Fluoride Supplements: Healthy or Harmful?

I'm dr. Griffin Cole a practicing dentist of over 20 years here in Austin Texas this package that I'm holding here contains sodium fluoride sodium Florida is a drug that is routinely prescribed to children in the United States as a means to prevent cavities it also comes in tablets and lozenges these forms of fluoride are often called fluoride supplements but don't let the word supplement fool you as these are not supplements in the way that calcium magnesium and other real nutrients are in fact due to fluoride toxicity you can't even buy fluoride supplements over-the-counter you can only get them through a prescription and unlike true dietary supplements Florida is not an essential nutrient which means you don't need to swallow any fluoride to maintain good health it's also crucial for you to know that according to a recent warning letter from the FDA Marketing fluoride drugs as cavity preventative z' violates federal law because the FDA has never approved these drugs for this purpose yet these drugs are still being prescribed to millions of children throughout the US and are even still being sold at the nation's largest pharmacies including Walgreens CVS Rite Aid and Walmart that's exactly why we need your help to remove these unapproved drugs from the shelves the overwhelming consensus among scientists today is that fluorides primary benefit to teeth comes from topical application to the outside of the teeth such as from brushing and rinsing and not from ingestion so there's no need for children to swallow any fluoride whether in drops tablets or water swallowing fluoride is not only ineffective it's potentially dangerous especially for children fluoride is now well recognized as an endocrine disrupting substance and a neurotoxin studies suggest that ingesting fluoride during early childhood may cause learning and behavioral problems low thyroid function and other potential harm including bone fragility bone cancer and dense fluorosis dental fluorosis is a visible mineralization defect of tooth enamel caused by excessive ingestion of fluoride during childhood which can be permanently disfiguring when present on a child's front teeth based on what we now know about fluoride we need to find ways to reduce children's intake a fluoride not increase it removing unapproved ineffective and dangerous fluoride drugs from the market is one obvious way to do that you can help put an end to this illegal practice by sharing these essential facts with others 1 you don't need to swallow fluoride in any form whether in tablets drops lozenges or water – ingesting fluoride presents serious health risks particularly for young children and 3 fluoride supplements are prescription drugs that have never been approved by the FDA the fluoride Action Network and the international academy of oral medicine and toxicology have filed a petition with the FDA calling on the agency to take action against all companies selling fluoride supplements please sign our petition to tell FDA that you agree you


  1. Prob cuz they taste so good

  2. The FDA took 41 years after noticing the public in the Federal Register in 1975 that: "there is no substantial evidence of drug effectiveness as prescribed, recommended, or suggested in its labeling." as reported in Drug Therapy.

    Don't let the FDA's negligence continue for another moment much less three more generations. We can stop the sale of poison tablets today by confronting the pharmacist who has a sworn duty to follow the law. The law says F is an unapproved drug. They cannot sell an unapproved drug so stop it.

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