Football Practice Drills & Tips : Conditioning & Warm Up Drills for Football

this is Sean Hobson, for Expert Village. What
we want to talk about right now is getting loose before the games and we’re going to
show you a couple of drills that can be used to get loose before practice or before games.
These are also good drills to use as conditioning methods as well, before the game or after
practice. One thing we’re going to do right now is a drill that probably everybody uses
across the country called Up Downs. This is a good drill for not only conditioning, but
it gets these guys working on anytime they go down, if they are knocked down by a block,
to explode back up and go after the tackle. So, we’re going to do some Up Downs right
now. And what we want these guys to do is, on set they’re going to get their feet moving
in a good position, good and balanced and strong. And then when I say hut, they’re going
to go down and as soon as they hit the ground they’re going to use their arms to explode
up as fast as they can and get back into the running motion. Just like they would on the
field to get ready to go back after a tackle. So, here’s what the Up Downs look like at
full speed. Alright, set. Hut. Hut. Let’s go, jump back up! Good. Hut. One more time,
one more time! Hut. Good, you’re done. Good job. So, you can see how fast those guys explode
up. One other thing we like to use alot are the ropes. And, you can do alot of different
things on the ropes. You can get really creative and you can have them step in from the side.
Brandon, show them real quick how we do checkerboard where you step in from the side. Hit both
of the squares and then step out on the side. Brandon’s going to go through something we
call checkerboard which is how we’re going to use all the squares. And then we’re just
going to have Brian demonstrate how you’re going to go through the ropes with your feet
up strong and he’s going to go through them as quick as he can, hitting every hole. Alright,
Brandon. You can see this is a good drill for footwork, this is a good drill to show
how the guys work laterally, as they hit all the ropes. Now, what Brian’s going to do here
is, he’s going to explode through, you want to keep your feet up as high as you possibly
can and pump your arms as you’re going through the ropes. Good. Now the first couple of times
that you do the ropes this is going to be hard for you to go through and not hit the
ropes. That’s why this is a good drill. You may trip a few times, but the more you do
it, the better you’re going to get and the more agile you’re going to get. So, these
are two good drills that you can use to become a good football player.



  2. yes they f'ing are.

  3. why you would condition before a game is beyond me.

  4. my team would destroy these guys

  5. @DaGiantsDude21 too bad speed is important but if u dont have quickness and agility it doesnt matter

  6. @DaGiantsDude21 your not in high school yet. When you start doing two a days, your in for a rude awakening

  7. thumbs up if u play Halfback on your football team!!

  8. Our coach once quized us on our playbook. Most of us failed, and he said we would owe him 1000 up down. Come the day of our punishment, most of the team showed up, except for a few players (including starters). So we start sprinting in place, and we do one up down, and our coach tells us that that was it. He said he was proud of the guys who showed up for the punishment, and that we owed him nothing, but the guys that ditched practiced would do the 1000 up downs or be kicked out of the team.

  9. Did any of them get kick of the team?

  10. It goes to show you how reviled a grass drill is. As soon as he says "Up Downs" at :22 73 there gets this great look of "Oh fuck *me*…" on his face. And it's the same look as any one of us ever had on my football team, from That One Punishiment Session where we did them and ran hundreds for as long as it took our coach to talk to a parent over some locker room conduct.

  11. i hate up downs


  13. Had to do these every practice man hated them.

  14. My coach made me us do this every practice for every mistake in a play

  15. This was helpful. He should do more football drill vids. Just n started practing with the Michigan bulldogs. WHERE MY BULLDOGS AT?

  16. I have one word for this excersise. HELL.

  17. I just wanna say fuck up downs and who ever came up with it we literally do them everyday cuz we got fuck ups and man that shit drains the life out of me

  18. I swear if I have to keep doing these, ill die with my helmet on.

  19. All football players listen up! I know how to make up downs easier! When you go down, land into the "seal" stretch position, with your chest up. When you ascend, push up and pull your legs beneath you. It makes them WAY easier.

  20. I have 7th grade football i have to do 30 if offense makes a touchdown im on defense

  21. I've done these before they are brutal coach would have us do as many as 500 for clowning around sometimes even bear crawls I tell you these are tough

  22. They football players suck at up downs. They do it all slow and the ladders to. They suck at everything!!!!!

  23. These really help with wrestling training.

  24. Give #73 a better face mask lmao

  25. 300 of these for softball paybacks 😭😭

  26. Whenever we do up downs, that exact moment is when I start thinking of quitting. Fuck that workout


  28. I'm only in youth but we do so many dam up downs half the guys are crying.

  29. Lineman had to do 30 per penalty that we committed on game night

  30. Had to do these with high knees. Bear crawls in full pads were the worst though.

  31. We used to do a variation where we had a full pushup after the first up

  32. I fucking hate up downs

  33. I hate this i have to do this Every day in pracite and after pracite

  34. Coach Woodall please no😂

  35. I started late on my team and on my first day we had to 50, 10 for each water bottle that they left in the locker room lol😂

  36. During practice, around 6:50pm we did up downs but as we get up we sprint 20 yards and back, and that repeated for the next 10 minutes until the end of practice

  37. We did 40 hit its (up downs)

    For no real reason

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