Foot Health Tips for People with Diabetes

it's Diabetes Awareness Month and if you have diabetes we hope to inspire you to take care of your body and of course we're more about protecting your feet people with diabetes can develop serious problems for instance diabetes nerve damage may cause you to no longer feel pain so you may not feel a cut blister or sore these seemingly simple injuries can develop into open wounds and infections plus diabetes reduces blood flow to certain parts of your body especially your legs so injuries take longer to heal if they feel at all this is something that should not be taken lightly because it doesn't take long for these infections to progress to the point where your foot may need to be amputated here are some things to keep in mind if you're a diabetic add a foot specialist to your healthcare team wear padded socks to protect your feet clinically tested socks like these have been shown to reduce pressure friction and moisture that can cause blisters and foot pain they'll also protect your feet from the inside of your shoe we're a properly fitted footwear and never go barefoot these simple preventive tips will keep you moving and remember the more you move and stay active the easier it's going to be to control your diabetes to find a podiatrist in your area check out a PMA org slash find a podiatrist

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