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Hello everyone, it’s Florian Poirson from Olimp Sport Nutrition Today, I’m coming to you with 5 valuable tips which will help you reduce your body fat So let’s start with tip number 1 Start with cardio. During the process of building my muscle mass I do cardio quite often especially at the end of my workout around 20 minutes But when I’m during the cutting phase while I am preparing for competitions I do my cardio workout on an empty stomach 20-30 minutes Why on an empty stomach? I’ve always preferred to do my cardio workout in the morning on an empty stomach It makes it easier for me to wake up and I simply feel better but it also helps to burn the body fat In my opinion the results are better when I do my cardio on an empty stomach Of course, right after I wake up in the morning I drink about 500 ml of water with 2 capsules of Thermo Speed 2 capsules of L-carnitine and 2 capsules of CLA You can find them here just click on this link The difference in workout As far as tip number 2 about the workout during cutting phase it is just to It may sound strange what I am about to say but I do not change my workout at all in comparison with my workouts during muscle mass building phase My goal for the cutting phase is to maintain the strength especially at the beginning of the phase beause at the end we tend to be more tired and the main goal is really to maintain the strength which we managed to build during the mass phase it is very important if you start to do 20 reps in one set as you can see and read on the internet there is a lot of information on that, not all legit …and your muscles begin to lose their strength you will soon start to lose your muscle mass lose this fullness so it is very important to maintain this strength during your workouts Types of exercises Tip number 3 … about the workout The difference in the workouts during the cutting phase and mass building phase is about doing more exercises using free weights so for example, I choose chest press on the bench – for my chest or all types of rowing – for my back I choose shoulder press for my shoulders I simply choose such exercises which require more focus, more energy It allows you to burn more calories and at the same time maintain the strength you built during the mass building phase So it is also helpful during the cutting phase Intensity Tip number 4 is Intensity If you are in the last phase of cutting period/preparation period It may be difficult to maintain appropriate blood flow to your muscles We have little carbs in our daily diet so it may be hard …so I recommend to reduce the volume of your workout but to increase the intensity to the maximum by using different techniques for example: drop sets, super sets It means that, for example during your chest workout in the middle of your workout, at the end when you are tired and it is difficult for you to feel the muscles do not hesitate to do a small circuit 2-3 exercises at the same time to improve the blood flow to the muscles But still at the beginning of your workout do the hard exercises try to keep the strength Types of cardio Tip number 5 is about the cardio workout I’m going to explain the difference between a person who is preparing for a bodybuilding competition and a person who just want to reduce the body fat to look good in the summer Cardio for a bodybuilder is completely different …why? Because his cardio will have a moderate pace it is better to walk fast 5-6 km/h why…? because your heart rate will be much higher if you choose to run or do something similar It will lead to burning fat but also to burning your muscles that is why cardio must be done in moderate pace you can go for a 20-30 min walk right after you wake up przyśpieszone bicie serca
and your heart rate will not be too high for a bodybuilder it should not get over 120 beats/min An avarage physically active person najbardziej robić HIIT
can go for a run, can do HIIT workout HIIT, you can check it on the internet High Intensity Interval Training It is a type of cardio evercise which rises your heart rate very quickly in a given period of time and then your heart rate falls You can do it on a treadmill or by walking up the stairs it is perfect for burning fat but as I told you before the higher the heart rate the higher the risk of losing your muscles but you will see the efects sooner Ok folks, that’s it for today my 5 tips on workout during the cutting phase If you have any questions, put them in comments below I or OLIMP will answer them Of course don’t forget to subscribe to our channel more information you can find on our website olimpsport.com


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    niestety nie ma wystarczającej liczby filmów z Florianem, powinieneś zrobić dużo filmów na wszystko o ciele
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