Foot Strengthening Weight Distribution Drill – Stick Mobility Exercise

On this drill what we’re gonna do is
we’re gonna focus on the frontal plane, and we’re gonna focus on lateral
weight distribution through the foot. So it’s extremely important not only a walking,
but especially when you’re running. Ayesha’s set up.
She has a stick into the wall. Her feet are about an inch or so apart. She’s going to push the stick into the wall
at about 40 to 50 percent tension. She’s gonna bring her right hip up into flexion. As she does that she will shift slightly because
your heads gonna go over your lead foot We don’t want massive shifting
of all her body weight though. We want to see if she can control
that lateral plane of motion. She’s gonna focus on her breathing
so that she can stabilized the rib cage, as she’s in that vertical core position. She’s then gonna bring her right leg down and
then she’s gonna bring her left hip up into flexion. Did you see how she shifted a little bit so her head
is balanced over her lead, over that right foot. She’s gonna focus on breathing. Once again, she’s constantly always pushing, so that way she has to work on equilateral
weight distribution through that base leg. And relax. Grab a stick, give it a try!

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