Focus Killers and Natural Focus Boosters

hey guys dr. Josh axe here welcome to ancient medicine today hey Jordan focus were in fact focus right now oh oh sorry right so hey guys in this video we're going to teach you the top ways to focus natura if you need to improve your focus and really this is great these tips are going to be great for people with ADHD and ATD and really if you're one of those people that have trouble multitasking you've really trouble or focusing on one thing at a time we'll go through the best essential oils vitamin supplements and foods they're going to help you focus more effectively and best of all we're not going to take long so you only have to focus for a short period of time because it seems people's attention spans have been there shortly shortened because people are on their smartphones it said are sorry about that I didn't know we're I'm sorry I wasn't focused let's get going so these are focus killers you mentioned it multitasking I'm not even going to go where I could between the two of us and multitasking yeah ever on the phone call and you know somebody's checking their emails not just because you hear the click but they repeat themselves three times I've become a master at not doing that but either way multitasking in many cases makes you a jack of all trades and a master of none so multitasking is a focus killer you know ADHD it can be really tough on focus if you're a person that tends to be now not just a to the ADHD hyper active and part of that can be related to diet Jordan we know too much sugar in the diet other things going on in life but we know that ADHD or being hyper active can cause some issues as well this is a huge one dehydration Rob's the brain you need hydration and you need fat to function and let's face it people are out eating a bunch of dried sugary stuff that actually sucks hydration out you need to drink more drinking more helps you focus and don't just drink anything drink purified water drink teas we love teas bone broth is amazing and diluted fresh juices are really really good yeah one of the worst dehydrators is soda all the caffeine all the sugar Rob's your body low-fat diets Wow actually can really Rob your body focus remember your brain is made up of some fat and cholesterol you've got to be getting good healthy fats in your diet so again low-fat diets are going to be counterproductive to actually helping you focus and excessive sitting or standing you know today they're now calling sitting the new smoking okay and if you sit and smoke that's like double whammy right yeah definitely excessive sitting and standing so you want to have a balance like people did in the past you want to make sure to sit but then often stand or get up and what I love about the dr. axe office any moment of any day people could be doing planks they could be walking they could be doing hoon I do my push-ups you know periodically you know in fact I'm due for a set right now keeps me focused but excessive sitting or standing can be a focus killer well that's the bad news but what about ways to boost your focus sure well we know there's some great things here like adaptogenic herbs like rhodiola rosea you know rhodiola oftentimes is used by athletes to improve stamina and performance but also focus you know one of the biggest things Jordan it can cause lack of focus is when people are exhausted and yes I heard I mean think about this what's your hardest time to focus is it three o'clock or two o'clock in the afternoon you just had a big lunch and you hit that two o'clock coma at work and you're having trouble focusing getting things done and concentrating well the good news is rhodiola is one of those natural energy enhancers that can help your body focus and give you more stamina and endurance absolutely one of the greatest ways to focus is using essential oils in fact check this out this is all the focus blend I just feel invigorated with certain oils so what you're going to do is you're going to use vetiver with a carrier oil carrier oil can be almond oil could be olive oil could be avocado oil etc etc don't necessarily use coconut because it's thick if you do use a fractionated coconut include you Lane ulang which is my favorite oil mainly because I like to say you lang you lang and I always wonder when you repeat two words like mahi-mahi they're so angling no I think you know something else do Lang do sugar there we go so lavender chamomile is another one but lavender for added calmness and focus oh so you apply to your wrist and behind your ears what's interesting about essential oils there are certain points in the body meridian if you will and if you apply oils and pressure you're going to get great results the bottom of your feet are full of those sort of meridians slash nerve endings so again it's vetiver in a carrier oil you langya ylang lavender use it on your wrists and behind your ears that's a great focus one so think about this when I was younger I would always get the worst grades after lunch because I'd be so tired from the high carbon lunch I ate man if I have an essential oil could have awakened me just like that there you go and we won't even get into school lunches here but that's a whole nother topic a few other essential oils I love if you need to sort of boost the energy level peppermint oil is fantastic sometimes cedar wood is good along similar benefits to that like their ape fruit it just makes me feel ya better vet your citrus oils are awesome too so some of the foods you want to be doing fine-tuning your diet you want to eat consume a diet that's very high in vegetables high in organic natural meat products some things like berries but you want to get a lot of greens in your diet very energizing foods on a regular basis you know rather than doing the sandwich for lunch doing a big salad with a little bit of olive oil balsamic vinegar chicken breast but something like a big salad for lunch that's the way to go if you really want to support your diet foods like bone broth are incredible but really a diet that's high in plants high in omega-3 fats that's going to be a great diet to follow as well what else is good for those of you who are thinking I don't want to eat all those big salads chocolate and coffee Organic is a great way to boost serving you know what's really cool I don't drink coffee necessarily but those chocolate dark chocolate covered coffee beans a couple of those you'll be energized by the way and they're full of nutrients herbs and spices this is by far my favorite so this morning I had a steeped infusion some would call it a tea where I cut organic ginger and turmeric and I also had some medicinal mushrooms like reishi in there man it will wake you up herbs and spices help boost your brain there are many turmeric is really good periwinkle is good it has been posted teen but Coppa is good and one of my favorites it's a ginger black pepper long pepper combo in Ayurveda they call it trikha – it boosts your metabolism boosts bioavailability of nutrients and boosts your brain well awesome here we go key supplements can be so important in terms of improving your overall focus to earn some of my favorites include B vitamin you know vitamin b12 vitamin b6 these are really crucial for honing in your focus omega-3 fatty acids found in a wild caught fish oil fish roe cod liver oil so well mega threes are great as well but I would say those B complex vitamins the omegas and then the other one for me would be probiotics can be crucial taking those at as a supplement and I'm going to throw one more on there bone broth protein or a protein collagen can be great as well absolutely meditation and I am talking about clearing your mind and focusing on something you want meditate on scriptures meditation doesn't necessarily mean you go like this and making noises meditation means that you focus and you really ponder what you are thinking about you in some people even say meditation simply means quotations so like sometimes quoting I'm good enough I'm smart enough and gosh darn people like me see that's considered meditation this is a good one treadmill workstation you know I Jordan for the longest time sat at my desk well a few years ago I got a standing desk and I'll tell you I feel a lot better now that I use a standing desk now a treadmill workstation can also be great keeping you again just you know you're just going to real slow I just don't turn it on high because that is your a slide call that could be really you know like you say you could end up on your own YouTube video exactly if you have that thing on too high but you know with treadmill workstations they're great they keep your energy up you keep moving or at the very least hey try a standing desk or a stability ball or at least get up and move every little bit it's big for I'm going to check treadmill workstation epic fails who we got here I'll take it looks like a door oh hey we're wrapping up here so here we go alright to close this off focus here's the things that you need to be aware of that are really going to affect focus if you are multiplying to multitask all the time it really affects focus if you're having if you're being hyperactive due to maybe increased sugar consumption dehydration in your diet low-fat diets in excessive sitting 20 got from here okay so low-fat diets because your brain is made of fat low fat diets also tend to be low in B vitamins interestingly enough right a lot of low fat foods are deficient in B vitamins excessive sitting and standing those are focused killers but here's how to fine-tune your focus you talked about rhodiola you taught we both talked about essential oils in fact using an oil that you have at your desk to just inhale or a diffuser invigorate to you I can rub it on your wrist rub it behind your ears oils are great foods we talked about multicolored foods that are good for the brain and we talked about foods that are loaded with good fats particularly omega-3s wild salmon on a salad with some berries blueberries are the balm for the brain herbs and spices turmeric ginger periwinkle etc all awesome what else we got here key supplements here we go focus key key supplements here meditation and Jordan mentioned meditation for me it typically reading something potentially something scriptural meditating on that and think about how you can apply that to your life or listening to your Creator connecting with him is great and then treadmill workstations another great way to improve your focus so guys this has been Jordan Rubin myself dr. Josh axe don't forget make sure to subscribe here we've got a lot more content coming out on natural remedies like essential oils vitamins and minerals some of the top foods you can be eating and hey if you want to learn more as well you can check out my website dr. axe com we've been talking about how to improve your focus we hope you've enjoyed this video


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