Fourth Democratic debate takes on impeachment, health care and foreign policy


  1. 00:36 you can tell shes lying as she breaks her frame and closes her eyes while saying costs will go down and slightly shaking her head no.

  2. I like how they put so much focus on the Corporal Democrats but not any focus on Andrew Yang in this video. Disgusting. Like this if you are apart of the Yang gang!!!

  3. Lunatic Fringe

  4. πŸ˜ͺ😴😴😴😴

  5. Andrew Yang

  6. Bring in the clowns!!

  7. Democrats started The Vietnam war and killed 50,000 young people

  8. As it was in the days of Noah, history repeating itself!

  9. Gabbard turns me on a little bit.

  10. dumocrates, all useless.

  11. Another reason why we went Republican! Obama lied. Trump exposed the Truth! These candidates are crazy!

  12. Hey you can’t investigate me!…why I’m running for President of the United States of America damn you Lilliputians! Out of my way!πŸ¦πŸ’΅πŸ—³πŸ€

  13. What laws has he broken not one not evidence of one what laws are the Democrats been breaking how much time do you have I got a list

  14. Tulsi Gabbard

  15. These insane people make me want to smash my skull on the floor.

  16. Fake network

  17. Front runners should be Gabbard and Yang

  18. Wow what a bunch of morons you really think that this is what the American people want it's not not even close you guys are so out of touch

  19. Impeachment? For what.. . The dems are really mad. They will lose in 2020 against Trump. It will be a humiliation.

  20. Pulling troops out of syria worse than Japanese internment now I guess …

  21. Mayor Pete had a good, aggressive night.
    Liz was the acknowledged front-runner, so she took some (deserving) hits.
    Bernie's still alive, so there's that.
    Biden appeared to be less able to string a sentence together than Bernie under anesthesia.
    Yang got a couple good shots in on VAT vs wealth tax, and automation; but lacked political experience in other areas.
    Klobuchar came out swinging, but I don't think Mom-jokes are gonna cut it long term.
    Tulsi converted a couple more disenchanted Trumpers, but is the Rand Paul of the DNC Debates.
    Beto, Booker, and Harris might as well close up shop.
    And look! The Dems have their very own white, male billionaire (full of 'wealth guilt') that they can parade around.

  22. biden should be prosecuted.

  23. All a bunch of fucken knobheads. Corrupt globalist elites.

  24. $15 minimum wage is more than supplemental $1,000 UBi? What are you talking about Cory Booker?

  25. best to leave isis to the anti caliphate turks. let muslims sort it out. trump is right

  26. remember when Obama pulled out the troops in IRAQ? NOBODY BATS AN EYE

  27. Of course, Kamala, women have freedom to do whatever they want to do with their body that's why there's increased incidence of STD such as … you know them.

  28. these geriatric ancients love power so much. man, it is the elixir for youth. as for Yang, why don't they let him speak?

  29. Biden said the reason he is running for president is because of his age and experience. What experience? How to skirt corruption charges? Age? Hahaha how old are you now? Do you remember how old are you? You forgot already. You can forget everything else except your dentures. We'll see it in your smile if you forget.

  30. TBH I am not a huge fan of Butigieg, but in this debate, he is the ONLY one who makes sense.

  31. When I hear there false accusations and blame Trump for everything, it reassures me why I would NEVER vote for any of these LOSERS.

  32. WINNER: Trump 2020

  33. This is actually not the best oppentents the Democratic party could find right? Jk just don't see these candidates as computation for President trump.

  34. Cant wait to watch Trump destroy any one of these clowns

  35. I'm sorry but the Democrat debate was blacked out in Ohio. CNN and NFL rules state if the event is not sold out the event is blacked out. The arena sits 1000 people and only 632 showed up. Incredible espically since the tickets were FREE.

    YES. The winner is: TRUMP !!

  37. What a circus full of clowns.

  38. Top three Dem candidates:
    A liar, a cheat, and a commie.

  39. Trump will probably win in 2020, However, I believe that Tulsi is the only challenger that could finish in the same lap as the Donald. If the Donald stumbles even a little, she could win. It would be a race to the White House. For the rest of the hopefuls, the Donald could probably go on vacation the last month and still win. Most of these candidates couldn't be elected to a school board seat without a lot of professional political help. They are simply scripted heads or stuffed shirts parroting sound bites and needing handlers.

  40. Tulsi is HOTπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  41. Trump will win in a landslide. These people stand no chance. Maybe Biden but he won't be the nominee.

  42. I'm not very political. Just typed in breaking news. This was all over so I started watching. I didnt even watch it live. Just these highlights. Well prices going up for weathly and corporations and going down for hard working Americans and the middle class lower class that just don't make sense. It goes against the principle of being an American. You can make your life whatever you want it to be as an American. I am not wealthy or middle class even just a person who knows my situation in life is one I made for myself so far when speaking financially. I don't blame President trump for that or the Republican party nor the Democratic party or whatever party. Just saying some stuff just don't make sense as far as only being about the poor and middle class.

  43. I can't wait to see @Styxhexenhammer666 give a much more interesting and concise review of this debate tomorrow.

  44. It's pathetic watching these morons lie about Trump

  45. I will some of this debate up in five words or less…

    1. Anti-white
    2. Anti-christian
    3. Anti-American
    4. Pro ((Marxist communism))
    5. Pro degeneracy

  46. None of these clowns got a chance to beat Trump.

  47. How has Trump broken the law Warren??? You old dumb hag πŸ˜‚

  48. And this my friend is the establishment. They want to use Andrew Yang to take down Bernie but Bernie and Yang are the most aligned. I feel bad for Bernie but we must say it like it is but the biasness against Bernie and Yang is so obvious.

  49. TRUMP wins another Democratic debate

  50. Look in the back where there should be us flags. It’s all the company’s the democrats pay off to lie in there favor.

  51. You can’t fix stupid. πŸ™„

  52. What the hell did I just watch I knew Democrats where looney but not like this damb. TRUMP2020

  53. Kamala Harris commander and chief 😭😭🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣 she would cause ww3 πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

  54. lol these clowns ain’t gonna win

  55. Bernie Sanders didn't have a heart attack and he had a PANIC ATTACK

  56. So they want to take guns away, but want War :/ wow…

  57. Turkey said that they want to set up a safe zone along turkey border inside syria. Syrian refugees who live in turkey now will live in the safe zone and police it. Therefore Kurds cannot do hit and run attacks across the border. That is the idea. It makes sense. Understand that you are not dealing with a tiny country. Turkey has a lot of power in the region for several reasons. So anyway that is what Trump was told. Trump wants out and it sounds fair. We don't need to be over there. We owe Kurds nothing. We gave the a lot already. Trump is right on this one no matter what media says.

  58. Over 1k πŸ‘Ž on this video πŸ˜‚ Democrats don't resonate with anyone

  59. Even Democrats would not vote for Democrats.

  60. πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

  61. TRUMP 2020

  62. Lol "duuudee gotta go"
    πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I can't even

  63. Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  64. Trump is the swamp. Howdy Doody would be a better candidate at this stage.

  65. USA πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ USA πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Trump rules silly fools πŸ€ͺ

  66. Is it just me or is kamala harris talking weird ?

  67. Bernie Sanders will be elected POTUS by landslide.

  68. Still Bernie for me

  69. WTF this is like watching a bunch of high school kids. If women had control of their bodies they wouldn't GET pregnant and NOT need an abortion!!!! So Biden needs to step down on tape quid pro quo. Notice NONE of them can talk about creating jobs Trump already did that. None of them can talk about being energy independent Trump already did that. None of them can talk about a better trade deal. Trump already did that. Now of them can talk about prison reform. Trump already did that. Dam not a ONE of them could handle deals with China. N Korea, I could go one for pages..

  70. I love that the clip they took of bernie is him saying that taxes will go up, without the explanation that premiums will be eliminated. Cnn is purely a propaganda machine.

  71. I mean I feel like out all the clips here.. yang was the only one that said an original thought…

  72. I like Harris, Yang, or Sanders…

  73. Vote Bernie or Warren. Simple as that.

  74. Corey booker is wrong 15 dollars an hour would only raise the price people have to pay for health care…i make 18 and i pay 250 a week for health care

  75. What a bunch of liers. Who the hell is voting for these creatures? They are not leaders of the world only members of the Dems Party Crime Family.

  76. Tulsi was the clear winner! Honest, sincere and real. Warren is so fake, and Joe is a proven liar.

  77. None of these people will ever be president in their lives.

  78. Well I’m pretty sure that none of you will ever, and I mean ever have a ghost of a chance to be our president. Liars, whores, thieves and inexperienced hacks. Looks like yang is the only one with any sense whatsoever and he just ain’t gonna be able to do it.

  79. They should be on American Greed…..

  80. Bernie now has a hole in his heart to match the one in his head…..

  81. Wow. Andrew Yang got just 10 seconds from you guys.

  82. I’m a Liberal and this is a Circus πŸŽͺ

  83. biden is a total disaster. mind fucked billionaire socialist = Criminal, just like Trump.

  84. So 2020 what we have to choose from are Bernie Pretenders and Bernie. see you at the voting box next year.

  85. she really said β€œoutlast”, y u gotta play bernie like that

  86. No Gusto. .Terrible Fiscal Attitudes…

  87. China news network.

  88. Impeach Trump and you’ll have such a Civil War the Democratic Party will be fully destroyed and never allowed to come back. Conservatives own most of the guns while leftists can’t even decide which gendered bathroom to use!

  89. I'll give Yang one thing, he did a great job getting all of his 1k supporters to flood this comment section.

  90. Go Trump 20/20 hey you should put Tulsi gabbard in your Administration she's borderline Republican anyway and she's honest she's the best one I've seen consistently on the Democratic side so far

  91. Camellia Harris is a fraud and a phony a prosecutor to put a people away for smoking and selling weed and then she's caught bragging about getting high herself

  92. 🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍🀑🌍

  93. TRUMP 2020

  94. Warren and Biden are more suited being retired than campaigning for president. Democrats are bunch of BS.

  95. Too many β€œhighlights” for Warren. A Bernie copycat.


  97. The only one that looks presidential is Tulsa

  98. Another massive win for Trump. He got the most mentions. Biden looked guilty as hell.

  99. The old man, the corrupt guy and the crook. The US is over.

  100. It is a total embarrassment…
    Rubio would destroy any of them.

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