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hello and welcome back to break the twitch my name is Anthony and this is the third video in my healthy habits series this one focused on food and diet over the last year or so I've been experimenting with healthy diet and exercise habits and seeing how my body responds to them so far I've lost about 35 pounds of fat and gained 22 pounds of lean muscle mass which is funny because it means I've only lost 12 pounds overall you can really see the difference in this video of me from November of 2017 before I got started with all of this the difference has been huge and have really enjoyed the process just as a reminder I'm not a registered dietician or even a food coach or a chef for that matter so make sure you talk to your doctor before starting any diet or exercise program or a licensed professional of your choosing I'd like to start off with some general learnings starting with a great expression that I heard you can't outrun your fork an average cookie is between 250 to 300 calories a decent runner burns about 100 calories per mile Rann which means you have to run two to three miles to burn off the effect of one cookie on your system you have to focus on diet if you want your body to change substantially after losing 30 pounds about half way through the year I decided to start focusing on building muscle and strength so I did an experiment where I started eating a pint of ice cream three days a week immediately after lifting heavy weights I gained weight quickly I got stronger really really fast but I put on the extra body fat which was not ideal speaking of which I quickly learned that after about 4 to 5 months or so I had to choose a goal once you get past the beginner gains of working out and dieting you can't burn fat and build muscle at the same time so I had to choose an isolated goal either eating in a caloric surplus or a caloric deficit to lose weight speaking of building muscle and burning fat here are some general things that I learn about carbs when I increased carbs I found that I had more energy for workouts and could lift heavier weights and built muscle more quickly but also put on some fat when I lowered carbs I found that I burned more fat but didn't have as much strength or energy for the lifts that I was doing so there was sort of this inverse relationship between carbs and performance fat gain and fat loss so depending on your goal you might need to switch that kind of thing up when it comes to protein intake there is a generally accepted formula of one gram of protein per pound of lean body mass per day so for me I target about a hundred and eighty grams of protein per day at minimum this has helped me a lot especially eating a high-protein low ish carb breakfast has helped me feel more full throughout the day feel more energized and just get the day started off right I've generally followed an eating schedule called intermittent fasting it's where you eat during an eight-hour window and then fast for the remaining 16 hours I tend to eat between noon and 8:00 p.m. this works differently for everyone I've just found that it's more convenient and it helps me not snack on things that I shouldn't be snacking on outside of the eating window here's a huge tip when it comes to grocery shopping and it's twofold firstly I find that whatever size I buy often becomes the serving size to counteract this I still buy some of the unhealthy things that I want it's just that I buy smaller serving sizes so that once it's in the house I just eat what's there instead of eating a whole lot more of it that's helped me control portions when it comes to sugar the second thing is to never go grocery shopping hungry whenever I go grocery shopping hungry I want to buy everything up in the store and that's never a good thing for budget or for the quality of food I'm getting if you are going to eat sugar here's something I learned from Tim Ferriss do so within an hour after a resistance training exercise like lifting weights the sugar in what you eat will restore your glycogen stores in your muscles and make you recover faster so you can actually use sugar to your advantage in that way and finally let's talk about supplements there's obviously a ton of information out there about different supplements but there are three things that I found that are consistently recommended and that I've personally had very good results with the first is whey protein powder and making sure to always have a protein shake after working out for recovery that's something that I've done consistently and it's worked pretty well for me the second is creatine it helps with muscle endurance and helps you get extra reps in when you're at the gym and it helps with muscle recovery it's been well researched to be very safe and there are a ton of studies on it third is beta alanine which helps with muscle recovery and intensity of workout those are the three supplements that I've taken consistently and seen the best results with so much so that I continue to take them but that's about it there are a million different diets that you can follow different eating styles and these are the ones that have worked well for me but I encourage you to experiment and see what makes you feel best of course I'll be putting links to everything I mentioned in the comments of this video none of this video or any of my recommendations are sponsored or paid for there purely from me to you if you'd like to find out more about how that is possible check out break the twitch comm slash community to find out more about the break to twitch member community the member community is just nine dollars a month right now and comes with some amazing benefits including a 20-minute welcome video chat with me audio series and a private member slack channel so this concludes the healthy habits series thank you so much for watching I hope you have a wonderful rest of your week and I'll see you soon


  1. You can't outrun your cookies ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Is intermittent fasting safe to try when I have low blood pressure in the morning? I'm not really a fan of passing out before class.

  3. wow, that's a great video!

  4. Sounds like a guy thing to me. Has your wife changed her diet too, or just her workout routine ?

  5. Straight from the blender- THE ONLY WAY!

  6. I eat breakfast at 11am and don't eat after 7 in the evening, I didn't know this had a name! ๐Ÿค“I appreciate you not demonising carbs and sugar!

  7. I appreciate your posting this, but it seemed more about exercise and supplements than actual food. I'm always trying to find ways to eat real food easily and quickly and I didn't really find that here. Perhaps a different title would be more accurate.

  8. Liked the video, I would just recommend being careful about promoting IF for everyone. Some studies have shown it may not be a good idea for women. Here is an article that links to some of the studies and describes the issues:

  9. Great video, I really appreciate that you went through the methods and shared your experiences. I canโ€™t wait for the rest of this series!

  10. Started watching had a mouthful of my nightly cookies 3 frozen pillsbury chocolate chip cookies when you started bathing cookies. I have no problem with weight actually got told I'm to thin but I eat all day long. So I'm looking for healthier alternatives but cant get past the texture of good healthy food.

  11. Excess carbs โ€˜turn to fat.โ€™ That process is called de novo lipogenesis…..and its r.e.a.l.l.y hard for humans to do this. And if overfeeding is that much for de novo lipogenesis to happen, the gain is only a matter of grams per day (IOW…it would take months to gain only a pound). More than likely, you consumed LOTS more fat which accompanied those carbohydrates. (Source: Dr. John McDougall)

  12. There's currently two nutritional tribes, the lipid-hypothesis + calories-in calories-out group versus the hormonal two compartment model + ancient-eating group. They clash and belittle each other because they disagree on so many things such as grains, sugars, saturated fats, meat, exercise, etc. It's like a battle between Douglas Adam's programmers and philosophers. As long as science continues its slow march towards a proper conclusion, these groups will keep bickering in public and let the gravy train roll on for life!

  13. great video! can you share what meals you've made to help you lose weight?

  14. You can't outrun your fork.

    I like this.

    Thank you.

  15. Proteinpowder is dood, but if you actually look at the science on supplements, they're basically a waste of money. The going medical advice is get blood work, then discuss with a doctor (or even a Masters degree level registered dietician), and supplement only the specific things the doctor tells you need supplementing.

  16. .8 grams of protein works too if you arenโ€™t trying to put on a whole bunch of muscle, which is easier to hit if you are vegan, or trying to reduce meat intake

  17. Intermittent fasting works really well for me, too! I generally eat 2 larger meals a day during my eating window. I feel more satisfied eating fewer larger meals over smaller meals more frequently. It also simplifies my day because I spend less time in the kitchen. ๐Ÿ’ซ

  18. If you'd like to eat healthy and decrease your impact on the planet by creating less waste, getting into the plant based lifestyle is the way to go. Check out the studies doctors have done (that are unbiased and thus, aren't sponsored by certain companies) on how its the healthiest way to eat, too. is a great website with incredible studies. There is also has a YouTube channel by the same name.

  19. Love it – I feel like when we remember that being healthy & losing weight is simple (not always easy, but simple), we actually make progress cause we're not paralyzed by the thought that everything needs to be perfect.

  20. May I suggest you could switch for vegan protein powder with soy milk ? Way better for your health also and for the rest you know like the animals and the environment. I love the brand Vega One!

  21. My favourite source for research on supplements is
    It gets to the bottom of the hype real quick.

  22. I love how you are doing ๐ŸŽHealthy Habits Series! I just was talking about how we all should start to form healthy habits to help us start to simplify our life. I am currently working on the food as well for myself. It's always nice to have some inspiration for this kind of thing. Thank you for inspiring me today! Love your channel! ๐Ÿ’™

  23. I Love the setting!

  24. Really interesting. Thank you. I'm glad you mentioned I.F.
    I don't have any weight issues, but have mucked around with various things over the years, in the search to generally "feel better," including avoiding gluten, veganism, paleo,no dairy, sugar free etc. and none have made an appreciable difference and can, in my experience lead to obsessions with every bite you eat ๐Ÿ˜‰

    For me, some form of I.F. seems to be the answer, although I'm currently eating (and loving) working with Circadian Rhythms, eating between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m. turning off my "screens" at 8.30 p.m. and getting to bed by 10.30 p.m. where possible, walking every other day and Circuit Training 3x a week and it's great.

    I'm, concentrating on that, small steps and eating, more or less, what I want, within that system, which does involve eating plenty of veg, etc. But I no longer intend to go back to any sort of system where I worry about eating the odd sweet/dessert.

    One thing I have found really useful is to eat (dinner) at the Dining Table, instead of on the couch in front of the T.V. which means that I have a glass of wine, with the meal, but no more after ๐Ÿ˜‰and this makes me get up and do the dishes, rather than lounging around waiting for a T.V. show to end and possibly indulging in another glass of wine and falling asleep!

    I'm particularly pleased that you've reinforced the notion that you can't "burn off" a sugary treat via a small amount of exercise!
    The number of people who still tout the idea that you can is staggering!

  25. Great advice. I think most people go to extremes with diet instead of just eating good food and cutting out the bad. I've tried keto, vegetarianism, atkins, fasting, calorie restriction, yet the most beneficial thing I've found is eat a balanced diet and simply cut refined sugar and refined carbs. It breaks the addiction and it's much easier to control my diet and eat what I need to eat rather than what I crave.

  26. I agree with so much you say here, an absolutely great video. You are so awesome!

  27. Great video! To add to the creatine comment (for those who are unsure about its origin): We already produce creatine in our body, and it can improve our performance if we give our body a little more of it to work with. I used to feel the difference in the amount of reps I could do, it was really nice for my accessory exercises. ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. I love the background color. (0:01)

  29. Simple, clean, and honest. Great work sir ๐Ÿ‘
    It summs up what I learned during my 17 years of experience with sports, diet and habits.
    Keep up the good work ๐Ÿ‘

  30. Great video. Can you share your experience with working out before fasting. I barely have energy i need for the work out.

  31. Hi! You said that you eat 12pm-8pm does that mean u skip breakfast?

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