what's up my toes it's Jonathan it's day number three in Maine for foot health months so today's video is gonna be a real-life application of what happens when you don't wear proper footwear the yesterday's video which by the way I'm filming today was discussing the importance of proper footwear proper footwork is huge with the right foot where you're gonna eliminate I would say 75 to 80 percent of all your problems today's case is of a woman who's been wearing a true that's a little bit too narrow too tight for her she has claw toes and what happens when you have claw toes they don't sit flat in the shoe they become raised and because they're raised they hit the top of the shoe more and that constant pressure from that tight-fitting or shallow toe box will cause hard skin to grow because there's no room for the heart skin to really grow above what happens it kind of grows into the body forming some sort of corn callus and potentially a wound which happened in today's case so today we're going to see again real life application what happens when you wear shoes that might be a little bit too narrow too tight and too shallow you have to wear the right shoes for your foot type one last thing for you toes out there I'm doing a seminar in Toronto Canada June 9th I'm only right now having 40 spots available if you're curious about learning more about foot health how to provide better service for your clients whether you're a foot care nurse pedicures nail technician I'm here to help I want to educate you guys I want to up your skills so you guys can provide better services for your clients go to my website visit first you're gonna put on the shoes you're very fashionable woman you're an elegant woman no don't give me that you're so much you know what you still look good everything but you still look good you're still beautiful woman so you're a tough strong woman so you've been helping your husband a lot so I'm gonna help you so what we're gonna do we take as much dead skin as we can like I told you I think there's a wound underneath well I give you the antibiotic cream we get all the pressure off of it we have to get the this shoes off yes when you go out this different but you have to dress well now that becomes better weather if you can wear open tools okay so I want you just to relax I know you're nervous but we're just removing dead skin if something's too sore you let me know okay I don't want to see okay see my husband they have from the last night just in bed before he going now lay down in bed he's bleeding by his nose yeah because it takes comedy for his heart yes and the blood must be too thin and before like she started bleeding again he's on the car I bring him with me he's in the car down is he okay there I guess so I bring a bucket that food picked up towels I products peroxide the captain's for him a feeling to put it on okay the good thing this won't take too long it's dead is it hurting and now you're watching you're watching surgeries well good thing good thing this is no surgery my husband needless to say well you should have brought him in the we could he could be helping me so your doctor referred you here right away yes so what you have here we call this a claw toe a claw toe and that's it's like a claw hammer toe claw toe they're very similar yes both are you can use both terms so the hammer toe is making the top of the toe hit the shoe and all that pressure is very yes I know you looking so good you don't worry about the shoes we her shoe that's comfortable here beautiful and you don't have to worry about the the footwear you were a shoe that feels comfortable if you do not remove the pressure from the shoes this will keep coming back so like I told you I knew there's a little hole here but it's not too bad at all no take the pain away infection crazy okay no corn pads none of that is what's happening I don't put a cork and I could adjuster clear parent yes for a quotient okay and the King's black and I don't put her nothing to know so what the fuck or what the black was was the dry bond medication makes a hole no so that corn that black was dry blood yeah from scratching or from too much pressure so what's gonna happen I'm gonna take a little bit more but this is pretty much a little sensitive or you okay okay we're almost done so this is pretty much all we have to do we add don't don't worry so the the wound isn't deep it's very superficial very shallow yes in a couple weeks this will be fully closed we're gonna use an antibiotic cream we come back in three weeks yeah just to make sure it's healing up no no we're just gonna take a look we're just gonna take a look I noticed I know I know you're tired I know you're diabetics but what we're gonna do I'm not gonna charge you we're just gonna take a quick look and if it's healed you're okay you're okay it is a very nice night that's what we want and you're gonna put the seams on the story so I put other thing outside I don't know my feet of course that's very smart of you so I'm just wiping down this I try to get so see this I'm gonna take a little bit more but basically that's it you see how much better it looks is not so deep we use the antibiotic cream we take the pressure off and in a couple weeks this will be fully healed but you have to remove the pressure we're good I know but there was no pain today right look how easy that was okay so you just you


  1. Jonathan, what a great man you are. So kind to the elderly, always. Great respect. I loved how you heard right away concern for $$, and you said we are not going to charge you, I know, you are diabetic. Thank you for showing that respect.

  2. Loved!

  3. Sometimes we get so overwhelmed taking care of our loved ones, we forget to take care of our selfs I know this by experience but you have to also make time for yourself, what good are we to those who need us is we can't help them being so tired or stress out our selfs, take a few minutes to your self recharge and breathe and you can be there for them with more energy and a clear kind to your self as well .

  4. Your seminar was way last yr

  5. Wow thank you!
    Thank you so much. I didnt know what I had on my pinky toe cus i wear narrow boots and i didnt know what it was until i got a pedicure and she told me i had a callus then that's when i went on YouTube and found your channel.

  6. I got to massage my girls feet after every work day… The stuff women go threw is INSANE

  7. She's a diabetic then she should be taking better care of her feet and not wear crappy cheap shoes Medicare will help pay for diabetic shoes

  8. “That is a nice knife. Very gentle. Cuts well too”

  9. DEFINITELY a Portuguese woman

  10. You are such a sweet young man. Your kindness to your elderly clients is just so heartwarming.

  11. claw toe barada nikto

  12. Good job

  13. Flynit nike or ultra boost would be good for this condition

  14. Imagine having to pay for healthcare!! Broke my heart.

  15. Brutti piedi.

  16. You are a really nice guy.

  17. Why do corns have seeds?

  18. I also used to deal with this on my mum feet again they would get really infected green puss x

  19. This patient is the most annoying so far. She needs to STFU and let Toe Bro educate her. Just gag the hag.

  20. I understand the older lady is concerned, but how can somebody have that little self-awareness about themselves that they just ramble incessantly?

  21. Wow! I was thinking about Kim Kardashian. She will be in a serious situation if she continues to wear such shoes. Of course, she can afford all types of surgery.

  22. Me gusta tu trabajo yo ago pedicure y saco uñeros para aser lo que tú ases tendría que estudiar algo como q? Por q me gusta ayudar alas personas con problemas d uñeros

  23. I refuse to admit that I might’ve teared up he said the cost was free, you don’t get to see many genuine doctors like you

  24. No se porke habla tanto limitese a limpiar esos cayoss k por cierto te va a tomar como un ańo para limarlos creo k una pulidora funciona mas ke esa cuchilla 🤮🥶

  25. I know what that symbol means that you was putting up in the beginning

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