Frank Medrano – TRAIN INSANE Calisthenics Workout!!!


  1. Vegan Forever

  2. Nabbo

  3. Saitama in real life omfg !!

  4. Super.!

  5. Extraterrestre Reptilien !

  6. ya ni suda

  7. train so hard that your hair falls

  8. sir how to train our upper chest part …

  9. Saitama looks awesome in Season 2

  10. Real life Saitama!

  11. WOW COOL BRO.. ❤️

  12. He trained so hard until all his hair fell off…. Now he beats everyone with one punch.

  13. Я также могу только с сигой в зубах и пузырем водяры р правой руке

  14. You must participate in OLYMPICS
    for gymnastics 🤔

  15. 0 percent body fat man lol

  16. Nigga worked so hard he went bald

  17. This is sooo amazing😳💪💪

  18. Is he magician or wht?

  19. 好強❤❤❤

  20. 2019.04.05

  21. seguitemi su instagram dove mostro tutti i miei post dove faccio calisthenics @Signorello_alfio

  22. Checkout my motivational exercise video

  23. I can bet this guy has a strongest core among all human beings.

  24. Plant power!!!

  25. buena definisaon pero muy flaco el we

  26. 4 mil idiotas deram deslike em um vídeo desses, dá pra acreditar?

  27. Saitamaaaaa?! OMG

  28. Naaaah…….. hes weak……… suka

  29. Si ma fai schifo lo stesso sei in sacco di merda 😂😂😂

  30. Is he a vegan ?

  31. Someone needs to get him an airpods

  32. Amazing

  33. One punch man

  34. Anyone know what that's called at 2:25 ? So much innovative INSANITY in this vid!

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