Flirting at the Gym

[Applause] 910 oh man yeah bro that's the stuff thank you stop rook yo yo check it out check it out hey girl you are crazy fun come on smile come on hi Oh miss thang let me know if you need any help with that machine over there okay honey oh sure thing Pig oh dang girl you should do a spin for me cuz you're so hot thank you what dude that's really flattering are you actually oh hey um usually girls don't act like this when I say things like that you're really funny okay sarcasm I'm used to that girls are like you're hilarious and then they slapped me in the face I'm not gonna hurt you yeah that wasn't derisive laughter no I just think you guys are sweet uh something's wrong with you right what you're like really crazy you're really dumb right yeah no I'm a lawyer actually a pretty successful one so okay okay um well babe I cannot help but notice that you are one fine piece of meat thank you no that is not how girls react you are like a man or a gnome or something I swear just like you guys are like no no that's not a thing lady not how this works how does it work then well well generally I think I speak for all of us yes when I see we generally say something very degrading to women while flexing and then they make a face like yeah and then we part ways then we go home and watch movies with really hot actresses in them and say I could do better than her too and high-five and stuff yeah and sometimes I cry don't you my protein shake after do that's cute see no it's not you okay man you need to stay out of my mind you warlock I swear you're a hologram oh yeah oh you can do this okay I don't understand it okay get out of here get out of hand wow you're so strong so we're everything I know what is happening my world oh no happy Who am I your bro man compounder joking back to your roots huh I don't think I can be a bro anymore don't you say that man I think I have to write poetry now oh look a hot girl oh okay all right hey hey hey hey hey you're hot you guys are so disgusting stop haha broom back yeah all right back to normal we're good okay but all joking aside that blonde young lady had a lovely personality hey guys thanks so much for watching that sketch Oh real mature girls make sure to LIKE this video oh yeah how do you make sure you subscribe


  1. Nice Vid

  2. "What is happening my world is collapsing who am I!!?!?!??!"

  3. It's true it's true this is really funny I've only watched half of it and it's amazing I love the part when one of them said you look like a piece of meat

  4. Talk to my reps….. lol

  5. Why the faq was matt not in this sketch?

  6. Find the πŸ™ƒ


  7. Boy in blue is hawt

  8. I think I have to write poetry now πŸ˜‚

  9. At 0:54, Stephen does karate moves

  10. I like this, it parodys the reality that catcalls will never get a girl to talk to a guy.

  11. Is it just me who likes Jason as a brunette or Is there anyone else

  12. I'm found sitting at home babysitting my sister.
    She's watching her show.
    She's there for at least 3 hours.
    What do I do?

    *Watches studio C for 3Β½ hours*

  13. 2:18 Jason realizes women actually like him!

  14. Jason: Well, babe, I cannot help but notice that you are one fine piece of meat!
    Mallory: Thank you.
    Jason: See? No! That is not how girls react!
    Me: Maybe Mallory is creepier than you, Stacey, and Stephen.

  15. Hahaha

  16. This is the video that introduced me to Studio C

  17. poetry isnt for dweebs. I am pretty sucsessful

  18. Steps to getting slapped
    Step 1: Say you’re so hout
    Step 2: Say do a spin for me uhhh
    Step 3: tell her why you want her to slap you

  19. Me too

  20. Are they realy that strong?🀨

  21. BRO

  22. Mallory is so adorableπŸ’–

  23. "Ha ha ha" "NOT IN THE FACE". XD.

  24. Who is watching this in 2019?

  25. Who is watching this in 2019?

  26. now i know why everyone goes to the gym all of the time……..

  27. Mal is my spirit animal in this sketch! πŸ˜‚

  28. .

  29. Omg I am so dumb at first I thought Jason’s shirt said β€œtalk tomy reps”

  30. Catfishing 101

  31. I miss this cast of Studio C πŸ˜₯

  32. NO NOT THE FACE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. My daily schedule
    1:wake up
    2:watch studio C
    3:watch studio C
    4:watch there Christmas compilation
    5:watch studio c
    6:eat at the same time I’m watching studio c

  34. A reference to legally blonde??

  35. POWER


  37. Mal at the end

  38. I love Studio C so much

  39. Me to

  40. Jasons shoes are amaymay

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