Food for Healthy Gums: Nutrition and Supplements

did you know eating a well-balanced diet not only reduces your risk of developing diabetes and heart disease but can also benefit your oral health hi I'm dr. Gordon Wilson and research shows incorporating good nutrition and natural supplements into your diet can help prevent and aid in the treatment of gum disease high-fiber foods such as whole grains fruits and vegetables and beans provide a tremendous dental health benefit they require considerable chewing time allowing teeth and gums to be exposed to saliva which decreases your potential for developing cavities Whole Foods also provide important nutrients and vitamins like vitamins A C and E and a range of the B vitamins they also contain folic acid beta carotene selenium and flavonoids these are all-natural inexpensive remedies commonly found in the produce aisle of your grocery store antioxidants also play a major role in promoting healthy mouths vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant and is needed to repair connective tissue and accelerate bone regeneration polyphenol commonly found in cranberries may actually prevent bacteria from joining together to form plaque on teeth and the antioxidant coenzyme q10 provides energy needed for gum cell growth and the healing of gum tissues a well-balanced diet equals a well-balanced individual so the next time you reach for a big juicy Apple go ahead and grin because you're about to nourish your smile for a complete list of nutrients and supplements that benefits your gums join our social network by following us on Facebook and Twitter you can also find more helpful videos and just like this one on our YouTube channel you'll be glad you did


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