Foods With Magical Health Properties

some foods possess such amazing health properties they're practically magical in a purely scientific way of course not a Harry Potter way keep watching to find out about 10 foods with magical health properties a magazine number 10 papaya the vibrant and tropical fruit papaya has much more to offer than a sweet taste enticing flesh papaya contains the antioxidant zeaxanthin antioxidants are compounds which fight off toxins in the body zeaxanthin works by filtering out harmful blue light rays thereby protecting the eyes from age-related diseases papayas enzymes called papaya and chemo papaya make it useful in treating skin damage from burns and wounds but the magical health benefits of papaya don't stop at the fruit itself you see papaya leaves have impressive and diverse benefits too an example of this is the effect of high leaves have in the treatment of dengue fever which is carried by some mosquitoes the most dangerous symptoms of dengue are bleeding reduce blood platelet counts and leaking blood plasma which can be fatal the enzymes I mentioned before are present in such high concentrations in papaya leaves that they can normalize the blood platelet count this reduces the danger of the hemorrhagic or bleeding fever a study carried out on a 45 year old man with dengue fever confirmed the abilities of papaya leaves in treating him when medical antibiotics failed number 9 sage the herbs sage or salvia officinalis has multiple health benefits sage extract for a sage self can be applied directly to the skin to soothe conditions like eczema psoriasis and acne it's also an incredible source of vitamin K which improves bone density and therefore bone strength this is important because vitamin K is not found in many common foods and our modern lifestyles make us vulnerable to osteoarthritis most impressively sage extract has been found to boost brain function it has positive effects on memory and concentration abilities this means that not only is sage an excellent way for healthy people to stay mentally sharp but it's also beneficial in treating Alzheimer's disease saij extract works by stimulating neural pathways to their optimal function this helps people to maintain a fresh mind as they age a four-month trial that took place in Iran demonstrated that sage extract can help manage the cognitive effects of mouth to moderate Alzheimer's disease number eight red onion red onion has anti-inflammatory antifungal and antibacterial properties according to research anti-inflammatory foods are important to eat because they can hold inflammatory diseases that some people are naturally predisposed to in particular it is the levels of vitamin C and sulfur compound in red onion that are beneficial the diseases that can be prevented include heart disease diabetes and cancer aside from the benefits I've mentioned red onion can do wonders for the thyroid gland a renowned Russian doctor I Gordon özkan believed he developed a proven remedy for treating the thyroid with the direct application of red onion this involves massaging the skin of the neck with the house of a cut red onion circular movement should be performed in the area of the thyroid gland leaving the neck unwashed overnight allows the released onions to stimulate the gland to function properly and prevent thyroid related disorders number seven turmeric thanks to its array of health properties turmeric is known as a superfood this popular indian spice is a source of protein calcium iron and vitamin c one of its great health properties is as a powerful anti-inflammatory and can therefore be useful in improving conditions like osteoarthritis rheumatoid arthritis tendonitis or even heart disease turmeric primarily stands out as a method of liver detoxification in this case turmeric is best consumed as a tea the sir cumin a chemical that lends the yellow color to turmeric is believed to stimulate bowel production in the gallbladder the liver is triggered to use this bile to eliminate toxins and rejuvenate cells a study in the Journal of Food Science showed preliminary evidence that turmeric could indeed have positive applications for the human liver rats were given turmeric extract alongside a high cholesterol diet and the turmeric prevented the development of fat in another study turmeric prevented the development of fatty liver in cal's it is thought that this amazing effect will be able to be replicated in humans number six daikon radish daikon is another food with many different health benefits for example it can improve respiratory health boost immunity detoxify the body and improve bone strength but it is daikon radishes effects on stomach cancer that is worth some extra attention when certain foods are eaten they can cause chemical reactions which result in the production of nitrosamine nitrosamine is a substance capable of causing cancer research at the Tokyo College of Pharmacy has found that the enzymes within raw daikon juice are very similar to those in the human digestive tract the action of these enzymes and daikon juice can prevent the reactions which would allow nitrosamine to form stopping this toxin from forming means stomach cancer is prevented the daikon is a staple of Japanese Chinese and Korean diets it is affordable plentiful and best of all has these amazing benefits Western dyes could surely benefit from the addition of daikon number five walnuts eating just five walnuts a day can improve your health dramatically they are a rich source of antioxidants and heart-healthy minerals such as magnesium potassium and calcium the omega-3 fatty acids in walnuts are also considered beneficial for cancer prevention as well as depression the polyunsaturated fats a contained help your body grow stronger hair nails and skin but more importantly these good fats can assist with weight loss omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids are vital for effective bodily function incorporating walnuts into the diet as a replacement for foods high in unhealthy saturated fats can improve general health and help with weight loss results of studies while not yet conclusive support the premise that walnuts enable weight loss walnuts make the ideal healthy snack because of their levels of protein in dietary fiber these nutrients help to increase feelings of fullness that will stop unhealthy sugar cravings and the tendency to overeat so feel free to enjoy those Waldorf salads just go easy on the mayonnaise number four red banana bananas are a great source of fiber antioxidants vitamin C and B vitamins they provide potassium which is an excellent way to rehydrate and this is why athletes consume bananas after performing bananas also promote production of serotonin and melatonin which is beneficial for mood stability muscle relaxation and regulation of sleep patterns as if these benefits aren't enough prepare to be impressed by the additional properties of the red banana you see red bananas are nutritionally superior to the yellow variety a meta-analysis of several studies shows that high levels of potassium such as those found in red bananas can reduce the risk of a stroke this is because the high levels of potassium can reduce blood pressure the American Heart Association promotes the consumption of more potassium for this reason the antioxidant beta carotene also has a role in reducing the risk of heart disease a study found that the red banana was the type of banana with the highest concentration of beta carotene in the peel in pulp because it is an antioxidant and reduces inflammation beta carotene can prevent the artery from thickening and hardening thus reducing the possibility of heart disease number 3 lemon you might already know about some of the lemons health properties if you take honey lemon cough syrup throat lozenges or tea when you have a cold but there is so much more to the humble lemon that meets the eye lemon is a source of rebo flavin zinc calcium vitamin c and many more nutrients it's mighty nutritional makeup helps with immunity digestion kidney stones dehydration and constipation but most interesting is the calming effect that lemon has on the mind and body this means it can be used to reduce dizziness nausea stress high blood pressure and can even improve mood stability one study induced psychological stress on 18 healthy participants and found that the days they were given lemon balm extract they dealt better with the negative feelings the stress brought on they also rated themselves as feeling calmer than they did on the occasions they received Lisi bows rather than lemon balm in fact lemon balm has been approved by both health Canada and Germany's Commission II as an herbal medicine for sleep aid number two mangosteen not familiar with mangosteen well it's a Southeast Asian tropical fruit scientifically called Garcinia mango Stannah it has long been used in traditional Chinese medicine but now science is also showing interest in the virtues of mangosteen mangosteen can improve skin health boost the immune system and maintain blood sugar levels what makes mangosteen so amazing is its concentration of xanthe owns which are plant chemicals three of these Antone's have been screened in a laboratory study which found them able to stop the development of breast cancer cells although human trials haven't been conducted yet a 2011 scientific review found that mangosteen zan phones could both prevent cancer and treat it this is because it attacks inflammation in cells and then targets and arrests the molecular substances within tumor cells number one dandelion dandelions are so abundant you probably think they're just pesky flowering weeds but don't be so quick to dismiss the common dandelion or possesses amazing health benefits dandelion tea is a traditional Chinese remedy for digestive concerns kidney disease and general inflammation a recent study also explored dandelion root for its potential to improve the function of the gall bladder and liver most exciting are the human clinical trials which have been approved to test the effects of dandelion root extract on patients with end-stage blood-related cancers like leukemia and lymphoma these trials follow a lab study which found dandelion root extract with its potent antioxidant compounds brought about apoptosis and cancers human pancreatic cells this means that cancer cells come in at cell death while healthy cells incredibly remained unharmed some cases have been recorded where patients with an acute form of leukemia were not responding to medical treatments so they began drinking daniela and root tea which resulted in ongoing cancer remission this is a significant and quite amazing step forward in cancer treatment of course we recommend consulting a medical professional using these foods for treating any health concerns do you know of any other foods with magical health properties let me know in the comment section down below also if you enjoyed this video please subscribe to BMA's 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