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hello welcome to my blog this is LV everything goes and I wanted to continue my journey my healing journey and to share with you the things that I'm learning as I go along so today I'm reading some stuff and I stumbled on this doctor that was talking about he's very passionate about food so really is food life or life is food so there are two things when you think about food we don't live without food we cannot leave it's like okay that's the source of our strength our whole being we need to eat something in order for us to live but if you think about life is food I don't think that that works because that means that you just keep on working towards eating something it's not like you have to eat something in order to live so what do you think the choice is ours and really time to think of it this is the this is the saying that we are what we eat so whatever food is we're putting in our system in our body that's the site the after effect of that food will be in all our system because that's our fuel it's like the gasoline for or the the gasoline for the cars or any any fuel that will make the machine works so think of it as our whole body as a machine and food is our fuel but we don't have we don't have to be like getting to the point that we only working to get or to eat to eat something that is like very expensive like foie gras truffles all those things they're very very expensive a sushi like the first-class sushi is like one piece of sushi is like 100 dollars and that is like obsessive obsession for food which means that life is no longer that our food is no longer life but life becomes food so it's very confusing but if you think about it it makes sense because some people is just so obsessed with with making very very great food authentic they said authentic really Michelin like the master chefs like I don't mean it's bad but I mean for us regular people and for all the people that are having autoimmune diseases or this is just it's hard to heal our life is food and I'm going to share to you today that there is this guy who really there is a testimony of this guy who was able to turn around also his his thyroid problem within six months with no medication but just getting into a lot of diet protocols which is the the gut healing protocols that he followed and he was able to heal himself because food is healing if we eat the right food and I'm sharing that to you today because it I'm very passionate out like if I read something and I learned something I wanted to share it with you you in the sense of sharing I've shared you the the time when I got very upset with my dermatologist and I've read today because I enrolled in this email through dr. Terry walls which at the very beginning I was telling you that I'm following her protocol and today she emailed me and my my gut feeling when when they were telling me well the doctor was telling me to go for the biologic injection after the metal oxide was stopped it just confirmed doctor was confirmed that this magical biologic medications that most of the Western doctors are now pushing it's a $20 medication for a year I mean even if I'm covered through my work insurance I'd rather not go there because when I read as I told you and in my other blogs when I read the side effects I was so shocked and worried what's gonna happen to me so today doctor was emailed me and in her email she mentioned that biologics and the amount of side effects and that will cost yours in your system you will get like heart failure kidney failure GI tract autoimmune other autoimmune diseases so while they were saying to me that that's the only thing that can help me through healing my psoriasis my cirrhotic arthritis and the inflammation that is in my system and the doctor was telling me like you're high risk for because this information is not only outside that you can see swelling it's also your arteries that can be inflamed and then that will lead to stroke and I was like very very scared when I get out there I'm very scared and very worried and I wanted to tell you this today that my decision of not going through taking that that medication and it specifically was recommended were spouts today doctor was told me that it can cost more like cancer and other autoimmune diseases so that doesn't make sense that these doctors are pushing these biologic medications to all the patients and I I also have a friend or a co-worker at at work that is getting that injection it's not it's a different kind of injection in this videos for her asthma and I don't understand why they're recommending this biologic injections for asthma for an asthma patient i I just couldn't you know I'm worried about her it's like yeah it's treating your asthma it's okay you know if if you have this asthma attacks and then you don't have any what she calls her chips of breathing and that but don't you even think about what's can happen after that like a few years from now it happened to me before I was taking escalara and that medication is every three months and the amount of the vacation is 3200m per injection and I thought okay I'm fine the doctors telling me I will be okay and you know I had to take this maps and then I got sick and then from that point on I said to stop the medication today if anybody of you is taking that biologic medication please please do your research and find out more about it because doctor was who wrote this was protocol just emailed me today all the side-effects that I'm worried about and more come to think of it it's not worth taking the medication if you're going to be having cancer later on if you get a develop something more severe later on in life and we need to enjoy our life we we don't have to go through this medication and I just listened to our doctors it is our life it is our own body we have the right to refuse we have the right to find out if there is something more than this pharmaceuticals and which is now it's some of the doctors are now getting into these things that especially when dr. wall stirred around her MS some of the her colleagues was able to believe and now they're trying to figure out the connection of the diet and and and our bodies our system so I will share with you some of the slides that I made to show you the that the medication the biologic medication the side effects is really severe sickness and also my reasoning for for not getting into it was just confirmed today and I'm very very happy that because dr. Wallace has a research people that works with her is continuously doing research after research to make sure that all these things can help people just like me and you maybe can be helped out as well so I'm sharing this to you and I'm also sharing the testimonial that I just told you earlier about the guy who turned around her his his thyroid problem through gut protocol the gut healing protocols so and this is also a testimony that everything that we eat affects us because every all the sickness mo all of the sicknesses you know starting from our gut so if our gut is okay we're not saying if our gut is not okay and you can feel it because you might be bloated you might be having stomach upsets and you might have like pain sometimes you might have constipation so might have like a lot of problems with your bowel movements that is telling you something that you need to fix your gut just like me because I don't know anything I don't know anything before nobody is telling me anything about gut problem anything about the about the gut that is connected to our immune system and all of these things in back in 1991 that was 20 years ago 28 years ago actually I had a thyroid cancer and it was taken out now I can't do anything I have to be taking this hormone medication for life and we can help you out to try to do your healing through natural way through help eating healthy food that would be better that would be best now I can do anything because my thyroid is out and I had to take hormones every day and that's why I wanted to share with you and I hope like the people that will be able to watch this blog will be able to also research you don't listen to me you don't listen to the doctors the people that surround you or whatever I'm telling you it's just you do your research for your own sake for your life love yourself and your body because it's only you who can make a difference it's your choice and thank you for watching me again and let's continue this healing journey and when I find out again on the next blog I will share with you whatever I read whatever I find out and let's be together during this journey and I hope I help someone heal through the heating healthy making yourself relax and you know making a difference in your life and that will be for you and for your loved ones and thank you so much for watching I hope you subscribe and like my videos I will see you next time bye bye

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