Foot and Hip Anti-Rotational Strength Drill Part 1 – Stick Mobility Exercise

Hey everyone! So what we’re going to do here, is we’re going to really challenge the deep
hip stabilizers anti-rotational properties, and also you’re going to get a lot of work
through the foot dealing with torsion. So we have a Cook band here,
we have it anchored to the wall, and what Neal’s gonna do is he’s gonna wrap that
around the shoulder, he’s gonna rotate to his right, and it’s going to go around his back and he’s gonna
keep rotating so the strap is across his front. What the strap is doing when Neal sets up is the strap as you can see, is pulling him into rotation towards the wall. So he’s gonna have to resist that okay. So he’s gonna bring his feet together. We also use a cone to make sure that we can
measure and have consistent measures and we know the distance when they changed,
when the client or yourself changed direction. So here we’re gonna have Neal setup in
11 o’clock position with the left hand. His hand is about chest level, the bottom of the stick is angled slightly towards him, his feet are about an inch apart. He’s going to push the stick into
the floor at about 40 – 50% tension and he’s going to bring his left hip into flexion, and he’s gonna hold it. He’s gonna work
on maintaining rib to hip connection. He is resisting rotation through that right hip right there
because this band is trying to pull him to his left. So he has to anchor that right foot into the floor and resist that rotation. He’s gonna hold that for about six to ten seconds
and then he’s going to switch hands. So we can switch hands now. He’s gonna set up at one o’clock position he’s gonna,
same thing, about 40 – 50% tension into the floor, engaging that lat and he’s gonna
bring his right hip up into flexion. So if the stick is in the right hand,
you’re flexing the right hip. When the stick is in left hand,
you’re flexing the left hip. So we have some glute activation,
some really good, solid, deep hip stabilization. Six to ten seconds,
make sure you’re not holding your breath. And then he’s going to relax. Perfect. So once again, use the band to give you
more reactive properties so those tissues, the obliques slings, the foot, the ankle,
all the way up through the hip, has to react to that force pulling you
into rotation and can you resist that?

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