweight you're morbidly obese you've got metabolic syndrome you are in no way help I'm very scared this is the first time I've ever seen anything on black and white of how sick I am the good news is it can all be fixed but everybody of cheesy potatoes it's like digging Your Grave and we can reduce a lot of this in a matter of months if you are willing to go through what it takes to do so I can't go on like this anymore I am motivated now whatever it takes Kelly's addiction to cheesy potatoes has brought her to a health crisis and put a marriage at risk Patrick what's your worst fear that I'm gonna wake up separating she's gonna be gone Kelly is willing to make changes so on the second day dr. Dow begins to address Kelly's phobia of touching other foods by using grated exposure therapy have a seat for me grated exposure therapy is baby steps you take what you can already do and then you add one piece at a time you know this is Fox to allow Kelly to focus only on texture she won't be able to see what she is touching are you ready for the first step okay I always want to start off with a gimme cuz it's gonna give her the confidence that then take the next step so go ahead and uh stick your hand in there I was getting really nervous I've never really touched other foods before I slowly put my hand in there it's cold it's hard what is it feels like potato potato the next step was broccoli she's an extreme aversion to all vegetables so this one was gonna be a little bit more difficult I'd rather reach in a toilet that touch the vegetable what does that feel like it feels like a dry sponge is it unpleasant is it is it easy oh no you know what that is broccoli uh-huh we then took it to tomatoes these are wet and slimy and these definitely represent a challenge for Kelly there's like holes in you know what that is tomato hmm you're not avoiding don't try not to I really want to do this when Kelly kept touching the tomato I knew that she was ready for the biggest challenge yet the taste test now it's actually time to eat some things I'm sitting there thinking oh my god they're gonna have you trying some strange things right in front of you we're gonna tell you what's in that one it is just cheese potatoes and a tortilla all stuff you already like I'm used to each burrito has cheesy potatoes and then we've added in a new food to it one down I was getting more concerned because I figure we're gonna give heavier and heavier into the different foods look in there that's a new color for you that's green see my wife romaine lettuce I was excited I'm overwhelmed that I did without above the table uh Kelly eating romaine lettuce turned off this irrational fear that says if I eat a new food I will vomit Sudan we saved the most difficult food for last ham this was the food that she remembered eating as a child and throwing up okay the grand finale I immediately felt queasy in my stomach I tried to keep it in my mouth but I just couldn't that one's a little harder okay he wants to reject it this was what you ate up four years old that you didn't like I wanted her to understand that this is not a failure you just ate something that you don't like and maybe will never like but the important thing is is you tried it we all foods we don't like but it's actually going to allow you to make some of the choices I just ate things that I've never eaten in my life that's what a whole new life to me you've gone through the hardest her house right building on Kelly's success with touching and tasting new foods JJ moves on to another sticking point exercise our goal here is to get you walking I've never installed walking into my weekly activity because I'm tired all the time you're a regular exerciser right yeah I walk I invited Patrick to join us because he's already a walker and I wanted to make sure that he was there to support her so we're gonna take the first step today but we have something else that we're going to add into the mix I had Kelly carry a 10 pound bag of potatoes because I want her to really feel the weight of her cheesy potato habit you're holding 10 pounds of potatoes but in reality Kelly you've got over a hundred pounds of fat that you stored because of eating those potatoes I was really struggling to keep up with her I was out of breath how you feeling it's getting harder really actually it's about the equivalent what you eat a day just so you know by the time I was done carrying the potatoes it felt like I've been dragging a tour bus oh want to leave the potatoes yes I think to take those potatoes and give him a Heath I'm done I can't believe that I let it get this bad I'm never gonna hear you believe like this again right okay right you're gonna walk and you well here in a month it's like this was easy let's go another mile it was fantastic for Kelly to feel that burden and then get rid of that burden forever oh she's better not carrying that the experts have given Kelly the confidence to start trying different foods on her own for the next four days she'll try to break her cheesy potato addiction with a new health regimen on Kelly's first day Patrick presents her with a new vegetable to taste peace and the snow peas taste like eating a plant she didn't like snow peas but she still tried it shouldn't gag the next day kelly agrees to exercise patrick and i walk in together it's wearing me out but i feel good just to get out and about instead of being stuck in front of the TV on the third day kelly attempts to try another new vegetable i'm really nervous about the broccoli i have no clue what is gonna taste like to overcome her fear kelly adds a familiar topping which only reminds her of what she's missing fries please sure it really hit me that i wanted the cheese and potatoes i probably think about cheesy potatoes at least once an hour i couldn't resist you want to come sit down and eat with me no I'm gonna stand at the counter Kelly's biggest struggle has been the craving for cheesy potatoes which she gets the cravings she gets irritable so I don't really push it that much with cheesy potatoes at her side Kelly debates whether or not to eat the broccoli not bad cook I don't think she liked it a lot but she ate the little bit that I gave her after eating the broccoli Kelly can resist temptation no longer I know they're so bad for me but I can't fight the cravings and Kelly is still unable to sit down at the table with Patrick still weird about people watching me eat right now it's still difficult for me on day seven dr. Dao and JJ returned to find out how Kelly has done in their absence I have tried some new foods snow peas broccoli I was thrilled to hear those results this is a woman who was scared to death of a Brussels sprout I did slip I did have some french fries now here's the thing you're physically addicted to cheesy potatoes so even though I know you want them gone forever that doesn't happen overnight we want to crowd out those cheesy potatoes but that means we have to find more foods that you enjoy to be able to crowd it out it just made me feel better because I was kind of kicking myself in the butt for slipping up how about the eating the same room together that's still a little bit of a struggle Kelly had a lot of successes but I was a little disappointed she wasn't able to sit across from her husband at a table yet that's something we need to work so dr. Dow and JJ take Kelly outside to confront her biggest challenges as soon as I saw the table in the backyard I got really nervous she realized those seats are facing each other I'm gonna have to sit down and eat with my husband the experts are also asking her to try eating a green salad this is gonna be hard okay enough yeah okay this is what I've been wanting just sit down and enjoy wholesome milk Ellie I can't do this if she can pull this off I'll know that we can leave in good faith I kept telling myself I have to do this I have to try I was like waiting to see what the reaction was gonna be not used to eating salad and my body was wanting to reject it you just ate the salad that was a good thing this was a big test for Kelly and she made it through it this was the first solid I've ever eaten in my entire life I think eventually I'll start really liking it this is nice sign it was nice to sit with my husband I'm still nervous about eating in front of people and all that but it's definitely something that I'm gonna work on do you realize how far you have come did you think a week ago you can even have one bite of salad this whole experience has taught me that I put my mind to it I can do anything good work thank you thank you thank you when I first met Kelly she was ashamed she was hopeless she had no energy really or subscribe and now I see a woman who is actually happy and strong and ready to live her life if I could do this in a few short days I can move mountains in a couple of months the future looks good you you


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