Flashback Friday: Slow Your Beating Heart – Beans vs. Exercise


  1. AMAZING!!

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  3. Thank you!

  4. as a kid our teacher got us to measure our resting heart beats; I lied and said mine was over 150 thinking that I would be better than everyone; I came last

  5. That's amazing, I hope I eat enough beans! thanks for sharing

  6. I have a low resting heart rate. It can range from 40 to 52. I've been vegan 6 years. My heart rate dropped lower once I started running, pre running it was a resting rate of 55. I had a heart rate test and it came out fine. After I started running, I usually have 40 to 48 resting heart rate unless I am stressed out.

  7. Maybe its the lectins slowing the heart

  8. It's the same with blood pressure, iron and cholesterol: doctors compare their patients with the rest of the population, and therefore use norms which are, themselves, unhealthy. They are capable of using a blood pressure cuff and taking a blood sample, but don't expect them to draw any intelligent conclusions from the results.

  9. Vegans will prove anything to make their ideology valid

  10. But could an optimal blood pressure count ( 90/60) and/or a perfect pulse count ( under 50 pulses per minute)
    Either one
    Be a symptom of dementia
    In comparison to a stronger BP count
    I’m not including such items as learning new information, socializing, exercising, etc to deter the onset of the illness

  11. I went to see my oncologist last week and the nurse took my vitals. She switched fingers on the heart rate monitor and after taking my blood pressure, started mumbling to herself and started to roll the bp cart out of the room. I asked if something was wrong and she said, " this darn machine is not working right, it says your heart rate is only 55 and your bp is only 115/55." I said, " no, nothing's wrong with you machine, that's where I've been at the last few months. A year ago my bp averaged 140/80 and resting heart rate of 70. That was before I switched to a wfpbd. I've been eating a can of black beans every day since." She said she never see's those kind of numbers in the cancer patients. She was so impressed she was going to look into a wfpbd when she got home that night.
    OH, and for the the first time in seven years, my stage four nueroendocrine pancreatic cancer has shown no new growth and no new tumors! With only half of a pancreas, my a1c went from 6.3 to 5.7 in six months. Try that on a keto diet, not going to happen.

  12. Why not both? Beans every day and an addiction to bicycle racing, and my resting HR is 43

  13. What aren't beans good for?

  14. my hb at rest = 130. Been that way for years.

  15. Been eating beans every night with dinner for 9 years! You plugged up keto folks can keep drinking your tub of Metamucil everyday. I'll stick with my beans.

  16. My heart beat is around 100/second, sometimes 120. It’s been like that all my life. I’m 55 and not dead yet.

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  18. This is such an interesting video! I knew about the effect of exercise on a person's body but not the effect of beans! Fascinating!

  19. Who else measured their heart rate after watching this video? Mine was 66! What was yours?!?!

  20. Careful with the canned beans, they are loaded with sodium. Better to pressure cook the dry beans…also cheaper.

  21. Possibly the magnesium, b6 and potassium effect combined with low glycemic index (lots of insoluble fibre).

  22. Mine is down from 85 to an average of 60 bpm since going healthy, whole food plant based. BP is down from 140/85 to 113/70. A healthy diet has made the most difference, but now I'm adding more exercise to get even more healthy. All of this was done with no medications, of course!

  23. My resting heart rate is 99 on a regular basis. I eat plant based and I’m very active. My BP is usually 114/78.

  24. Love it.

  25. That's really helpful, "Pulses for your pulse". Understanding the rationale for eating something helps a lot. Thank you!

  26. I'll take both the exercise and the beans. Now to find enough time to do the kind of exercise that I really want to do.

  27. I get it

  28. Love these videos !!

  29. I swear my grandad’s habit of eating beans with lunch and dinner every day offset his smoking. He lives to 84, which isn’t bad for someone born in 1905

  30. I'm 44 I've had a high resting heart rate for several years. Plus I'm diabetic. I'm doing something about this today. I can't stand the texture of beans but im wondering if I can make oil free hummus and dip veggies in it instead. Im also going to have to eat vegan

  31. I have been on wfpbd for about 2 years. My blood pressure was 160/95. Now it's consistently around 117/72. My heart rate was 78. Now it's 50! "How Not to Die " gave me a new lease on life.
    I eat beans everyday!

  32. Ultimately, it's genetic. I exercise daily, eat beans every day (within the context of a low-sodium WFPB diet), and still have high blood pressure and high resting heart rate…in fact, higher than most of my (meat & junk-food eating, couch-potato) friends.

  33. Whay about eating beans while workingout :p

  34. Do both! Exercise AND nutrition (and sufficient sleep/rest and stress management/reduction and fulfilling relationships/occupation and etcetera) 🙂

  35. As I eat a bowl of oatmeal and lentils for breakfast

  36. Am I the only one who toots like a chimney when I eat beans every day?

  37. So, moringa video? Yes?

  38. Heart rates fluctuate throughout the day Doc. During the day around 3 pm I can be in the 90's at night when the body starts to relax I can be in the 60's to low 70's. After watching this video and stressing heart rate goes up also. Anyhow I exercise and eat beans often beans are very healthy.

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