Flat-Belly and Tight-Booty Cardio Dance Workout | Class FitSugar


  1. uh hell naw, i fell off

  2. I did it. It was so much fun. I couldn't keep up with the speed and I skipped few steps.

    I'm glad I didn't give up.

    This workout made me feel strong and sexy.

  3. Aside from Zumba, I think this was one of the must intense dancing workouts I've ever done!

  4. Tip: Start at .75 speed

  5. I know this video is old but it’s awesome!!!! You’re amazing! Thank you!

  6. Love this

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  8. Umm… If I did this at gym, I think I would get kicked out.

  9. I'll do this tomorrow, right now i'll just watch and eat my ice cream it's 9pm xD

  10. Work out is good but its good if u fix to a step for a half min as the learnee wont be able to catch up that steps too speedy

  11. love it.

  12. So fun bit I sweat like a pig when I am done

  13. I sweat like crazy but I like way better keaira that's my girl!!!

  14. I don't usually comment on Youtube Videos lol but this workout was sooooo good. Can't say this was easy, but I definitely aim to do this once a week to get better at it. I needed a fun workout to lift my spirits and to get me sweating, THIS WAS IT!!

  15. This is the best video I've EVER seen omg I love it!!!

  16. Sweaty Baller!!!

  17. Whoo Chile I'm tired 😰

  18. I'm gonna try one day this week. Maybe Thursday…Gotta prepare myself OMG. I'll keep watching until then😬

  19. Her choreography is ‘whack’

  20. She kicked my ass.. But I had a blast!

  21. the front girl kinda looks like ed sheren's partner in the song shape of you

  22. Lord, but i can't dance

  23. Anna is actually giving me life right now. My son just asked me if I was gonna do this workout and Said I don't think so but, I can give it a try ;). this is fire!

  24. Awesome 😍😍😍I nevar sen like you

  25. I love how JJ’s shoulders always lead the body rolls. I figure I’ve gotta learn those rolls first.

  26. Music sucks.

  27. man, guess dancing is a talent. I can't dance too fast to follow. this is advance level lol

  28. ASMR
    So satisfying

  29. I have done this workout twice but finally read some of the comments…now I feel better because I thought it was just me.

  30. Melanin has rhythm. 😎

  31. Me trying workout but got snacks all over my room😂

  32. idk why but I keep laughing while doing this workout lmao😂 now I know why I hate dancing, but I sweat a lot in this workout, good job y'all!!!

  33. Anna is so cute with her dancing lol

  34. This shit can't be REAL

  35. How i wish if by just watching i could lose weight.

  36. Anna, you go girl, I love your courage. JJ is awesome, to take on working with her takes a lot of self-confidence. The workout really works! Keep the videos coming!!

  37. This video is very hard to follow. Too many changes into new moves with no prior demo. Spent half the video trying to look to see what I was supposed to do before they'd switch to something totally different. The moves are great just very hard to follow.

  38. Wait I’m dumb. This video is 28 minutes long but the workout is 30 minutes long

  39. This is amazing and beats running on the treadmill for 30 mins!!

  40. 1:42 omg like a her what's the galaxy pants on she don't have no rhythm why I'm not saying that white people don't have rhythm because some white people can actually dance and have rhythm this girl right here oh Lord

  41. Looks fun, but way too fast for me😕smh

  42. This workout look fun but so damn hard to follow 😅

  43. first 4 mins, i'm dying.

  44. This is probably the best workout I had ever seen so far. I love to dance, I have tried to keep fit and lose weight at the same time, and this gives me so much motivation. It's certainly not easy to follow, but it pushes me to keep it up until I sweat and get it. Plus, it's so fun 🙂 Love it.

  45. Good sweat, praying it chases the fat away!

  46. Humm it was a bit more difficult on my heart today, so I need to do this ontop of my other keto exercises, 2 times a week till have it memorized….muscle memory. Heart. Today were weather was to get 7 inches of snow and sunday more snow, so now it got warm and its to rain ontop of all the snow and ice we have. Time to get crafty.

  47. Oh god this is so serious cardio. I tried it really got my heart beating!

  48. Who can do this???? I thought I could dance but no…..

  49. anna oh anna

  50. Whats with the moaning my roommate though I was watching porn

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