Foot Injury Workout Routine. 20 Minute Full Body Exercise Video

hi my friend its Caroline and today I'm coming in to film a hurt foot circuit workout this forgot is designed to help you stay strong maintain lean muscle mass and keep your sanity when you're recovering from a foot or lower leg injury as always please leave ask your doctor before starting or business or any exercise routine honor your body listen to it if it tells you that a move isn't right for you right now don't do it be smart and make healing your number one priority I recommend watching this routine all the way through so you can make sure to eliminate moves that might not be right for you yet and to breathe – think positive – stay strong and have a fabulous time before we get started I want to let you know that I am currently in the works of reading a full hurt foot Fitness online course it hasn't worked out nutrition digestion stress management and of course my positivity strategy to help you recover from an injury and feel or very fast so you want to be part of this comprehensive online Kurtzman coaching course that is a positive and fit William he'll love what your lower leg injury I'll include the link in the description below make sure to check that out and I would be honored to coach with you but of course first I want to get you sweaty so are you ready for this perfect circuit workout this one is going to be top my friend when you're idiots driving much too late onto your back bring your feet carefully into a butterfly position with your knees open and this line to play you're going to touch your hands outside your toes and ready we're doing a Kurtwood butterfly here we go bring it all the way down and now these really great especially if you can send a lot because you're gonna open your hips exercise in without straining your hip flexors Oh get you going you shouldn't be sweating make sure to keep your neck nice and long and smile and breathe because that's essential to your success alright we're almost there stay with me would mess it up go slower if you need to try two more and last one go sweating lower lower all the way down and lift your legs up in the air good from here I'm going to drop my leg and the other leg starts low up to check in to see how you feel and if you feel up to it we're just gonna pick up speed now you know when you're healing sometimes your body gets tight and hungry for movement so these exercises can help you get some movement in that don't play stress on your injury pull your tummy in nice and tight I want you stay with me keep breathing press the small of your back into the mat keep it for four three two and one leave the table hot hands behind your head scoop it up shoulders off that and twist little bit of a circle gosh I love doing the pass hurt foot or not the bicycle is one of my favorite workout groups open up those elbows keep the showing from your chest and stay with it four three two and one can't find your knees scoop yourself again roll yourself up to a decent position chip non-weight-bearing you're welcome nobody turns out shoulders back and down you're going to go down this back and lift up let's just do ten so what now this is chuh much you can keep the legs on the floor and do just your spine little lower as long as you're not hurting that son of yours we're good to go breathe this is hard I'm not a good time last two last one pull carefully take yourself to tabletop position gotta be careful if you're still in your boot please transition safely be smart we don't have time for you to not be smart now reach your right arm and your left leg out pull over you take the right arm and left leg down and lift now try not to let your toe come down to the floor engage your upper back and pull your ribs in nice and tight right now you should feel your glutes and your and your house your back your shoulders who says you can't get a great workout with their hurt but just two more hold it here teacher right hand behind your head bring your left knee in towards your company open it to the side and now we call this dog and fire hydrant Donna fire is a fabulous move for your apps for your hips and the addition of this hand behind my head makes this move really advanced stay with me pause there with these hips breathing is strong tummy's tight last one take your right hand down pulse your left leg up and down up to the sky and down today I bring sweet earth because my butt is still not where it wants to be careful and good news I will of my sneakers so I'm gonna keep these shoes on if you're in your boot or your cast hopefully if these moves still work with you leave me a comment below and let me know keep pushing that left you look to the sky but should be burning by now give me two more hold it up pulse whew again the lower body even though you can't place any weight goal you're still going to work up that's right I hope you are too keep your tongue in next longneck big positive 4 3 2 hold it up now accept that so doing some of these bodyweight muscle moves can help you get some movement feel the things squeeze that booty you're almost there can you keep your spine super long oh wow I love this a lot too and the last one next shot let's switch to the other side so you're going to reach your right leg out and your left arm long low rent and lifted being very mindful of the range of motion trying to again not seeing your spine don't do this dip keep your tummy in we want your core to get stronger from the century your mind will get stronger to keep staying with me lift nice and long breathe oh gosh I love this exercise oh there pull to your button binder that you're writing in at over-the-clothes this pretty advanced so if you struggle with it at first don't be her yourself you're not gonna be hard yourself you're gonna be some passive in itself but just like you can deal because that's important now try not to lift up shoulder lift into your abs feel your butt working legs happening right now we're moving we're selling whoo we're feeling pretty good about life stay with it ant full bring your left hand to the floor right knee down and lift and lower this exercise for me and I tend to dip into my back so I have to be super mindful to keep my up in tight less range of motion is fine especially if your form is still really good don't sacrifice quality for intensity always move smart that's what I want to teach you how to move well so that you can move out for the rest of your life stay with it I'm almost there we're going to pulse here in four oh my gosh my butt who loves you so much hold it up boss little space I want to think about a print on the ceiling and think baby steps towards healing baby steps towards healing success next strong butter so good tell me a nice and tight and hold flex again thinking it all posture try not to get tired so that your form suckers sometimes the longer the workout gets the more our form gets could be so we don't actually want to workout for a long time we want to workout for Wellington less is more when more is better ooh write that down super cute breathing okay my butt's on fire last one put it down take your moment lay down that we're going to do push-ups modified push-ups bring your knees in towards your chest you bend your knees flex your feet if you can if you can't just let them hang there do what you can do pull your belly in nice long back take a deep breath in exhale push out in up exhale you know that's them you know it was hard exhale up inhale exhale keep going I want to hear you breathing all the way through the screen give it four more and push three nice strong upper body last one lay back down take your hands underneath your head lift your leg up off the floor and just open and close the legs so you're feeling hamstrings and glutes keep breathing just five for movie loves exercise and one holds now lift your other body up hold the legs reach the arms long and in so it's kind of like you're swimming shoulders down you should feel your butt do you feel your life I feel like I don't feel anybody but strong but he was a strong legs right back down as well four more rocks there three squeeze shoulders back to last one good it's like your pants by your chest lower your legs bend your knees squeeze your heels shoulders back and down inhale and push the floor away so if this workout today is the only we're going to tight form or energy or I want you to be proud of yourself for coming showing up and moving well and yes that's right forcefully push-ups whoa ulis dry elbows back you've got four more try not to get sloppy I'm getting there last one every time lower down reach the arms reach the leg lift and this time pull elbows back so like a left pull down squeeze your button hamstrings let your legs off the floor you're doing great I'm so proud of you I want you to sing with me you're awesome for being here so strong you've got four and three two more my friends last one good safely carefully push yourself back up roll onto your side leg all the way down bring both legs out if you can step your hips lift and lower so now we're getting a little bit of obliques try not to rock forward and back use your core muscles you can relax your neck that feels good stay with me feeling pads right now and so in love with the sports bra it's something fun and rush two more one hold it up now all I'm going to do is switch the legs so we're getting everything today abs and butt and hips and positive in fact because movement helps with that right exercise helps me mentally stay sane and happy and present in my life stay with me feeling my abs are working it out three two and one good slide 2 bottom elbow underneath your shoulder elbow turn your shoulder knees on the mat lift your hips up so it looks like a modified side plank which is great now top like that good slaps that top leg push your hips forward sip your belly in and smile because you know smiling it's very advanced multi gear now you want to have a little spice to it and this is where you're like who says that you have her good you can't work out hi I'm working out right now I think both butt cheeks I feel my ABS I feel happy and more peace and less stressed all good things for you like my friend we'll talk about that in my herd of that horse thank you it's gonna be so fun to have you okay a line walk there breathe and carefully just take your legs and swing it around and then lay all the way down we go to the second side what the for you you got to silence you stack your hips lift your legs and we're just going to carefully lift and lower now again it's really important you listen to your body and another the best part about injury is that you get to be more mindful off your body you could to know your body better what feels good and what doesn't come help yourself heal almost there this side is covered I think that's how it works outside too huh we got to do who kicks in – okay last one hold now just for today wait to run in place maybe you're a runner you miss running put that in action now you're just for running you're still running you velocity good pathetic breathe oh man can you give it up like your neck relax a little bit don't get back very tight we need you to have a nice long neck almost there I feel my hips already we're doing start going to UM on okay that's underneath prop yourself up on your elbow get ready lift your waist and come on up tarah ready top leg be break my friend be brave zip the tummy in squeeze your back if you want it and just right now you're going to think about bunnies and unicorns and things don't think any negative thoughts like my butt's on fire your butt's on fire because you get the stronger from this challenge because you can and you will he'll stay with me we're almost there we should not do any more push-ups unless we repeat this video again which in which case you will do more push-ups Paul there and whoop carefully land about carefully carefully you're gonna take your hands behind your knees scoop your shoulders down the back and leave that with a strong heavy reach your arms forward okay we're here hold it and if you can bring yours a little bit closer it so you can see here easier up here a little bit harder take your right hand twist it open open that chest and Center and just alternate big twists you know why I love this exercise it opens my shoulders and chest and now that I've been working on this hurt foot in this course I've been behind a computer below so jumping shoulders a little tight and my body appreciating movement can you dig a little deeper into those obliques oh my goodness yelling yeah keep breathing smile his bare hands remember at the end if you feel like an extra challenge stay with me almost there shoot what are you burning in those hats yet can you lean a little back now we're gonna do what I call the cha-cha you're right you cha cha cha cha there's no injury if dancing random acts of do thing you don't have to dance you can use Reno cheer yourself up put on some funky hip up or whatever gets you doing and just make yourself your own dance party it will help boyfriend's on those down days on those days where you feel like you're not going to make it you put on some music music cha cha or the hot young or whatever you got your dancers hold it come back oh go a little lower scoop your tummy in shoulders back stay with it cause they're deep up in life you always finish beat the victory Ron's hold it save yourself you for showing up for healing for takin it one day at a time and for staying strong deep breath it okay lay all the way down quick you made it and you're amazing bring your knees in towards your chest here's the hub this is the best part you get to tell your fall so I'm so grateful they're here help me you're alive and you're in this moment right now I want you to know that injury or not every day it's a gift and you can choose to make it great to you deep breath in as slowly sit up alright my friends how do you feel Michael let me know in the comments below about your body and mind feel during this video you did amazing I know how hard and ring can be I want you to stay strong to stay positive and keep moving through the ways you can always focus on what you can do and stay in the moment take it one day at a time and your body will heal again stay tuned for all the details on how to join my foot fitness balling coaching course you'll get everything from a hundred different workouts and exercises to nutrition to stressed digestion to sleep that will help you in healing your body and coming through this time with positivity wisdom and strength thanks so much for tuning into this video I appreciate you more than you know and I can't wait to share another great workout on YouTube with you soon bye


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