Foods To Eat To Maintain A Healthy Uterus


  1. The Lost Book Of Home Remedies

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  3. I was good with everything. Until the end..cows milk is not healthy for don't want that mucus in your body

  4. I suffer constipation and period pain

  5. Please what will be the treatment for a patient that the uterus comes out from the viginal when she does any hard job,a woman of 62 years

  6. Sorry can't take nuts it gives me gass in my stomach, secondly I love milk and butter but, they said they are the enemies of unhealthy uterus!

  7. Uterus tb cure this diet mam. please reply me

  8. I thought milk is not good for fibroid

  9. No dairy products at all they are enemies of uterine health as they contain caesin protein which promotes the production of bad oestrogen….so please chk this out before making such videos!!!

  10. Milk is the worst thing to put in your body . Take vitamins instead of milk , milk is so bad for u

  11. You should go to WooPep website if you'd like to learn more about diet mates.

  12. All these are my besst so it really won't be a big problem, thank you for everything 😍😍😍

  13. Everything but milk

  14. Milk is NOT healthy.

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