Foods You’ll Regret Not Having During A Coronavirus Quarantine

The COVID-19 virus has sent the world into
crisis mode. In recent days, grocery store shelves have
been ransacked… and it’s not unusual to see lines of people stretching out into supermarket
parking lots. In the thick of all this uncertainty, it’s
easy to want to rush out and stock up on even more food but there’s really no reason to
panic. Most communities aren’t in quarantine yet,
but people are being told to practice social distancing. Meanwhile, stores are working with their suppliers
to restock those shelves as quickly as possible. And it’s important that you stock up on healthy
foods that you and your family love to eat not to mention grocery items that have a long
shelf life. Of course, products like canned goods, dry
pasta, and rice will all last for a good long while… but aside from these obvious essentials,
what are some other items you should buy? Brigitte Zeitlin, a registered dietitian and
owner of BZ Nutrition, recently told Business Insider, “When you’re not quarantined and have access
to all the food shopping you can handle, prepping some things to put in the freezer will add
some diversity, which you’ll need if you’re eating the same stuff for two weeks.” Zeitlin suggested preparing large batches
of freezer-friendly foods like chili, pasta sauce, and meatballs… and planning to shop
for those ingredients even before you even step out the door. Nutrition expert and Cleverful Living creator
Holley Grainger told NBC News, “Whether I’m adding a can to chili, using
it in pasta sauce, making a quick skillet shakshuka or topping meatloaf, canned diced
tomatoes are a simple way to boost the nutrition of my favorite recipes regardless of the season.” She goes on to say, “Canned tomatoes are an excellent source of
the antioxidant lycopene and they’re bursting with a variety of nutrients such as vitamin
C, fiber, iron and potassium.” You should also make sure to hit up the cereal
aisle… because dry cereals, granola, oatmeal, and grits are all high in fiber and fortified
with loads of minerals and vitamins. Beyond that, cereal is convenient and easy
to make… and it can serve as a complete meal with or without milk. It’s a healthy option that will leave you
feeling satiated and full… and it works anytime as a comforting snack for your whole
family. Also, make sure that you pick up plenty of
dark chocolate. Yes, you heard that right. As The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports,
a study performed by the University of Hull found that dark chocolate is an even better
cough suppressant than cough syrup. Again, you heard that right. “They believe the chocolate’s sticky consistency
actually coats the throat nerves’ endings, suppressing that tickling urge to cough.” Reportedly, there’s an alkaloid in cocoa called
theobromine that may work at suppressing coughs…. and not to state the obvious, but it’s really
quite delicious certainly far tastier than your average cough syrup. So make a point to add dark chocolate to your
list when it comes time to stock or restock your household pantry for a potential quarantine. Oh, and since you’re going to be eating a
bunch of dark chocolate, you may want to consider picking up a few bottles of red wine, too. Also, keep in mind that grocery items like
dark chocolate can be quite comforting in times of stress. In fact, research suggests that eating dark
chocolate may actively improve your mood. One study found that dark chocolate bars with
a high concentration of cacao work best think 70 percent or more. We strongly recommend adding a few of these
high-powered chocolate bars to your cart the next time you stock up. Regardless of what you currently have in your
kitchen, don’t let anxiety take over. There are plenty of online delivery services
with “no contact” options that can be used to help stock your shelves and minimize human
interactions. Amazon Fresh, Peapod, and Blue Apron are all
operational… and they’re all fantastic options. And don’t discount all those pizza chains
in your neighborhood that offer delivery. Pizza is great for leftovers and it freezes
well. Just remember to tip your driver, even if
he leaves your pie on the porch.


  1. What's the most important thing you wanted to get in the chaos that is grocery shopping today?

  2. I Disagree.
    Lean meats and veggies is the way to go.. Period.

  3. Videos like these are what’s causing panic!!

  4. Whisky.

  5. most americans are not even able to cook….

  6. smashes Holly Granger

  7. Calm down. It's not the Bubonic Plague. If you're in reasonably good health and practice good hygiene, you should be fine.

  8. I got 1000 rolls of tp, why, cause of gouging.

  9. Citrus people Citrus

  10. Dark chocolate, yes. Hershey's, um, no thanks.

  11. This just seems exploitive of the moment.

  12. Stop with this shit this is the reason people are panicking 😡🤬

  13. people get some common sense.

  14. Imagine watching this in isolation 😂

  15. The way to go is stop buying so much crap you don't need. Give the grocery stores a break and let them restock the shelves.

  16. So ridiculous

  17. Ramen noodles are the best thing to buy

  18. Oh look another video that’s pointless to try get people out to buy more…. who paid y’all to yap about buying more crap that you don’t need right now

  19. Don't forget garlic, which should help other people from getting close to you, which should help ward off virus :-p
    If that doesn't work, try Dorian or Surströmming :-p

  20. apparently people dont realize that small towns exist & they do not have “uber eats” or anything. also, smaller towns are more likely to CLOSE RESTAURANTS. & yes, i’m salty cause my fav pizza place was closed today

  21. Cereal? Healthy? C'mon

  22. I feel like we’ll be watching this a couple years from now laughing

  23. I have never felt full after eating any amount of cereal. 1 bowl or 2 boxes, doesn't matter.

  24. The best thing you can do, get out in the sun,fresh air. Don't stay inside,

  25. Any excuse to eat chocolate 😋.

  26. Meatballs, dark chocolate, and wine… gotcha.

  27. Ha. You made this video now? There is no more food. Also, you need calories.

  28. I bought a bunch of cans of Meow Mix for my cat

  29. I really wanna to stock up.
    Too bad i dont have fridge.

  30. I got Vodka and a plan
    I'll get myself drunk untill unconscious and wake up when this outbreak over.. Hell Yeah!! 😁

  31. Plot twist: Whenever you see a news box, that's a sign that this video was broadcast on a TV channel.
    PS Doctor Doctor, I don't cure my throat with dark chocolate.
    That's unnerving, or should I say, unthroatnerving.
    Oh hon(ey), it's not that bad.

  32. Rice, pulses, beans . Bake bread yourself

  33. You people publishing these videos obviously know your making people crazy right?

  34. The only reason people are buying so much toilet paper out there is because there's so many "ASSHOLES" out there……..

  35. 99% of cereal are just full of sugars and shouldn’t be seen as a healthy option.

  36. dark chocolate and cocoa fights flu, suppresses cough and raise your immune system to vanquish viruses

  37. Do you really think we don’t know what to get? Also, you have to get food in a hurry (not really but its going out of stock), so you have no time to decide. Grab and go.

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  39. I could go for some spaghetti today…

  40. cereal is good depending on what you buy. Fruit Loops or Lucky Charms are practically candy.

  41. Pasta?
    This has got to be a joke

  42. the weird thing is that the stores also have a shortage of cigarettes as well

  43. A little advice for you guys that haven't been able to get what you need due to low or no stock: go when the store opens since they will have spent the night before restocking the store. Maybe then you can pick yourself up 1 FKN PACK OF TP!

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  49. Dark chocolate NOT milk chocolate!

  50. The Wuhan flu hasn't forced a crisis, people's incredible stupidity is the crisis.

  51. I have a garage full of flaming hot cheetos & jalapeño nacho cheese. 🌶🔥🔥🤷‍♂️

  52. just buy necessary and essential things. in philippines pandemic lockdown is imposed already. no more people allowed to roam outside.

  53. How we eat, learn and do business, will forever be changed post-pandemic. We can do better and we are learning a lot in these times.

  54. Thank you mashed for inciting more panic to the public.

  55. The crazy thing Majority of you obese sheep only drink or buy water when there is a "crisis'. Save the water for the other people and stick to the coke and beer youve been gulping year after year

  56. Sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, oats, honey, sugar, evaporated milk

  57. I dont have a refridgerator and I can go hungry so people who never have can tell jokes and play games….

  58. God raised Jesus Christ from the dead. Jesus Christ is our living Lord and Savior and the Son of God. Amen

  59. God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power and of love and of a sound mind. Amen

  60. You’re causing chaos you piece of shit channel

  61. Avoid candy bars with high levels of Ka-Cow. 3:11

  62. Do a lot like food advertising.


  64. The coronavirus is not that bad, why are people panicking!? Im not living my life in fear of a stupid damn virus

  65. Eggs buy plenty of eggs guys it's the one thing we regret not getting more of before we went into lockdown. Also part baked bread that's shelf sta let has been great so far. We have zero delivery and fines if caught outside.

  66. 😤

  67. In a month all these idiots will have a fridge full of sour milk, a freezer full of freezer-burned meat, and a pantry full of moldy bread.

  68. Cereal is full of sugar. Not a good choice.

  69. Most Cereal is garbage.. give me a break!!!!

  70. Enough with the Dark Chocolate already.. Jesus!!!

  71. Ffs. STOP Telling people to stock up.. This is a terrible post…

  72. Cereal healthy? Lies!!! I saw that corn syrup on the ingredients Iist. 1:58

  73. I need to call everyone I know and tell them to bring me a lot of dark chocolate. Eating chocolate every day for a couple weeks – sign me up!

  74. 1. Toilet Paper

    That ain't food but whatever

  75. Not that this is related to the video but has anyone else noticed the much higher volume of day joggers and walkers in the streets. Gotta do something when you're jobless I guess

  76. Stop perpetuating this panic please

  77. What a great time to be a vegan 😂

  78. Mother and I are still spending most out money on weed lmao, no food

  79. Hot Cheetos

  80. It's not 3ft it is 6 feet apart that is social distancing

  81. Dark chocolate?? That's tricky, cuz it's not "real" or pure cacao🙄

  82. Is this a lindt,uber eats commercial.

  83. Goddamnit.
    Rice, as base and lentils, chickpea and other beans for proteins. Some couscous.
    Olive oil (a lot) for cooking and fats. Long lasting veggies: Onions, carrots, Cabbage, etc.
    Spices and dried herbs (any: Dried garlic, curry, dried pepper, etc) for taste.
    Protein powder and multivitamin caps to complete the diet.
    Thats it. You don't need anything else.
    Sure its boring. But its complete and effective. And you will be able to work/have energy.
    Dry pasta are only carb. Burns out in 30 minutes. Don't stack pasta.
    Dry meat ? Only if you dehydrate it yourself otherwise its super expensive and its a serious sodium bomb (elders/health condition/blood pressure/etc if you eat this for weeks).

  84. Be prudent. Actual quarantine is challenging.

  85. Greedy cowards..the stores will be there and open outbreak or not. But all these hoarders just take everything that they need to share.

  86. Tomatoes in a can are not good to eat…

  87. Accept our Lord and Savior JESUS CHRIST and know that he will protect you!!!!!

  88. All that food will make the immune system weak. This video is a joke!

  89. Cereals healthy that's funny most cereal is nothing but sugar

  90. "Therefore I say unto you, Take no thought for your life, what ye shall eat, or what ye shall drink; nor yet for your body, what ye shall put on. Is not the life more than meat, and the body than raiment?" – Matthew 6:25 KJV

  91. I can’t believe shelves look like this. This is crazy

  92. You don’t want to suppress your cough with pneumonia caused by this virus. When you cough you’re also cough up the gunk that’s trapped in your lungs. So don’t eat dark chocolate or take cough medicine.

  93. We are all deficient in Iodine and Dr Brownstein who has 25 years of experience says if you don't take this to take 50mg a day as this virus is going around. Dr Sircus loves Iodine as this reduces infections. Dr Sircus also says to take bicarbonate of soda, 1 tsp in a normal size glass of water, 3 x a day to alkalize the body as illness cannot survive in an alkaline environment. Meat and dairy are acidic foods so by cutting out or down on those will alkalize you quicker. Dr Brownstein also mentions to take 1,000mg of Vit C an hr until diarrhea develops and stop when showing signs of virus. Binaural Beats are amazing at reducing symptoms and have many for headaches, sore throat etc on Youtube. It s a frequency that targets bad bacteria and reduces infections. I use one by Healing tones for bacteria and infections for 1 hr a night in the hope to prevent getting this bad . I prevented a bad case of the flu using this one and know how good it is.

  94. thank god my grandpa was polish and lived through the depression, he always taught me to have more that enough on hand of canned goods, pasta, sauce, and frozen stuff.

  95. nice

  96. Please shut up lady!

  97. I just get spaghetti-o’s from my local Dollar Tree, literally nobody goes there so yeh.

  98. Did anyone notice the ingredients in the cereal she chose? 'Artificial flavor.' There goes healthy!

  99. We wanted foods

  100. Im gonna use tortilla breads, to make my own pizzas in a skillet pan.

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