Flashback Friday: Heart of Gold -Turmeric vs. Exercise


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  2. Love how crisp and informative your videos are 😊

  3. Love me some turmeric on the DAILYYY

  4. Fantastic video! I used to consume curcumin daily but have tapered off. Thanks for the reminder!

  5. Fantastic information! Turmeric has such amazing health benefits. Wishing you a beautiful weekend x)

  6. #iloveplants! #feelgoodalways! #liveforever! Thanks nutrition facts!

  7. and…..don't forget to take it with black pepper and some fat to improve bioavailability

  8. i love Dr. Gregor ! he's a real life saver…

  9. I have to get off my butt 💃

  10. Here before the TROLLS  –  Cool breeze.   Lomax.  404111.  RWS..

  11. Gratidão!!

  12. Thanks doc!!!

  13. How much turmeric to take daily though?

  14. hi there! Guys, I want to ask you, can you help me with the scientific research that proves the rotting of meat in the gut? Or is it not proven? I understand that the doctor (the author of the video) will not answer me, so I turn to the commentators. Thanks.

  15. How much vegan fat in diet is healthy for heart health ? 10% macros, or 40%? And what vegan fats are healthy/ unhealthy? ☺️☺️☺️☺️ what macros of carbs/ protein , for vegan athletes? ☺️

  16. Hi Dr… Great video!
    I read I should take it with black pepper? Is this true?

  17. I have turmeric almost everyday I make a drink called golden milk. I make it with almond milk 🙃

  18. Hi Dr G, could you make a video about ways to cook turmeric. I'm having trouble eating it.

  19. I eat a piece the size of a finger in my salad dressing everyday, along with black pepper and some sprinkled walnuts!

  20. Were those tests (turmeric) done w/ the addition of freshly ground black peppercorns (FGBP)? If not, then the effect should be even much stronger if FGBPs are also consumed w/ turmeric, correct?

  21. Golden!

  22. What about the pre-menopausal women? Did I miss where that was addressed?

  23. I use curcumin daily. Have for a couple years now.

  24. God bless you doctor, you're a great spirit, I love you

  25. Do you think that a person with heart issues could benefit from:

    1. Fruits and veggies diet
    2. Intermittent fasting
    3. Daily exercise
    4. Supplement with proteolytic enzymes, proargi9+, Vit K2/D3, Algal Omega 3, spirulina/chlorella, and turmeric

    Cuz I have heart issues and this is what I do.

  26. Too bad turmeric tastes so freaking terrible.

  27. What about the glycocalyx? And endogenous glycation?

  28. excellent video

  29. Wait a minute, you said vitamin C instead of ascorbic acid like the reference indicates. There is a big copper molecule difference. Why did you do that?

  30. Exercise check, tumeric check!

  31. I love turmeric in my lentil soup and stew. I made it recently with lots of onions, lentils, and split peas. All I add is either potato or sweet potato chunks over rice with kale garnishes and it is a complete meal. Yum! ❤️👍😊🇨🇦

  32. I've noticed a huge improvement in my health since I started taking turmeric capsules. 💛

  33. I've started drinking Turmeric water at night b/4 I go to bed. I feel so much better in the mornings.

  34. I use turmeric on scrambled tofu, but used to put it in smoothies. I like to find whole turmeric root and add it to a meal, like ginger. Just dice it up and incorporate into veg stir 'fry.' Yum! Good info, Dr. Greger.

  35. Wow

  36. 1 tsp of ground turmeric and a big pinch of black pepper at a time, once daily I do. DAILY DISCIPLINE FOR ME

  37. Consumed 1/4 tsp turmeric daily for 4 months and experienced 2 “extra” menstrual cycles during that time. Have heard stimulation of menstrual cycles is a possible side effect of turmeric consumption FYI.
    Wondering if the doctor would advise that the health benefits outweigh the side effects (?)

  38. Dr. G didn't mention that black pepper should accompany the turmeric – I also have heard that a little fat is also good like avocado.

  39. If I despise the taste of turmeric can I just put it in gel caps?

  40. Dr Greger, when can we expect some advice for breastfeeding mothers, infant and toddler nutrition?

  41. Liposomal encapsulated turmeric is available on Amazon from any one of several different vendors. If you want to truly absorb various nutrients/supplements look at liposomal tech. Livon Labs has a large line on Amazon, there are others coming along in their wake.

  42. I really appreciate what Dr.Michael Greger has done to transform our conventional medical thinking toward better health. So, inspired by him I jumped out of my comfort zone and now I am on target to make one video every 48 hours and already started a YouTube channel as a dermatologist and Naturopath 2-3 weeks ago regarding how you could SAVE LIVES and MONEY by natural medicine and healing power of your own skin and body curring/reversing the current hair and skin issues and chronic diseases such as Diabetes, Cancer, Autoimmune diseases.
    I would love some support/feedback so please hit subscribe and check my current videos and the one I am about to publish in the next 48 hours. Peace to you all

  43. What would be the best way to take curcumin

  44. Please have a moderator trim the comments to weed out the non sequitur comments – please. Thank you.

  45. Golden milk, what about golden shower 🙂

  46. What about lead contamination? https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5415259/

  47. I have a teaspoon in warm water, freshly squeezed lemon juice, ACV and black pepper to kick start my system every morning. If I'm feeling adventurous I'll add in a pinch of kala namak! 😉

  48. I need that TKU Doc you Awesome

  49. Doctor, I have hyperthyroid and I sometimes feel my heart race fast. It's like I've been running but I'm just lazying around. I have hair fall problem too. Do you know how to cure this disease? I'm scared because of my irregular heart beat I'm having almost every day.

  50. Dr Greger confirmed shill of big Tumeric

  51. After bypass, your advice is the real lifesaver!

  52. The best health information channel. Merci.

  53. Would this also get rid of heart palpitations like afib because the heart doesn't have to pump as hard?

  54. I grew up eating my mum’s curry dishes , but since young adulthood I put turmeric and other spices in just about everything I cook. Hopefully this counteracts my consumption of tuna and other meats I ate in bulk as a young man.

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