Food Pharmacy Diet//Food Vlog //What I eat in a day during two weeks!


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  2. We all like Gluten, but its bad for us. My sister had celiac disease, very painful at times for her. She committed suicide May 8, 2010. I hope you find out what is making you itch on your head and ear. Have you seen a doctor? I'm not changing my diet until the first of the year. Then my husband and I are going to change diets. Our health is in our own hands. You're doing the right best with your diet as you can. God bless you! 🙏❤💕

  3. It's good because it's my favorite cooking know-how class. The ingredients look fresh and more delicious.I enjoyed today too. I watched it through to the end. I love cooking, too.This video is so fun.It looks so yummy.It's a happy video even if you make me hungry. It's an honor to be ranked first in your Korean comment list that makes us happy. I am a South Korean. I'll be friends with you if you let me.

  4. Видео обязательно к просмотру!Лайк уже поставил!

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  6. So informative! Especially on gut health.

  7. Nice video thx for support…like 5 stay connected best wishes for ur channel progress hope you support back…support done

  8. You have an excellent diet!😊

  9. This is very very usefull video love your Diet plan.Supporting you hope you will support back.Best wishes for you channel👍

  10. 🌹🎀I enjoyed watching your video.😍🎀 Have a good day.My friend♥likeeeee+😍😍😍

  11. I am glad that you had good results! Very informative video! Wheat causes me to have skin issues!l Have a great day xoxo 💕

  12. checking out the content, thanks for the update!

  13. Love pumpkin seeds, tumeric,flax seed,so good for you agreed. That buckwheat looked really nice for breakfast,never made that before x Dried plums and fresh orange,wow you really make a good varitey of breakfasts,loved this xx lentils with Pumpkin nice,liked the look of the vegan burgers and french fries,I think your evening meals look good. I have to say from seeing them, I think the size of my evening meals maybe too big. Love the way you edited all of this xx

  14. This has useful information about your detox! There is a lot of different meals for 2 weeks. It looks interesting to try. Glad to know detox helped. You look pretty! Have a great day!😍

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