Folic acid Health benefits/Deficiency/Causes/ Side effects/Treatment in Hindi

hi everyone I'm dr. Sonia and welcome back to my channel as home folic acid deficiency giveaway Baskin hrn the Prince Polly kept your hair vitamin b9 hairdo key B complex vitamins missing egg hair or coffee important role play cuz that hamari body may so again you naturally food my PI data to see how foliat get there or a girl he medicine see I just say hum supplements can hook me to home late there was a home folic acid caramel it their defensive a huge undertaking is key functions care how Murray body me it's not important to help the red blood cells formation me a body important role play cartel the fields taking a harmonized sharia muhammadiya shall you make who knows me to red blood cells have become chaotic give both oxygen carry calculator their hamari her excel hamari hurry tissue or organ thug again whoa oxygen carrot that we can finally ogre wouldn't give formation you have a cheesy ho a curve or a chess in the human dinner accident carry candy he in kitchen capacity with you of OB do have o Dickson nahi Carpathia block obviously your red blood cells your a tizzy bunny it's live fully kisses you a good for the important role player their son is not the imaginative material banana me poses an important role play are there any coffee important function of folic acid car or solutions you proper cell growth or cell division may be helpful hit the home area body K her excel or her ik though tissues heaven keep proper growth development Kelly cell growth cell division do have a body important or that something's are the Armani brain health can he be bizarre the important camera brain achieve a comically excessive skin functions selling its label folic acid copy important rule Blake Arthur's a long bath girl a good Molly Jake is he good deficiency other is a huge I okay Seco a good deficient 0 to work is a a conditions was made your ass up there sub civilian thrombus really the folic acid deficiency key value say anemia mother anemia Casio got a K Omega huh get your blood cells have a properly or the main burning yet oxygen properly managing he did have oxygen properly Nicky Lee Chang atomic hair anemia key condition ho jayegi or anemia the Givens Jota care hamari to red blood cells had over 120 days the great day Escobar would destroy a jar there are new red blood cells to a boob and they're leaking Jaffna cooperative nakum so oxygen attorney Joe Cocker thurid a ligand yoga again Joe folic acid become Indian law okobogee wooden cage with new cells and your red blood cells never properly – I would develop making only properly in the evening it is very secure go and kill oxygen carrying capacity made you have a problem I agree or thicker than you take succumb he got buying it to anemic condition oje or secondly a good job pregnancy hit I've ever kissed a pregnant woman CO and Joe have o an email sorry FeliCa safely coming here but was conditionally chaotic each of baby hair was my birth defects are subpages it is spina bifida key condition each way who are there or you coffee serious problem with you displease you a pregnant woman's could have a starting me your first man tells me folic acid to ever come in here rather all put it in case your town booth it was made well fully case it went on positive the rule yet tacky do have but Jimmy I see quick defection I'll cook you mother your mother or but you do not go hit your hair before you kiss it kiss around OTF so difference other mommies he sign and symptoms key balcony yeah collection is key whom you could deficiency hojae the sub similar to fatigue Anna Kate talk on bajas Arthur Agee moving bar by to have a charlie Nikola Barack with ulcers who Jonah yes re conditions you have for other Felicity come here Touhou sathya sake to avoid up cutter jeep jeep to hell for suji beer and i was my daughter and all redness and takes a healing you now you be fully case if you come iike various other such a job growth have a choice any new video growing dude mature hair when he grow the development you have a proper new yogi underdeveloped boring or sorry friends other molly cheeky anemia movie deficiency bizarre we're an email your condition of it is making the Campos other ideas later Jesse chacarera here or Hardware how my shirt and a rating yeah I could do I worked under Commission my so so today it should happen Bahuguna Licata or Binaca Siva Jesse to evoke sirdar's Reina complaint can you get heard in your opposite attract we were joining here should be observed another medicines we have carry a leak in jihad enjoyable sadaqa do regular ok such as a sauce liniment difficulty we have breathing difficulties with the SLA output he says usnea bleep our emergency boxes in the Himalaya estrus good fellows up there Sutton's a lock your skin here would you have people unhealthy ho jayegi orbicular yellowish you a book party I get them pale yellow aqua skin nazar I get people healthy skin you I wouldn't hear any book near Lebanon Cuba's are the problem with RTS hello Romanian ecology do you come here Theo disc images into a car a proper nahi mulatto week last week after that there or concentrate Konami but I'm in Manila Takeshi cheese my comic anemic concentration Giovanna he went away shot sake hurry yeah sure who it is that they're hoagies he better say finish local diarrhea you condition be with you be non Kashiwazaki be na kisi infection key to iodide a rain delay Columbus Thomas a diarrhea or Olga such as of SLA that is a pay talk of hula-hula Sahara hamesha or Gasper Nikki because we do have a boss other aiib going or digestive problem the heel you can flip ph ah sorry cheese it you have o'hagi to eat we skip deficiency a vengeance or something or a good both is not a severe oj full of folic acid deficiency so join up in local miserable infertility or stall et condition we are sat there or he's a boss or the excessive or girl keiko folic acid deficiency origin though he problems yahoo at the end or son even own bartylla tainted risk per con con longer can kill no career folic acid deficiency who Nick is available because I said this sub severely only pregnancy my bath we can keep baby kovitch on your mother kovitch I hear there are requirements are the hair is sleep pregnancy your condition may aku who's up there satis not a Gurkha yo boss or the sheriff with a bahasa the alcohol or the little one Midway is called absorption you have a proper knee user whose Majesty to a fall he gets it to keep deficiency to do heavy drinker soon middle bahut his other her 80s hurry vitamin middle sorry chazuke e division Co folic acid deficiency will note here sorry marketing you bajas other agar hum overcooked kana career taking your vitamins bajas are sensitive out there or jocelyn cooker didn't a year to have or destroyed obviously other overcooked Carnahan akira bothered adobe or other poor nutrition Jessup machi who properly nutritionally the Canon Inc are they properly the whose registry which were aku Felicity Caminos of the unmanned Sun evenings morning sickness he an icky job pregnancy Avengers over give up the vomiting multicon nikuman cada una hora de la who good luck to be to hopefully the city coming was a kike quilty made you a fool like a soldier who was called a source of them or savage Oulu kidney or liver key job medicines a girl in a kidney or liver problems kill you so in Luba movie Felicity commute eqqui in which medicines give address today who properly do a full physical absorption you would make me no bother now this is the malabsorption manly trachea are proper conic re-elections tklinken a like disease the problem though aptitude intestines here mahasin your proper absorption e on the risk and hapara to be a condition you who's at the deficiency who nuclear the our marker thinking daily requirements Chaka Hank echidna have made those to avoid deal each other the other healthy adults have although big will fit has heritage it he has aqua to 200 micrograms pregnancy time Peggy who give 500 micrograms or lactation Jana care of baby could do malaria those 300 micrograms up which I hear or but you go 80 to 120 micrograms aku Lena hoga usually recommended doses say if mobbed Elena tokens are substance Adami or that everything is a side effect on yoga you can be his side effect its cub do you have other up thousand MCG demand in May if not you have only said the infinitely under our place at there is this other you are happening at sea in the he can then couch conditions I see with you have the doctors out good well Cassie thousand MCD the chaos Pascal who prescribe Herceptin leaking mississauga average wound-healing IQ ki long-term the cleanest enjoyable the cut was a Thea otherwise you water-soluble a hair aku you have access to or that you didn't get through nichols other they get fit beat now it says other you have cool recommended me here he is your recommended doses here with a not healing it though up co absorb be who go are typically here a friends Barca think he is killing investigations you have a test the coho death it to complete blood count khaki doctor they still think economy a key condition hey Ernie or I guess if folic acid clearly Knick Knack to a red blood cell folate level test to the busca through a 12o folic acid can level up can the river but i can take ya Kukui deficiency toning here i won't watch the tape treatment key okay good efficiency those car treatment casa getting it difference of similar to do you have a folic acid supplements Kiska treatment hojjat a little subsea best rent ikea Garifuna case invalid cannot hire full it valid will cannot high though did not did not other affiliate velocity Carnahan absorption your natural force other better that Ocasio that to actually borrow a Lockwood your heart is Kelly tablet honey Kaiser Aetna goalie honey geezer with me ConAgra up thicker then to do avo up Kelly's out of had him in the leaking under deficiency condition and deficiency handlebars other those supplemental energy was the rodeos out there the sub Sevilla Foley cases subsonic in me by the other the heat technically dark greens had up green leafy vegetable circle my pirate I just a pile of cobia Yahoo jo aapke shall come here whose key job packed in hotel on Naval Yard star Suki poppy who gave us may had broccoli who weigh in in sub junk of the buzzer cook nahi Knesset Taurus a physical steam collegio or ceramic helmet you can make up both of the coop conocía destroy yoga but we fired on in yoga it's different Amit who is he a pitcher book cooking Herbert's bit take a movie talking homage is cuff iw sake I'm joy if not sickness are each is a liquor IRS Cafe de haa-mee-na who to feel quick i denis leary cooking a brisket hoodie of nuevo check kg akira self cookery in coops team that he easily to evoke how september like he can't even taste in ala Gilligan happy healthcare because of the important day study citrus fruits even impart Korean to Joyce and three mijo type epitome Hotel banana Mimi pariah go piranha maybe apparatus from citrus methanol Anglican parinamavada go sake grief Fuji simcha corrugated to enforce major give buyers out there Chima drama to a peb to heavily success the case of aqua available easily available who may have been cool a certain algorithm seer ski bath great friends so see in mitosis sunflower seeds then its original Kiki sieves peanuts are up key you to move Leo be or Saudis harder over LC k BG okay yeah fear bother movies now could usually or a chick wanted image way Oh Mildred into eek up of me died mean sorry chizuko Joey Appu anchors are then satyagraha would he had created beetroots Yannick to chicken the hair was me water Chima traumatized other busca salad has a day to school is at the easily school or the sad sad to have a gadget haze maybe achievement remember ratatouille sorry cheese an open economy to Abu I had curse at them other is he on Finn's bath cranky long-term make out the long-term layer of folic acid deficiency we ever up were here licking up properly to have not died kickert they are supplement properly there too up goes away e folic acid deficiency to I would he quit idea because of the serious condition being ajita did therapy school you have would be on day honey they need to occur anemia was up there or Vasari or Ducati whose activity is really under was really up a very epic a problem a to up could you avoid deficiency could take an imager whose other time he later difference he ate he discussion how my folic acid to bury me I hope up could you media video informative like UV grab people a question so to opposite the root booster thing or a girl comedy video percent I know the please like comment – share Cannonau who lay or Malcolm will do kiss your video make easy on a dog pic Assad Agora comedy videos person that Ito please friends subscribes the routine yoga or will think is your video me till then take care and keep smiling


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