Four Rules for a Healthy Lifestyle, animated for Harvard Medical School


  1. Какой ответ?

  2. check this guys….

  3. For those who think that this video isn't supposed to be for kids cause they cannot understand it…well i believe it was supposed to be for the 'big kids' who are old enough to see that but still not understand it :p
    Nice video imo

  4. It is a pity that the video made by Harvard lacks of quality for kids, it means good draws and imaging but the music do not invite them to watch, nobody speaks. This video would help a lot if you can make some changes. Thanks by the way!

  5. great music!! can someone suggest where i can get this music please..

  6. TRU DAT, ALL DAT!!!!!!!

  7. Cut down on fatty food should be Cut down on processed food

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  9. Great music and animation!

  10. Simple but great tips

  11. This video shares with us simple rules for living, but those ring true such as not eating fatty food and getting exercise.

  12. you can't name drop Harvard and then have a crappy production. Either we can be wowed by how smart Harvard dbags are or charmed by how shitty and cutesy this video is. Either one is a lot to ask, but trying to pull off both lends great credibility that the ivory tower is still in touch with nothing but itself. I hope you charmed yourself. Oh wait, The Ivy leagues never stops being charmed by itself.

  13. It looks like it was animated by a two year old

  14. Just A Few Basic Steps. 
    It has always been that
    Thumbs up to the video

  15. wow. I guess you have to go to Harvard Medical school to figure out those 4 rules. Brilliant.

  16. quite simple and good! the difficult part is to apply these simple rules in real life 🙂

  17. wow, this one is cute and true. hehheheh

  18. cute video

  19. adorable.

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