Frack Worker Tells All – Part 1: Health Problems

and this stuff hides in a faggy part of your tissue and it'll stay there it'll blend eat come back out burn on the skin they come back in deep so some days I'll be able to breathe real good some days it's like someone's squashing me some days it's like someone took off a bar and run it right through to my chest and I never go through too much spine to where I mean it's painful bad painful so I got on there August 28th online through orientation November 30th 2011 that was done with pink cover and you left because you were singing assistance how are you burning and I'm back then man I mean this stuff was all over me lift up my shirt when I first time I got a lot better and I mean my head poked me about a half-inch well it's like you said she's hey uh well its highs and it's this and esta you got food poisoning you got allergies aw ain't shrimp you ate shrimp ain't no big thing they they tell you anything they want to tell you do make it your fault money without using my own trucks that's in the bond my feet you see that that goes therefore you can't not help which gradually I'll make enemies like that to discipline I ain't gotta leave your privates are done to your body laid back up here your lap up to your eyelash it's a teaching know that's put a lighter under your skin that's what it is and this will see that so I said I'm in transition for the ring and this will swell and it will come out about that for turning about as red as that candle and just burn like grease but it goes everywhere and that's like it's two years later and it just keeps moving okay close your eyes guys because it's a honey this one just went down during the training do they do any specialty training in regards to radioactivity is that we're even mentioned during that training do they ever give you an idea what chemicals were they taught us that problem drivers don't know you know two things one your driver where you're going and where you're doing that's the driver you eat never Jonah's radiation I never discuss what chemical components never done in this stuff


  1. Liberal Sponge who decided that I should pay his way.

  2. I call bullshit

  3. Careless or ignorant of the risks.

    I don't know this guy, but I've met folks who roll their eyes at safety meetings and say, "whatever, if I get sick/hurt I'll just sue the company."

  4. This guy went to clean out tanks the text says that is even WORSE.
    Those companies only care about their $ not their workers safety )-
    This seems to be even worse at companies who only think in profit … and $

    Human workers they see as ants to be replaced with new ones maybe even cheaper ones …. )-

    I do not even think those who run a company like that see their workers as HUMAN BEINGS … )- (sad)

  5. part 2/2
    I also worked as a operator on a gasolineplant you have to wear special clothing and a gas-mask when you are coupling/un-coupling the Ships who deliver their cargo. There are chemicals when they come on your skin it changes your DNA!!! . 'They' won't tell you about it .. but you can find out, internet and offcourse the safetysheets not many people actually read! Educate yourself.

    But he is right companies need to educate their people about the dangers.
    And pay them GOOD extra

  6. Adriver CAN find out about what you are hauling and what the dangers are. And how to protect yourself. I haul chemicals and we have to protect ourselves, wear the right clothing and stuff like that.

    part 1/2

  7. Thanks for sharing your story! So sorry you are dealing with these s s use!

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