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hey guys happy Monday welcome back to another weekly vlog it is currently 852 in the morning and it's also like my favorite weather outside it is 64 degrees the high at 70 degrees today that's going to be like rain all day like on and off super stoked about that I hope you guys had a great weekend so I wanted to go ahead and just start the vlog and say hello good morning and if you are new to the channel thank you so much for watching today and don't forget to subscribe so I wanted to share with you guys like the week I did this last week but I want to do it more detailed this week this is my first meal of the day we've got cherries blueberries strawberries and then eight ounces of organic coconut water and I woke up like almost two hours ago so yeah this is my like I said my first meal and then like I'll let this digest for like an hour or so and then I'll have like oats or something and then I'll head to the gym it is now like 10:30 and I am having like my next meals be like my pre-workout meal and it's just steel cut oats with cinnamon and stevia and a little bit of maple extract yeah so I'm going to eat this and then like throw on my shoes maybe a pre-workout and stuff and then go to the gym and today is a leg day so I should be able to get like a couple of clips at least so umm yeah maybe I'll see you guys later [Applause] you it's raining people we got rain not too bad it's like a light it's really light rain it's really nice out right now really nice I love this weather um I just got done with a really good really hard leg workout I filmed a couple of clips but I think that's it this weather was like really making me just like one uh stay inside and do laundry and like kind of forcing me like get stuff done I need to get done so I'm gonna go home and do that and like open up the windows and listen to the rain and enjoy the 60-degree weather so I'm actually really excited for this day and I have a really delicious quinoa tabouli that I prepped yesterday it's like in the fridge for lunch and I'm excited about that too so let's go home hey guys so I am out here under this like pavilion thing in the rain filming like a really cool I think really cool and workout video based around rain energy drink which I freaking love so the idea is a rainy workout and yeah it's really really good it built amazing out here and I to stop this idea and I was like do something about it I'm gonna get back to filming but I wanted to pop in and let you guys know what I am about to make like a post-workout smoothie the same one that I have all the time coming almond milk cold water organ chocolate protein and then I am gonna go film another workout for Instagram this video is going to be like jam packed with healthy meals food combining grocery haul and workouts so I hope you guys are excited for it I am out like at the soccer field this is my outfit for the little workout video I just got done filming feel really good too because I already did like a really intense shoulder workout today and then the past two days I've like filmed these extra workouts so I feel like I'm getting like burning extra calories getting an extra burn and I'm like out in the Sun and it feels amazing outside it's like 75 degrees feels good and I'm glad like that I you know I'm doing something that I love everyday and like taking the time to create content but like content that I really enjoy making so yeah the past two days have been like super productive and I feel so good doing it hello I am back home now and I just got done boiling up some whole-grain noodles or just over there in the pot I'm gonna mix that just to like thicken up and get more protein in this tabbouleh salad that I perhaps I got this recipe from dr. Mona van I will link that like video below where she showed you guys like what she eats in a day anyway so I made her recipe and it's a quinoa tabouli as a cucumber and parsley and tomato olive oil lemon juice and sea salt so I'm gonna have like a cup of that and then add in the noodles maybe just a little bit more oil and some more seasoning and then that will be my lunch for the day it's about 150 grams and then we'll add in the noodles and that's just one serving of noodles so the noodles that I used are like just whole-grain plain noodles they have like 9 grams of protein sorry about that every time I start talking I'll be right back the second I stop recording good morning guys happy Wednesday it is about 8:20 right now and I woke up like a little bit after 7:00 but I just got downstairs I was just kind of like hanging out upstairs and making the bed and like checking stuff on my phone the usual anyway I am still doing food combining I did it most of last week I think almost all of last week and then I did it Sunday Monday Tuesday and then I will do it again Wednesday and I think we were actually gonna go grocery shopping today so I'll bring you guys along for that but I'm starting my morning with 20 ounces of water and I'll probably filled this up one more time and then have some breakfast I think I'm gonna have some watermelon this morning there's a watermelon and the fridge nice and cold so I'm super excited about that so I'm gonna drink this and then go get some breakfast here in a second hey guys so it is now 9:30 so about an hour after I had like my watermelon this morning and I'm now making some sprouted no-salt-added multigrain toast I've got some in the toaster back there where is it over there so this is the bread that again I just get it at some sprouts and the refrigerated section and the macros are really good because while I am foods combining I'm still counting all my macros every day because I have some goals I want to reach so this one has half a gram of fat only 16 carbs and 6 grams of protein so I have two of these 12 grams of protein which is awesome and then I have a cod oh that I just mashed up this is about 100 grams of avocado and then I will just season that with pink salt and mrs. dash tomato basil garlic and then chop up some cherry tomatoes and put that on top and that will be my next meal so after having this meal after going into like migraines and starches and whatnot I will not go back to fruit for the rest of the day now that's like the super simple version if you don't want to keep track of like how long everything takes to digest it's just easier to have all your fruit in the morning get out of the way and it's a great way to start the day because it's really hydrating and you get like a lot of antioxidants and it just feel like light and good and hydrated once that's out of the way like I had watermelon today but as you guys saw earlier in the week I have like strawberries cherries blueberries whatever you can have whatever fruit you want except bananas and acai are a little bit different and if I can find something that explains that to you guys I'll put it up on the screen or it'll be at the at the beginning of this video because I'm not even gonna try to pretend like I'm a pro at this or that I can explain everything because I can't anyway I'm gonna put this together and I'll show you guys the final product [Applause] hi guys another little behind the scenes of filming workouts for Instagram and getting thumbnails for stuff is me at this little park area setting up my camera on self timer and posing for like 10 minutes so thank God no one is her uncle I would have been really embarrassing hello guys it is now 5 o'clock I'm here with David we just drove to Las Cruces again this is actually the third Wednesday that we've come into town to go to sprouts so maybe we'll just start doing this every Wednesday I wanted to show you guys my little list that I made really quick for like the food combining grocery list and then we're gonna go in and get to show up so it's like all the produce so like lots of veggies and fruits and stuff and then we'll get like a lot of lentil pastas chickpea pastas probably some beyond burgers and like pita bread sprouted bread the same stuff that I've been eating last week and this week so far so let's get to shopping shop 620 nouns about all over an hour and very successful trip got a lot of good stuff I will lay it all out and show you guys what we got once we get back home we got a lot of extra stuff that we didn't need we also got these veggie sushi rolls we're going to eat this and head home and I'll see you guys when we get there so I can show you everything that we got so we have really been on a pesto kick like with our pasta lately so we got three of those we needed some more color garlic garlic powder I got this green Thai coconut curry four containers of red lentil pasta because we ate that up super quick this past week two of the chickpea got some organic grape tomatoes organic cucumber organic raspberries they did not have organic blueberries so I'll just have to make sure to like wash these well but extra but I really wanted to make sure to get blueberries because I've been eating this so much lately two containers of organic arugula I've got some coconut water already see onions I don't know anyway onions lemons avocado two heads of organic Greenleaf lettuce two organic garden tomatoes Yukon potatoes organic broccoli and then I got these yellow things or peaches organic bell peppers and then we'll move over here we got some of these avocado oil sprays we got an Italian herb one and then a Chipotle one some more veggie rotini I haven't opened up the bag that I got last week but I know that I will this coming week so I wanted to have another backup and then this pita bread I ate like every single day this last week and loved it so I got more of that the sprouted whole-grain bread some organic cacao powder to put in my oats and morning we got this huge thing of apple cider vinegar David drinks – apple cider vinegar like every morning and every evening so we got a huge one of those I got about a battle I got a bottle of white wine and then we got this dark chocolate which way I've got in the past two weeks as well it's so good you guys if you ever come across it you have to get it it is vegan and gluten free and it tastes really really good and then some hand soap obviously the next section is not part of the food haul really but just go ahead and show you guys yeah this sprouts hand soap and then all of these were on sale and these are the vitamins that we take like every single day so we got three vitamin C's and then a vitamin b12 spray also I have a like vitamin review video I'll link that below if you guys want to know like what I think about these products and then all the other my kind products that we have oh and then we also got another container of beyond meat burgers and then last week we got the regular sausages but this week we got the hot Italian good morning guys it is 824 right now and as I just showed you I am having watermelon and coconut water as like my first breakfast and then I'll let this digest as I go upstairs and like get ready for the day and like make the bed and all that stuff and then I'll come back down and probably have avocado toast again because we have a ripe avocado and fats and starches go really really well together so that will be like my second breakfast and a majority of my calories and protein and stuff so when I make that I'll make sure to show you guys I am now back from the gym it is almost 2 o'clock and I'm gonna go ahead and have like my regular protein shake that I have every day so for dinner this is what we are going to have I'm gonna make a side salad with this fresh organic green leaf lettuce chopped up some grape tomatoes and then top it with lemon turmeric dressing we're gonna have some red lentil penne with organic vegan basil pesto I add a little bit of Earth Balance butter maybe like half a serving and then like half a serving of olive oil and then arugula and then a little bit of deya mozzarella cheese half a serving as well so that will be the dinner and then of course I will show you guys a little clip once it's all put together and we're about to eat okay so first while I wait for David to get home I'm just having the salad that I plan on having and then I have I waited out six ounces of Savio and Blanc and that is like the first portion of this dinner hello it has been about an hour hour and a half since I had the fruit that I showed you guys this morning and now I'm gonna make like my actual breakfast before I go to the gym so I got this recipe from dr. Ramona band and she does quinoa it's like a quinoa oatmeal so I'm gonna do about a cup of quinoa that I had cooked at the beginning of the week and then I'm going to heat it up in this pan with some cashew milk I'm gonna add some cacao powder some cinnamon and then sweeten it with stevia okay so here's what it looks like definitely not pretty but that's not the purpose of this meal this quinoa will definitely have like way more protein than my oats did [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] hello I gotta bend down so I can be in the frame um it's been in about 30 minutes or so since I had my protein shake so now I'm gonna make like something for a lunch so I'm snacking on some fresh cucumber and red bell pepper that I chopped up this morning and then I'm also going to have two of the Joseph's organic sprouted pita bread oh no it's not sprouted it's just a whole wheat pita bread I discovered these last week was it when I went shopping and I am obsessed with them because they have only two grams of fat 28 carb and seven grams of protein apiece so stoked about that also we picked this up we're at sprouts it's a Chipotle avocado oil spray so I'm gonna spray this on for some flavor and then I'll top this with yellow Thai coconut curry oh oh as a colour okay so I'm gonna pop this in the oven on low life low broil and then I'll put that on top and then this will be at my next meal of the day hi it is almost 6 o'clock now it's 5:40 actually and I have just been for the past like Oh almost 3 hours editing this video so I'm going to go ahead and end it now and show you guys what we're gonna have for dinner tonight it's pretty much exactly the same as the other pasta that we had with like the pesto rubella and all of that but tonight I think I'm gonna use chickpea noodles and we're gonna add the beyond meat sausages soccer shirt show I think we're gonna go with chickpea if not then it's gonna be the red lentil olive oil pesto mozzarella a little butter arugula I might make another little side salad and then we will each have one of these hot Italian sausages and that will be dinner so I hope you guys enjoyed this week of food combining and like the groceries all week of workouts a lot was jam-packed into this week's blog that I hope that you guys enjoyed it please let me know that you do by giving this video a thumbs up do not forget to subscribe and also hit that notification spell so you do not miss another video and make sure to check out the description box below I always have other videos linked below and there will be more information on food combining and dr. Mona vans channel because she is really knowledgeable and has lots of good content on her channel as well so make sure to check all that stuff out and thanks again for watching I will see you guys in the next video


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