Foodborne Illness Prevention

did you know that one in six Americans will get sick from food poisoning this year that's about 48 million people will tell you how to avoid foodborne illnesses and what to do in the event of suspected food poisoning what are the symptoms the most common symptoms are abdominal pain diarrhea nausea and vomiting however symptoms can vary based on the source of contamination who's at risk pregnant women because they have weakened immune systems and foodborne illnesses pose a greater risk to the development of the fetus children elderly because as we age our immune system is less able to combat illness and people with chronic conditions such as diabetes and HIV because these conditions can lead to a weakened immune system young children older adults were also more likely to have severe complications or died from these illnesses 13% of infections 24% of hospitalizations and 57% of deaths occurred among adults aged 65 years and up what causes foodborne illness foodborne illnesses can be caused by bacteria viruses and parasites are there complications rare cases of kidney damage arthritis brain and nerve damage and death can occur as a result of foodborne illnesses how does foodborne illness occur foodborne illness is caused by contamination of food products by harmful bacteria viruses parasites and chemicals contamination can occur during production processing distribution or preparation how can I protect myself from foodborne illness do your research when eating out restaurants are required to post state inspection certificates at the door inspect the visible areas of the restaurant are they clean keep cold food cold and hot foods hot bacteria multiply rapidly between 40 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit keep your food out of this danger zone whether you're preparing or producing your food here are some food preparation tips store food in the refrigerator cook food to a safe minimum internal temperature take your food thermometer along on outdoor camping and grilling trips keep all perishables including luncheon meats on ice and a cooler cook meat and poultry completely at the picnic site and separate perishables from the beverage cooler as it will be opened more frequently what do I do in the case of suspected foodborne illness report and seek help in case of suspected illness follow these general guidelines first preserve the evidence if a portion of the suspect food is available wrap it securely mark danger and freeze it save all of the packaging material such as cans or cartons and identifying labels second seek treatment as necessary if the victim is in an at-risk group seek medical care immediately likewise if symptoms persist or are severe such as bloody diarrhea excessive nausea and vomiting or high temperature call your doctor third call the local health department if the suspect food was served at a large gathering from a restaurant or any other food service facility or if it is a commercial product finally call the USDA meat and poultry hotline at you


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